Letter from Dr. November Re: Venezuela

In reading the profile I see that I left one concern out. The situation in Venezuela is pretty bad — and the U.S. gets a lot of crude from Venezuela and relatively little from the Middle East. Any disruption in the supply by that Kim Jong Il wanna-be down there [Presidente Hugo Chavez] is going to ripple through the world’s economy. I have a friend in Argentina, the economy is going down the tubes there as well. South and Central America are going to explode, much like they did in the ’60’s, I’m afraid. With corrupt morons (most of the Middle East) or Communists (Venezuela, and China is coming along) controlling or influencing the oil supply we’re potentially in deep trouble there. Add that to the “NIMSS” (Not in My Solar System) environmentalists that won’t let us build refineries (the bottleneck right now, not production) or use nuclear power and the nation will die with a whimper.