Guest Article: Kleptocracy and Capital Controls, by William Lehr

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that the psychopathic, controlling oligarchs will go to in order to strengthen their grip on humanity.  Control and power are the weapons of these few.  While weapons, they will also serve as their demise.  You see, we are not boiling frogs, despite all the fluoride and GMOs we are force fed.  We, the rational minded, can see through the scam.  We are waking up and growing tired of being pushed into the corner.  Awareness of the controlling power mechanism is what is driving us for a better tomorrow.

When we first wrote about the IRA LLC on SurvivalBlog, we generated quite a bit of interest from the community.  As people discover the ability to take home delivery of IRA gold and silver, it changes the game.  Through this process we are encountering skeptics, evangelists, and outright government tyranny.  

After the recent events at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, overreaching government oppression is on the mind.  What we do here, at Perpetual Assets, may seem trivial to modern day Lexington and Concord moments.  I will not argue against that; there is little comparison available to the valor of the men, women, and III percenters who stood with the constitution and people against government tyranny.   However, our fight with financial oppression is real.  

As a facilitator of IRA LLC rollovers, we experience the worst of government control of private assets.  Our clients come to us because they want to “jailbreak” their hard-earned retirement savings.  Most come to us because they have learned they can take gold and silver purchased with their retirement account and store it at home.  Many of them have an existing IRA that they plan to rollover, but some are trapped in 401ks or similar defined benefit plans. 

401ks and like plans allow the employee to contribute a portion of pretax income to the account, similar to the option an individual has with less restriction in an IRA.  The benefit of the 401K plan is the often matching employer contribution.  Here the employer matches the employee’s contribution, up to a point, and adds those funds to the employee’s account.  It is important to envision this accumulated fund as the individual employee’s property.  If you ever paid into one, I bet you’ll agree.  I liken these types of plans to a group health insurance plan, only financial in nature.  This is a plan type whereby the individual funds the account but participates as a member of the group.  The group contracts with a third-party plan administrator and has a series of funds and investment options, but each individual has his or her own account inside the greater plan.  

The problem with these plans is the tyrannical and outright fascist restrictions on capital– your capital.  If you leave the company for whatever reason, it is no problem; you can roll the accumulated funds out into an IRA.  Therein lies the catch. If you want to access your money, you must quit your job!  That’s right, the corporate, banking, and government powers have all merged to withhold the control of trillions of dollars in 401k retirement plans.  It’s a complete racket.  I had one client tell me the words of his plan administrator were such that he had to die, quit his job, or pay penalties and taxes to get his own money back.  Keep in mind that not all employers provide matching contributions, meaning the entire accumulated fund would be paid in by the individual.

Don’t set the office on fire yet.  Some employers (about 16%) allow a little-known maneuver called an “in service” withdrawal.  If you have one of these plans and want to roll the money out to an IRA or IRA LLC for even further benefits, you may be eligible.  Some employers are more lenient and allow you to withdraw your own money at age brackets with percentage limits.  For example at age 50 you may be eligible to withdraw 80% of your balance, and at age 55, you can withdraw up to 90%, and so forth.  If you have attained age 59.5, you should be free to take taxable distributions with any plan or roll the balance out into a friendlier platform.  First check with your human resources representative or plan administrator to inquire about your options.

It is our mission to free individuals and their hard-earned money from the tyrannical grip of overreaching government.  If we can assist in any way we certainly will.  Feel free to reach out to us with questions or if you want to learn more about the IRA LLC concept and its benefits.  

Trust Yourself!

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets