Letter Re: Chattanooga Terrorist Attack


Is this worth exploring further? I could not find any more information on this yesterday, but it is definitely interesting as it relates to the Muslim terrorist attack in Chattanooga. Also today, Trevor Loudon has information that expands on it.

I expect more will come out from this in the days ahead. Also very glad to hear that governors of several states are taking the security of our military recruitment centers in their own hands.

Hugh Responds: This shooting in Chattanooga is truly a tragedy, especially for the families of those four marines who were gunned down. Nothing can be said to ease the pain and suffering they feel. I have no doubt that Islamic extremists are on American soil, and I suspect that we will be hearing much more about this type of attack. It is truly difficult to deal with this type of enemy, and despite Obama’s thinking that all they really need are jobs, we will not see peace until we treat this war the same way that all opponents of it who have survived in years past have treated it. The violent extremist only understands violence. Enough with the political correctness! With that said though, it must be stated that the Governors of these states are embarking down a very dangerous road. When you look at history, you will see a long-standing tradition of arming your military to the max when they are on foreign soil, but when they come home, they are disarmed. People have understood for millennia that an armed military at home can easily interfere in the political process, either by participating in a military coup or by becoming the enforcing agent of an unpopular political regime. I would suggest a web search on the phrase “crossing the Rubicon” to grasp the concept in full.

I am not saying that the military person should be at the mercy of such terrorist acts on their own soil though. While the courts have ruled that the civilian police do not have a duty to protect and defend the general population, I fully believe that the MP should be given wide latitude on military installations because if you are not going to allow the military man to protect himself, you have now taken on that responsibility.

Another question to ask is why, if the alphabet agencies can apprehend the mentally ill person that they have primed and armed to commit such terrorist acts, why do they have such a difficult time apprehending a real terrorist, even when they have had the family under surveillance for years? I’m beginning to think that the shooter is not the only one with blood on his hands in this mess.