Letter Re: A Lesson from Fasting for Preparedness

Dear Editor:
I enjoyed the post by J.C. regarding Fasting for Preparedness. It was well written with lots of info for those who may wish to explore further. I am a 55 year old male. I am 6’3″ and weigh 190 lbs. I’ve been blessed with a strong Christian upbringing and was familiar with the concept of fasting for spiritual reasons most of my life. The Bible is chock full of fasting references, from short duration to supernatural fasts such as Jesus Christ in Matthew Chapter 4. So back in the 1990s when I began fasting, it was for spiritual reasons rather than any physical benefit I might receive. (But, as it often turns out, a spiritual practice, in many instances, rewards us with physical blessings which we never expected.)

All through the mid to late 1990s I practiced fasting as a method of prayer and thanksgiving. beginning with 3-day juice-only fasts and progressing up to water only fasts up to two weeks. My walk with the Lord became closer and I felt  that wonderful Divine Assurance that developing a close dependence on God brings. I also learned (as did J.C.) that the body I was given really benefited and adapted in very positive ways.

Then in 2002, one of my parents became ill and I went to Nevada to hospice them. I began the fast as my loved one’s health was nearing the end, but they passed peacefully. I had taken care of my obligations and set affairs in order and without giving too much thought, loaded my backpack and walked off into the Great Basin with which I was very familiar, growing up there. Being in such sadness at the loss, I simply continued the fast, all while doing daily walks over rough country with a 40 pound pack. I broke the fast after 32 days. I was weak but not debilitated, though my mental processes were much diminished.

At the time of that fast I was new to prepping, I still store food and other items my family and I will need to make it through the period of Judgment this nation is facing. But that month of being out in the high desert, fasting to the Lord, changed my life’s trajectory in more ways that I can express, but all in a positive sense. I learned the true meaning of prepping. I gained a deeper understanding of  Matthew 6: 24-34.

For me, the true gifts of fasting are a deeper faith in the only real source of security, the One True and Living God. I still am making preps but I understand where it all comes from. I also no longer fear that a lack of food will cause me to be weakened and helpless after a number of days.

One last note: Never break a fast by eating heavily! Small amounts of fruit or juice the first couple of days, then ease back into a regular diet. – Jeff B.