Letter Re: A Method for Storing Fresh Eggs up to Two Years

Mister Rawles,
You can store eggs on the shelf for two years with this simple process:

1.When you gather your eggs simply wipe them off with a dry rags to remove anything stuck on the egg. Do not wash them!

2. Get a partner to help with this next step. Cover the palms of your hands with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Cover each egg evenly with a thin layer of Vaseline. (This prevents air from entering the shell). Have your partner place the now very slippery egg into a Styrofoam carton. If using cardboard cartons, then line them with plastic wrap first. This prevents the Vaseline from being absorbed into the cardboard.

3. Eggs will store with this method for up to two years. If in doubt about whether or not they are usable simply place them in a bowl of water. If they float then they are no good.But if they stay on the bottom, then they are usable. [JWR Adds: In addition to the aforementioned float test, when cracking stored eggs, it is best to do so one at a time, giving each a sniff test before dumping them into a scrambling pan or recipe mix. BTW, here at the ranch, we do the same for eggs from our hen house, for the off chance that an egg has gone undetected for an extended period of time before being collected.]

4. When ready to use, put a little soap on your hands to remove the Vaseline, rinse, and immediately use the eggs.

I have been doing this for several years. Besides, what good is food storage if you can’t have a good Toll House cookie now and again? – Brenda L.

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