Letter Re: 9mm for Survival

Hugh / Jim,

I have to agree with almost all of what Pat Cascio said in his column about the 9mm for survival. Any gun and caliber is a compromise, and the one you have with you when you need it is better than the one sitting home in the safe.

I do have a couple of comments. I have had bad experience with the .40 Glock Korean magazines, including one of them in my Glock 35 having the baseplate pop off and the rounds dump out of the bottom of the magazine as I was in the starting box at an IPSC match. The two Korean mags I had went in the trash can after I got home. I have not had any 9mm Korean magazines, but with Glock brand mags selling for under $20 new as well as having good luck so far with Magpul and ETS brand magazines that cost less than the factory mags, I think I will continue to avoid the Korean magazines. I also keep my eyes open for police trade-in Glock mags, which usually run around $11, roughly the same as the Korean mags. I would also add to his list of guns I would trust out of the box the SIG Sauer P series as well as S&W Double Action revolvers. I do have to admit that I much prefer used guns to new, probably buying around ten used guns for every new one I buy. (Okay, I buy too many guns, but I am working on it). Police trade-in pistols are an outstanding bargain, and I have never had a problem with any that I have purchased, even the well-used Israeli trade-ins. – B.F.