Letter from “The Army Aviator” Re: Suspension of Posse Comitatus and The Asian Avian Flu

Trying a little “out of the box” perambulation. I disremember but seem to recall that this was your bailiwick back when. I noticed the President is publicly talking about getting congress to authorize the use of military troops should bird flu, et al occur. It seems to me that particular authority already exists. So I ponder. If he already has the authority, why ask for it again? Is it to make a public statement that he asked, as part of good planning, before it happened and we should be grateful and pleased? Does he know that “massive plague (or a simulation) is going to occur and it’s natural (or artificial or simulated) or intentionally created/simulated and want’s it to look like he did everything he could? Something just niggles me about his publicly asking for permission. Mayhap I didn’t state this clearly but I think you’ll get the idea. So….. what’s your take and the Memsahib’s take (she has a unique perception). – The Army Aviator

JWR Replies: The A.A. Flu “flag” seems to have been run up the pole to test the winds for the prospect of removing the Posse Comitatus statutes. (They had to cite something more far-reaching than just a series of hurricanes.) This prospect is very bad news. If people don’t make a major stink about this, then Posse Comitatus may go away with just a whimper. I really doubt that the A.A. Flu is anything but naturally occurring. This bug has been cited in the medical journals as 58% lethal with advanced medical care. Should the worst happen, it is best, methinks, to have some rural isolation, independent water and power, and at least a six month food supply to give this thing time to burn itself out. The full implications of a potential 50% global die-off are staggering.