Letter: End of America

To The Editor:

In a recent WND.com article titled “End of Christian America is here; It’s no accident we are witnessing the beginnings of persecution.”, Jonathan Cahn, well-known Messianic Jewish Rabbi (one who has come to faith in Jesus/Yeshua) has warned that the June 26th Supreme Court ruling that legalized homosexual marriage in all 50 states marks the formal end to Christian America.

In other words, we as a nation have flipped God the finger, spit in His eye, and said: “We don’t need you anymore—we’re going to do it our way.” Cahn has declared that, barring a miracle, the die has been cast—and America will soon be facing the wrath of God Himself.

How will His wrath fall upon us? Well, the Greece economic meltdown debacle may be the first in the chain of dominos that could well spill across the Atlantic like a digital tidal wave and overwhelm our shores!

In a recent article in Newsmax.com, Greeks Defy Europe with Overwhelming Referendum ‘No’, Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected EU creditors’ demands for increased austerity programs including even more budget cuts in retirement pensions.

So the Greeks have flipped the EU the finger—with what results we will know fairly soon. If Greece leaves the EU, dumps the Euro, and returned to printing the drachma, I flatly predict raging hyperinflation will totally devastate the nation.

We are in a situation even worse than Greece—they owe billions in their national debt—we owe TRILLIONS! Thank you, “Our Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama”. He’s indeed a false “messiah” who the mainstream news media and many deluded souls still worship, God forgive us!

Cities, and even states, are starting to feel the pinch of massive spending—retirement pensions in particular. What is to be done? Cut the pensions and preserve—at least for while—the financial integrity and structure—or keep on spending and ultimately crash the financial system? In a recent article published in marketwatch.com, The next Greece may be in the U.S., presents a terrifying all-too-likely scenario.

Cities, counties, and even whole states are carrying unsustainable debt loads and have run up literally billions in debt that cannot be paid off—and the United States has been doing this for so long that our national debt far exceeds that of Greece—they owe mere billions—we owe TRILLIONS! Again, thank you ever so much, our false-messiah-in-chief! Most of that spending has occurred on his watch.

Our worship of the false-messiah-in-chief and our turning our backs upon God in so many other ways (including Fox-TV’s airing a new series in which Lucifer/Satan will be portrayed as a “good” guy) will soon, I fear, result in America’s suffering God’s wrathful judgment.

May God have mercy on us in spite of ourselves! – M.R.