Letter Re: An Emergency Hand Pump For A Well, by C.P.


Hi, this article sounds good, but I have a couple of questions about construction of the well pump described. Is the mentioned diagram available for the design of the 1&1/4″ assembly above the well cap? Also, I’m surprised there isn’t a seal or check valve on the bottom of the piston. Is this to simplify design, by sacrificing efficiency? Would the gpm and maximum pumping depth increase if these were included in the design? The idea fills a need for many preppers. We just need more info. – J.J.

HJL Responds: We sent the request on to the author, and he sent back these pictures for you, showing the construction of the well pump and its operation along with this explanation:


“The bottom of the piston has a flat end cap for the “seal”, and no “check valve” is necessary for this design. There is very little clearance inside the 1-1/4 inch pipe when moving the piston up and down– maybe an eight of an inch around the end cap. So pulling up opens the foot valve; pushing down closes it and forces the water up to the outlet.”