Letter Re: COSTCO Freeze Dried Storage Food Buckets

Costco sells a bucket of freeze dried food that provides 2,000 calories per day for one person for 30 days. Not a huge variety of entrees but quite adequate and rather tasty. Normally it sells for $100 per bucket including shipping. They sell a 36 bucket pallet for $3,300. That pallet is on sale now for $2,700 and the sale ends Sunday evening April 21st. That’s $75 per bucket. I don’t think it’s possible to get this much food for this low a price. The link is below.

Thanks so much for all the information you provided. – K.T.

JWR Replies: I discuss some options of storage food stocking at Big Box stores (such as COSTCO) in the Rawles Gets You Ready Preparedness Course. The course was written before they added the buckets of freeze dried foods to their product line. But do consider that if a roughly five to eight year shelf life is your goal and you are willing to take the time to rotate what you store, then the per unit cost is much lower for dry packed, canned, and retort-packaged foods. These too are sold in bulk at COSTCO stores, and you will get three to four times as many calories, per dollar. (See the course, for details on specific foods.)

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