Letter Re: Alien Gear Holsters

Jim and Hugh,

Several weeks ago, in your “News from the Redoubt” column, you mentioned a company out of Idaho for IWB (inside the waistband) holsters, named Alien Gear Holsters. I have just about every type of (outside) belt holster and most work just fine for my needs, but I was in need of an IWB so I decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did.

I was planning on an Internet order on Sunday evening when the hours on their website said they were still open (I live in the eastern time zone and they in mountain), so I called and got the most pleasant person who took my order for two holsters (one auto and one revolver plus one extra auto “shell”).

Not only do they have very fair prices (my three items came to a total of around $80 incl. S/H), but both their service (7 days a week) and products are excellent. I received my package in five days as promised, and they are made in USA. Plus, they have a free shell exchange; change your pistol and send in your old shell to get a new one for that new model. Each holster comes with a small allen wrench and extra silicone spacers of different thickness to custom fit your particular pistol and are fully adjustable to three different heights above the belt line and also a combo of six different “cants” for your drawing comfort. When I told her they were mentioned on SurvivalBlog, she was very appreciative.

If you need a quality IWB holster, look into Alien Gear Holsters. – RSR