Notes for Monday – May 26, 2014:

May 26th is the birthday of Randall Hank Williams (Hank Williams, Jr.). He was born in 1949. When not touring, he lives somewhere in Montana, so he qualifies as a Redoubter. He reportedly has a large gun collection, which is heavy on Sharps rifles and rifles that have factory letters showing that they were originally shipped to Montana. His song A Country Boy Can Survive is of course practically a survivalist anthem. His father was just 29 when he died, and despite a couple of close calls, Hank Jr. is now 64, so he may yet live to a ripe old age.

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Another Memorial Day is upon us. It’s a day established to remember and honor those who have paid a price for freedom, including my freedom to write this blog today. While I have not served in the military, I am deeply moved by those who have sacrificed much, whether it is only two to four years of their lives in service or those whose marriages struggle because of a career-long commitment. I am especially moved by those who made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. It is with much sadness that I watched as Walmart was mobbed by families with grocery carts full of barbecue and chips this weekend, as they head to the lake or mountains, treating this honorable day as just another long weekend to party. I don’t begrudge them their escape from the rat race, but I only wish they would slow down and take the time to reflect on why they have that ability to have fun.

I do, however, hold a grudge against the politicians of our time, who so willingly throw our young men and women into danger, risking their lives for no discernible moral high ground as they sling mud at one another in this election year. Krayton Kerns, DVM says it very eloquently in his blog: My Melancholy Memorial Day.

Have a good time with your family this memorial day but do take a moment, at least, and reflect upon the sacrifices made by those who protect us from the evil within this world, praying for the solace of their families and friends.