Letter Re: Armageddon Medicine Seminar AAR

Hello Jim,
I wanted to pass on an after action report (AAR) of our experience at Doc Cindy’s Armageddon Medicine “102” class, this past weekend.

This class differed from classes we had taken from other Doctors/trainers in the past as it dealt with what to do with sick people rather than a class that focused on trauma treatment. I assume that Cindy’s 101 class dealt with those issues.

The mix of the students contained a dentist, a doctor, 2 nurses, a civil engineer, a biochemist, several business people, a gal from Canada, a Federal Emergency Responder, a very bright, well-trained 17 year old and the rest were made up of citizens such as Abigail and myself. The class mix was extremely fun and interesting as we shared various and numerous stories, experiences, thought processes and ideas.

Cindy did a most excellent job on getting the critical information to us that would be needed in a grid down situation. She weeded out all the cosmetic from the practical. However it was still a fire hose of information. We learned which of the current medications could be used on a particular disease and what was perhaps more important what to use if those medicines were no longer available.

One of the areas of discussion was how warts on our feet could affect our ability to travel and keep up with our group. This lead to proper wart removal, and we were given prepared plastic feet to practice on. Before this session was done Abigail surgically removed a wart from my finger. It won’t be missed!

I will not go into detail on all that was covered in our three-day course. You can view the syllabus online if you would like a more in depth look.
The long and short of it is this class is highly recommended, for anyone that is concerned about their and their loved ones health in these troubling times.
This class is also Grandma recommended, as it will enable you to be a reliable resource to your children as they combat childhood illness when they enter the parenting field.
We are so glad we took this course and are hoping that there will be a 103 class offered. Our thanks to Doc Cindy.

Yours in Christ, – John and Abigail Adams