Letter: Ammunition Purchasing OPSEC

Good morning! 
I have a question regarding Operational Security (OPSEC) and buying ammunition.  I’ve tried to do my search due diligence at the SurvivalBlog site, searching multiple term combinations, but I still may have missed an existing article.  What are the most prudent OPSEC considerations for buying ammunition, other than not ‘flapping yer gums’?  Online sellers offer the best prices, but in -tore has benefits as well, though it’s much more expensive.

Thanks for your time.  – Cliff

JWR Replies: In essence, you will need to pay more, if you want to keep your privacy.  My advice is that f you want to maintain a low profile then make your ammo purchases with cash at gun shows. The prices there are generally higher than via mail order, but lower than at storefront gun shops.