Letter Re: Advice on Elective Surgery

A few  years ago I found I had cataracts in both eyes.  Not too bad — I could still see to drive and shoot — but enough that open sights became more difficult and oncoming headlights a bit of a problem at night.  Slowly they got worse, until I was 20/80 in my left eye and not much better on the right (shooting!) side.  Like many folks I am reluctant to get treatment until it’s absolutely necessary.  I put it off, in part because getting the new flexible lenses cost $2,500 more per eye than insurance would pay.  Finally I realized that sophisticated procedures like this might not always be available.  I decided to get it over with.

I had my left eye done in December.  Within a week I was 20/15 in that eye.  I still use readers for fine work up close, but from arm’s length to forever, I have better vision than I have had in years.  The first thing I noticed was how bright the world is.  I had my right eye done yesterday.  I am already seeing better than before the operation, although it will be a few days before we know how much better.  The doctor says there is every reason to expect comparable results, 20/20 or better.

The bottom line is that many of us are probably putting off operations that would improve our quality of life immediately because they are not yet 100% essential.  I suggest that you bite the bullet and take care of them while you still can.  TEOTWAWKI is not the only thing that could soon put these treatments out of reach. – Randy in Maine