Letter Re: A Decade of Prepping, Do’s and Do Nots by RR

In “A Decade of Prepping, Do’s and Do Nots by RR”, I must take issue with RR’s advice to not discuss prepping issues with a future wife because prepping is a male thing. There are plenty of women around who want the security of preparedness. If a man can’t find a practical woman who values preparedness, maybe he is looking in the wrong places or at the wrong women. I am a “Plain Jane” who met my husband 20 years ago working in our church’s Sunday school. We came together because of our mutual love of Jesus. Neither of us were preppers by what we consider that term to mean now, but we really were preppers at heart. Good OPSEC requires knowing someone well enough to have an idea of their stand on prepping before considering a romantic involvement. In order to avoid a lifetime of conflict, this is a very important area to be on the same page about before someone marries. Otherwise a new husband might come home from work one day to find all of his preps thrown out or donated to the Goodwill by his new wife (but my, how clean the house is afterward). This is only one of many areas in which future spouses should be in one accord. Worse yet, many single men only consider how hot a woman is, instead of looking at the things that matter for the long term. Paying child support to a “hottie” while she neglects the children and badmouths their dad to them will put a real big cramp in a man’s preparedness and his legacy.

Sincerely, a dedicated wife

HJL Responds: You have to deal with what you have, and if your wife (or husband) wants nothing to do with prepping then you do the best you can. Personally, I believe it is a lifestyle, and I am glad that my wife is my partner. SurvivalBlog actually has quite a few articles on women prepping and they are doing a fantastic job. If you read the articles carefully, you will notice that many are written by women, and some are specifically titled for women.