Letter Re: A Problem Today That is Only Going to Get Worse When SHTF

Those that we’ve urged to prep over the decades and who know we are well stocked up personally have given the typical parting comment from most of them; “Well, at least I know where I’m going when TSHTF”. Clearly implying their only prepping will be gas enough to come here.

When I hear that I respond that they won’t get anywhere near here then without the password. “Password!?! What’s the password?” I’ll then cup my hands up to my mouth like I’m yelling in from afar outside the gates: “I brought all my own food!” I’m not laughing or smiling when I do it, and it’s great fun watching it begin to dawn on their faces that I’m seriously not kidding.

If they need more of an explanation, I tell them plainly, our family preps are for our immediate family, and it’s a lifeboat of very limited capacity. My help to them is right now, beforehand, in urging them and guiding them to build a lifeboat of preps for their own family, because I’ll not risk my children ever going without just because they failed to prep for their own family.

Truth is, if you know you’ll still be overwhelmed with others potentially swamping your limited capacity family lifeboat, that’s as good reason as any to seriously consider a BOL further away. – S.C.