Florida Gun Owners, I Feel Your Pain, by Swamp Cracker Yankee

This past week Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, signed a new Florida “school-safety” bill that bans bump stocks, extends a three-day waiting period for handgun purchases to include long guns, and raises the minimum age to buy long guns from 18 to 21. This was all in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018.

Wouldn’t Have Believed Gun-Friendly Florida To Enact Restrictive Legislation

If you had told me years ago that a state like Florida with “gun-friendly Republican lawmakers” would enact such legislation, I would not have believed you. Since you already needed to be at least 21 to buy a handgun in Florida, the most intolerable part of this law is the fact that you now have to wait until you are 21 to buy any firearm in Florida. Apparently, at eighteen, you are considered enough of an adult to be drafted into military service and sent halfway around the world to die in service to your country, but you are not enough of an adult to have full Constitutionally guaranteed rights at home.

A Lot of Us Have Rested On Our Laurels

Since Trump got elected, a lot of us have started to rest on our laurels. Many were so relieved that Hillary Clinton wasn’t president that they thought they deserved a vacation. I wasn’t one of those people. You see, I live in the Peoples Republic of Corrupticut. I live in the state where the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre took place on December 14, 2012.

Media Blitz Leftists Ran Against Gun Owners in Corrupticut After Sandy Hook

You would not believe the one-sided media blitz that the Leftists ran against guns and gun owners in this state. When the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred, Corrupticut already had in place a state law that partly emulated the Clinton assault weapons ban that the rest of the country discarded in 2004. We were already severely restricted in 2012, as to what guns we could buy. But it wasn’t enough for our Democrat-dominated legislature and Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy.

Statists Capitalized on Blood of Children

Instead of waiting until our state had time to grieve for the lives lost, the Statists capitalized on the blood of children, just as they have now done in Florida, and just as they plan to do nationally through federal legislation. An emergency session of the legislature was convened, and they wrote a new law without any input from the public. The House started voting on the bill in the middle of the night when Corrupticut residents were literally asleep. They had to act quickly before the public had a chance to see what was really happening.

On April 4, 2013, Governor Dannel Malloy, in a signing ceremony orchestrated by these traitors for the media, smugly signed SB1160 into law, “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention And Children’s Safety”– the most sweeping draconian changes that you can imagine. I remember how sick I was that day when I saw the people we elected to protect our rights gleefully celebrating their dictate over us.

Cannot Buy Many Firearms Now Classified as “Assault Weapons”

Today, you cannot buy any centerfire semiautomatic rifle with a detachable magazine that has a pistol grip, collapsible or folding or thumbhole butt stock, a forward pistol grip, a flash suppressor, or a grenade or flare launcher. Such firearms are now defined as “assault weapons”, and all such these currently owned firearms needed to be registered with the state government. So all AR, AK, FN/FAL, HK, and Saigas are gone. Just about any rifle that would be good for defending your home, your community, or your country you can no longer buy.

Bayonet Lugs- Bone Thrown To Gun Owners

As a bone thrown to gun owners, they changed the previous law to let us have bayonet lugs. I guess the number of drive-by bayonetings in Hartford had gone down below a certain threshold. Various pistols and shotguns were also redefined as “assault weapons” and banned. I won’t go into that. It’s too depressing.

What’s Left For Our Defense?

So what was left for those of us that wanted to defend ourselves? Well, we still have Ruger Mini-14s, M1 Garands, and SKSs. I think you can get a M1A, if the flash suppressor has been removed. I think the semiautomatic Ares Defense System SCR rifle that accepts AR-15 mags is legal here. Of course, we now have a 10 round magazine limit, and to buy a long gun requires an “eligibility certificate”, which entails having a mug shot taken and fingerprinting. Buying ammunition or magazines also requires an “eligibility certificate”, and they banned the private sales of firearms.

Required Purchase Through FFL with Background Check

All sales of firearms must now go through a FFL and require a background check. Although federal law prohibits the registration of firearms, Corrupticut had long required the results of all dealer transactions to be stored in the databases of the local and state police agencies.

No State Statue That Gives This Authority

I cannot find a single state statute that gives them this authority, but they do it anyway. It is impossible now to legally give a firearm to your children without that transaction being recorded. It is obvious that, over time, they want to determine where every firearm in the state resides.

State Has Deprived Militia of Best Firearms

These laws that were put into effect in my state have deprived the Militia of its best firearms, and I believe that was the intention. Our law here is basically that which Senator Diane Feinstein has been trying to put into effect at the federal level for years, and it’s not a coincidence that our legislature was able to write a 138-page law so quickly. They just adapted her bill for Corrupticut.

Warning of What’s Coming in Your State

I am not giving you this history of what happened in my state to garner sympathy from you but rather to warn you of what is coming to your own state. One might almost expect these crazy laws in a deep blue Socialist state, like Corrupticut, but did you expect to see that in a red state like Florida? Since Trump got elected, I have been telling people that now is not the time to relax.

AR-15’s Drop In Price, Time To Buy is Now

AR-15s have dropped dramatically in price, because of the glut produced during the Obama years. If you have ever wanted one or any other firearm that may be potentially banned, now is the time to buy it. It is a lot harder for the government to confiscate what you own than it is for them to just prohibit its sale in your state. In Corrupticut, only 4% of “assault weapon” owners registered their firearms with the government, even though not complying is a Class D felony punishable by time in prison. Although the Left screamed for the dissenters to be arrested and their guns seized, our police refused that mission. So, if you can legally buy these firearms in your state, sell that motorcycle or Jet Ski, and use the money to buy them. Do all transactions through private party sales and pay cash.

Can’t Find Private Parties to Buy From

If you can’t find private parties from which to buy, build up firearms from eighty percent lowers. Make sure that you secure a black rifle and magazines for every one of your children and grandchildren. If I lived in Florida, I know what each of them would be getting on their eighteenth birthday.

Outrageous Statements By President Donald Trump

As if we did not have enough to worry about with state governments restricting rights, then there are the outrageous statements made by our current president, Donald Trump, like he wants to ban bump stocks for rifles, raise the age to buy an AR-15 from 18 to 21, universal background checks, and that the police should confiscate firearms from people they think are a danger to the general public before affording such people their due process rights. Now I hear he is considering raising the age to buy all long guns, shotguns, and rifles, from 18 to 21.

I hope that he is only saying these things to curry favor from the Democrats in Congress. I hope that he is just playing these deluded fools, who are drunk on their own power and self-importance, so that their agenda will be exposed for all Americans to see. Because this is the type of rhetoric I would expect to hear from a New York City Socialist, not an American who believes in freedom and sovereignty. It’s hard to believe that he would so completely disregard his base, a base that he’ll need to get reelected in 2020. I really hope that what I’m seeing is a clever President playing rope-a-dope and not a flip-flopper. But I’m not sure.

Learn and Keep Freedom Alive

Learn from our mistakes and keep freedom alive. In Corrupticut, we waited too long to buy an AR-15 or similar type firearm, and now it is too late for us. For us, the SHTF moment came in 2012. You might be next. It is only a matter of time before someone uses a Mini-14 here in a shooting like Anders Behring Breivik did in Norway to murder 77 people in 2011, and then that will be banned too. Because the goal is not about keeping anyone safe. They want to banish firearms one by one, make ammunition and magazine purchases more difficult and expensive, require gun owners to carry expensive insurance, limit how many guns you can own, require guns at home to always be unloaded, et cetera.

Gun Controllers Want To Make Second Amendment Meaningless

Gun controllers know how difficult it would be to get the Second Amendment repealed and confiscate over 300 million privately-owned firearms. So, instead, they want to make the Second Amendment meaningless. Their goal is to disarm Americans incrementally by whatever means. They would like to make it so expensive that you turn in your firearms because you can’t afford them anymore, or paint you as a social pariah so that you willingly give up what you own just to fit in. Don’t do it!

Won’t Desert Family to Leave Hellhole; Standing Ground

I have been told I should vote with my feet and leave this hellhole. But I have family here that I will not desert. And to tell you the truth, I don’t want to be driven out by this Leftist rabble. It is only a matter of time before the Statists determine that the firearms I own are now contraband, and I must “voluntarily” turn them in to law enforcement. I have read on SurvivalBlog that we should bury guns that the government now says are illegal to avoid confiscation. I say that if the time has come when there are state approved enforcers going door-to-door confiscating firearms, then it is not time to bury those guns. It is time to use them.

Because if you don’t, that is the last time the government will recognize your right to own them. I refuse to obey any current or future gun laws that infringe on my right to defend my family, my community, and myself. But I would ask those of you who still live in free states to buy an extra AR-15. One day, it may get so bad here that I can’t take it anymore. Just look at Florida.

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  1. Like the constant and continuous erosion of the shoreline we never notice how much the wave action takes until we see the ocean water coming under our all the doors of our homes. Then the damage is done. Our rights are being eroded incrementally and with purpose.

    1. I agree Harry. The one and only reason to ban any or all guns especially, is control. Pure and simple, the leftists are really communists and they want control of everything. They want to rule over us and they cannot do it if we have a Second Amendment. They have taken enough. We may have to fight for our very lives in the future, but we must refuse to be taken as a prisoner. We should fight to the death if necessary.

  2. Gov Malloy has been called a fool but all he is really, is a far left liberal/socialist promoting and implementing an extreme left agenda. Not much different from most of the nanny state governors.
    The state has been collecting and retaining firearm data for many years, pistols since 1968 and long guns not long after. If a resident is pulled over at a traffic stop, and the LEO runs the drivers license, all purchased firearms come up on the screen. The accuracy of the list, of course, was the main reason for the new law. Any transfer even between family members has to be documented so the list with your name on it would be maintained. The new law is in effect, state gun registration.
    The new laws since the school shooting here are onerous to be sure but the gun owners by and large, have not complied as the boys in Hartford had hoped. Compliance has been lacking. It has been estimated that only 15% of the AR type firearms in the state have been registered. I know LEOs that have unregistered ARs.
    Those at the capitol were outraged at their subjects defiance and wanted something done. State police officials let it be known that they would have no involvement in any confiscation schemes.
    Many of us that have firearms that are not on any list because we have owned them before any of the registration collecting schemes were implemented. We hold them close to the vest and do with them as we see fit.

  3. I agree completely. I would leave “here” and go back to West Virginia if I could, but that is NOT possible. Those that can need to do whatever it takes to leave such states and move to some state where you can “buy” a few more decades of semi-freedom.

    1. The Marxist progressive left have set the precedent. Don’t like immigration law? Ignore it. Don’t like drug laws? Ignore them, and build a multi-billion dollar dope industry. What they don’t realize, is that it rolls both ways (can you say #resistance?) If / when a draconian Australian style gun confiscation scheme is implemented in the US, this nation will be astounded at the vast numbers of patriots that will refuse to comply. It has already happened in the people’s republic of New York. And the leftist press will not report on the sheer numbers of otherwise law abiding good decent people who are resisting this socialist regime. On a side note, the NYC dept. of mis-education has blocked Survivalblog.com in all schools city-wide. If it upsets comrade DeBlasio, then JWR must be doing something right.

  4. I bought my first gun 10 days after the Sandy Hook shooting. It was my response to Obama’s comments about gun control. Within 6 months, I bought 3 more.

  5. I would also recommend gun owners join Numbersusa and read vdare.com every day. if gun owners are not involved in ending the immigration invasion they can say goodbye to their personal liberties.

  6. In deep red states like Kentucky, there is still a deep media bias against guns. If this is not the truth may the good Lord strike me dead. Louisville Metro Police have have eight divisions. this is from the police scanner on one channel covering two divisions. During the school walkout that Tuesday there major disturbances (not protest) at two high schools on this one dispatch channel. They were getting ready to send the SWAT team to one of them till the commander on scene said the had everything under control. Not a word in the media. I would be sure this is not the only place this happened. We have a big gang problem in schools down here. If anyone out there has any information on this problem nationwide I sure wish they would get it out to the rest of us. Take God out put gangs in brilliant.!

  7. Can’t say I blame you for not wanting to leave your family, that’s a decision everyone must make for themselves. But I tend to look at things a bit differently, in that staying is tacit support. By voluntarily choosing to pay taxes, and therefore paying the salaries of those who seek to deprive me of my rights, I am accepting what my employees are doing to me, thereby supporting it, one way or another. I used to reside in a blue state, before I decided I was no longer going to pay a man who defecates on my head and then expects me to thank him for the hat….

  8. Well written ! I too live in Corrupticut and am saddened on how much of our rights have dwindled . I put a loaded rifle out on my deck the other day and sat down with a cup of coffee and watched as the tree rats raided my bird feeders. I thought for sure that the rifle would start picking off the rodents, but did not . I had to pull the trigger . The gun alone was totally harmless. I don’t have to tell anyone what the problem here is.
    The politicians in our state seem to have forgotten that it was the armed citizen that made our country and if not for them we would have the Union Jack fluttering over the state capital.
    I could go on and on but would only be preaching to the choir. It has been said before but is worth saying again, ” gun control works, just look at Hitler, Lenin and Mao ”
    I for one will not give up without a fight !

  9. We, too, live in CT. I bought our guns after the murders of Dr. Petit’s family & while ‘Slippery Hill’ was working on her ‘Small Arms Treaty’. The huge insult was having to fill out that paperwork disclosing the guns & clips & how many bullets each holds or be considered a felon if I didn’t do it. Didn’t want to lose my voting rights, so I did the paperwork. I had no trouble renewing my pistol carry permit through the mail. By the time the next renewal rolls around we will be retiring to SC and joining the community Rod and Gun Club.

  10. What ever happened to the word ‘therefore’? The author documenting many serious, potentially life-threatening problems, but never came to ‘therefore’. Is refusing to be driven out and standing your ground the best plan for your love ones?

    Perhaps this southern boy can offer advice to Yankees. If you have not read Patriots please do so. And take action now to establish a bug-out retreat for your love ones. The best criteria I’ve found is here: https://survivalblog.com/retreatareas/

  11. I understand the desire not to run due to family obligations but there is a certain amount of acceptance that has to go with staying. You stay, you’re choosing to deal with whatever happens next. Which is OK.

    Every dollar someone pays in taxes in a state like Connecticut is a dollar used against them. The cost of living is very high. The opportunity to get ahead is correspondingly somewhat low.

    If someone decides that there are things that outweigh all that, there is nothing wrong with staying.

    I did the math on it and fled Connecticut. I don’t want to raise my kids there, because at a very high level it blunts my ability to provide for them.

  12. The gun grabbers are organized and show up at these rallies. It scares the politicians and skews the statistics on what the voters want. We/you need to organize too and take thie threat serioulsy. I have noticed some people blaming this on the NRA and thus justifying their belief that the NRA is bad. Well the NRA may not be doing everything it can or everything you want but it is one of the best know pro-gun organizations and needs our support. It also needs to be more pro-active. They should, like the ACLU, evolve to a organization employing lawyers to fight any infringement on our most important civil liberty, the 2nd amendment. If the NRA was as “active” as the ACLU is we would not have this problem and wishy washy politicians would be listening to us.

    1. What would be a better suggestion here would be for a group of organizations formed to protect the Bill of Rights go together and form an arm like the ACLU (a political arm of the communists and fascists). Our speech is restricted by every Hate Speech law, our religious rights are destroyed in the name of civil rights, our ability to peacefully assemble are limited by political correctness( the “racists” in Charlottesville followed the law, the Anarchists did not, and look at who attacked who—even the idiots in the media ran pictures of the anti-protesters using baseball bats on a crippled veteran who used a cane — a southerner who had fought for his country, but wanted to protect his southern culture and legacy of independence. I’m an NRA member, but I am more importantly an advocate for interpreting the Constitution using the words it was written with, and using them according to their most common definition, not some extreme stretch interpretation. Personally I live in the Midwest and grew up in the South. I NO LONGER travel to states that do not recognize my right to carry and have a reciprocal agreement with my STATE. The danger of traveling in those places (like Washington D. C, New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington) is too great for me or members of my family. Support the whole Constitution before they take all your rights away. The 8th and 10th Amendments have been subjugated by the Civil War. The 1st and 2nd by state and local governments (hate laws and gun control), The 4th, 5th, and 6th have been neutered by the FISA court law (the Court of Star Chamber), and the Patriot Act. Before long they will be telling you to give up you bed for a member of the military to sleep in(although I believe the common soldiers and company grade officers will rebel before that time).

      1. Most of Oregon and Washington State are freedom-loving places. Geographically, the Soviet parts of those States are along the Interstate-5 in the State capitals and the megalopolises (greater Seattle, greater Portland).

        Only very recently have anti-property and anti-gun laws been passed, but are widely unenforced outside of an FFL dealer or Multnomah/King Counties. Both States are “Shall Issue” permit States, with Open Carry only a problem with uniformed Officers and nervous public school attendees along the I-5 urban zones.

  13. Florida’s fickle “Conservative” Governors of the early 21st Century.

    They seem to run as conservatives, but then start moving left as soon as they take office.

    Jeb Bush pumped billions into higher education, but refused to appoint true conservatives to the college boards, resulting in taxpayer funding of liberal academics. [Student activists]

    Charlie Crist is now a democratic U.S. Rep. for FL’s 13th congressional district.

    Rick Scott, who was elected with Tea Party support, promising concealed carry on college campuses and possibly open carry in the state, none of which happened, now has signed into law more Gun Control…




    Floridian conservatives have been naive, gullible, and easily deceived, shame on us, we are better than this…

  14. Between the constant lies continuously being thrown at us from the MSM , the uneducated voter(s) and the (un)officials in the septic tank known as Washington DC, the backstabbing by the repuliRATS last week, on both gun control legislation and the trillion.5 budget they passed and several statements (or Freudian slips) made by the POTUS, as it stands right now, I will not be voting for any incumbent in 2018 and unless I see some clear changes between now and 2020, I wont be voting for Trump again either. It was hard enough voting for him last time, but I held my nose and cast my ballot. As it has become all to common in US politics, I voted for the lesser of two evils… and I’m getting tired of having to do that every election!
    After my family being there for over 160 years, I left Kalifornia and moved to a reddish/purple state and feel much better and happier now.
    But we must remain VIGILANT!
    Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids people! (and 80% lowers with the jig kits of course!)

  15. The problem with non compliance is how do you use your contraband firearm.
    You could go to someone’s private land way out in the country and practice.
    What if you are stopped by the police going to or from the shooting spot?
    What if you have a house fire, or medical emergency?
    The police will search your car or enter your home and you are in possession of contraband.
    Same as if you had an ounce of cocaine.
    You were depending on the good will of the police to not confiscate.
    Now it is in their face and they may not be able to “ look the other way”
    Depending on the good will of the police is a good way to end up in jail.

    1. Here are my thoughts on the consequences of non-compliance. Militia arms have one purpose; to kill bad guys and tyrants. That being said I see more tyrants and bad guys at all levels of government than I see “good guys”. Therefore I will retain my property come what may. I will not allow myself to be taken prisoner by the Badged Orcs of the state. I will not be disarmed and I will not be taken prisoner. Herein lies the rub. At that point the hot war is on.

      For years I have mentally and spiritually prepared myself to become a “non-law abiding gun owner”. I am really tired of hearing the NRA and most other gun owners bleating like the sheep they are about being a “law abiding” gun owner. The day is coming when to be a “law abiding” gun owner means to register them and/or to turn them in.

      No thanks.

      Not for me.

      I will not comply.

      The government school pacification program has worked brilliantly. We are the most heavily armed population on the planet but we don’t have the will to power to what is so obviously necessary to right the situation. We have been pacified and the reasons are as many as the methods. It is time to shake off the fog of pacifism and regain our birthright as free men, to regain our unalienable right to life, liberty, and property.

  16. Swamp Cracker Yankee – you are a siren blaring load in the night, warning other ships captains of the dangers of allowing the winds and tides to carry them onto the rocky shores ahead.
    Jason, well said. I also understand “family first”, right after Him!
    We are all called to a leadership role and leading (ie. Lot’s wife story) means doing the right And often difficult thing And sometimes from a position of strength you must have a “fall back” strategy to really save those you love.
    I am Illinois born and won’t set my feet in the state, drive through a corner of it, visit my family or the graves of Loved ones, let alone live there to be close to those who don’t mind being enslaved.
    “Qui transtulit sustinet” – He who transplanted continues to sustain, is the Connecticut moto. I am rural so, Sometimes planting in good soil means rotating crops to another location in order to have a fruitful harvest. Who would choose to live in Fukushima, Japan or Chernobyl, Russia? Live where you’re free and be a safe place for those you love who see a better way in you. LuvYerBro

  17. We left CT after a few years of comrade Malloy. i can’t understand how that bumbling idiot was elected and even more surprisingly re-elected in the first place. We moved to FL and were enjoying life but now I have that same sick feeling about this state. I couldn’t believe Gov. Scott would have signed that legislation. So much for republican (RINO) led Government..
    I still return to CT for family and work occasionally and I see folks are fleeing the state all the time. The “leadership” ruined much more than firearms ownership and over all the climate is hard to bear as evidenced by the high levels of stress, alcoholism, and drug use. Soon, you’ll be able to go to the corner store and buy pot, but don’t even think of looking for some 22lr ammo, you’ll need a permit for that.
    The powers that shouldn’t be have spent themselves into a hole with ridiculous projects, like Malloy’s much touted bus line from New Britain to Hartford, where they tore up miles of perfectly good rail to install a road, to the train station. While they claim it is a remarkable success, the buses are usually close to empty, and its a good place to buy illicit drugs. The local cops, one of which is my own son, cannot do anything about it because it’s “State Property”!
    Now they’re planning on turning all 4+ lane limited access highways into toll roads. Folks are barely getting buy as it is, now add $5 or more for your daily cost to commute to work. It’s too much.
    OK enough ranting, Florida is worlds better than CT for many reasons, but the slope has tilted, and it’s slippery. Maybe time to look west….

  18. One of the great strengths of the anti-civil rights crowd, is that their arguments are geared to tug at people’s emotions. Our logical arguments are harder to make and not as appealing on a visceral level.

    I look for emotional arguments of my own — in favor of civil rights — to counter the antis.

    For example: when someone cries, “No one needs a high capacity magazine for home defense,” I talk about how I felt facing a group of men who were kicking in my door, while I waited in the dark– in ambush — with a cordless phone and a 5-shot .38 revolver, wondering how many I’d be able to stop and if I would be dead in a few minutes, and what they would do to my family if they got past me. I was in a “good neighborhood,” but at least 3 people were trying to force my front door open on weeknight at about 11 PM. Fortunately the door held, and they gave up before it gave out. The police never arrived. A car drove down the street 30 minutes after I called, but it never stopped.

    In a home invasion, you may not have time to reload. Even if I’d had time, I would not have been able to work a speedloader: my hands were shaking so much it was hard to dial 9-1-1. A 9mm AR with a 32-round magazine (loaded to 30 to make it easier to insert and lock in place) does not seem the least bit excessive to me. Remember YOYO (You’re On Your Own).

    Look for emotional stories: there are tons of them out there, and many of them support our cause.


  19. “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

    King James Version (KJV)

    The Holy Bible tells us what to do, we just have to figure out “how” to “take our stand against the evil that is against us!

  20. So now retired Republican Supreme Court Justice Stevens is advocating the repeal of the 2nd amendment. It may not get traction today, but just like so many things the more it’s talked about the more mainstream it becomes. And the left is using his Republican affiliation to justify it’s validity. If he thinks it’s right then what’s your problem, he’s smarter than you !

  21. Let’s see if I have this right, cant owen a gun until your 18 BUT you are responsible enough to vote, drive a car and die for your country??? Time to re look at the 26th amendment.
    Also it has amazed me how quickly the 13 – 18 year oldes were able to organize and provide transportation for the 3/24 march.
    Is our government now writing law based on the demands of children (those under 21)

    1. Jay,

      I read yesterday that only 10% of the attendees at the gun march were under 18. That shows exactly who was in charge, and it wasn’t the “kids”. I guess the “kids” parents are leftists too.

  22. You do not know the half of it. Yes we did get sold out by the Republicans in the Senate, House, and Gov. Scott who signed SB 7026. Then about two to three days later this hits.

    The best, worst comes next. Read on.

    The anti’s in Broward County, Fl with a Miami attorney tried to hijack the Constitutional Revision Committee (CRC) which would have placed an anti gun bill on the ballot in Nov to change the FL Constitution. The CRC comes every 20 years and allows an appointed committee to place bills on the ballott in Nov for the citizens to vote on. No tens of thousands of petitions needed. It would have made illegal any magazine over 9 rounds. There go the semi auto hand guns. It would have defined as an assault weapon any semi auto rifle with a detachable magazine that COULD accept any magazine over 10 rounds. Such a rifle would be illegal to possess, a Class 3 Felony. It would have required that they be surrendered. No compensation. No grandfathering. Also more.

    Thank God, we were given a heads up by Marion Hammer, NRA past President, Executive Director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida. She is a lobbyist who works for all gun owners. We were able to kill this bill with help from pro gun members of the committee and activists who pointed out that this amendment had nothing to do with the illegal immigration bill that they were trying to piggy back it on. They were told that they had not followed the rules to get this bill on the ballot. They didn’t care. The bill was tabled. Dead, Finished.

    I have read criticism of the NRA in these pages over the years. Now for all of those NRA critics, Fla was the first state to get Stand Your Ground, the first to have an Anti Confiscation Law to prevent gun confiscation in the next declared emergency like they did in Katrina. These laws were first put in place in Florida due to the tireless work of Marion Hammer of USF with the help and muscle of NRA. This was Florida’s gift to the rest of you outside of Florida. You are welcome! So please stop belly aching about NRA. These are gifts to the other 49 states which USF, NRA, and activists like I, and many others, I work with have given to you. Be grateful, stop whining, join NRA, GOA, USF (even if you don’t live in FL). I do not like everything the NRA does, but it is the bigest dog in the yard.. If we had all gun owners as members, 100,000,000 strong, we would not be worrying about any of this. If we fall so will you.

    Oh, before I forget in 2012 Marion Hammer was able to get (Florida Statute) FS 790.33(1) in place. It is an anti preemption law that prevents any local politician from trying to regulate firearms or ammunition. Only the state controls the entire field of firearms and ammunition. Palm Beach and Broward Counties have, among others, been interfering with gun shows. Many counties and politicians are trying to figure out how to shut them down without running afoul with this law. FS 790.33(3) says that any politician found guilty of violation of this statute will be removed from office by the Governor, fined personally up to $5,000, and will be responsible for up to $100,000 in damages. Without this law, I can guarantee you that FL gun shows would be gone.

    You can find an application for Unified Sportsmen of Florida on line. She no longer takes credit cards. They were charging her too much. The best money you could ever spend. Marion Hammer is a blessing to the entire United States. Please help us help her. You are the beneficiary, whether you know it or not!

    PS: If you like guns and want to move to a free state, consider FL before the anti’s take it away.

  23. I guess our youth (and some politicians) feel it is correct to deny a citizen a firearm until they are twenty-one years old; in fairness then, the same requirements should apply to driver’s licenses, voting, serving in the military during wartime, participating in contact sports, watching R rated motion pictures, drinking Starbuck’s coffee and appearing in pornographic material.

    Can you add anything else. How about a nationwide 8:00pm curfew?

  24. The choice to call assault rifles by that name was a PR mistake. Imagine if Planned Parenthood had decided to call themselves Eugenicist Baby Killers Inc. Instead they choose the ironic name that included parenthood. They push this PR thing and claim to provide “Women’s health care” but in fact provide not health care or tests at all they simply refer them to providers.

    The point is that we are losing the PR war. Instead we should call the AR/M4 platform:
    “Freedom rifles” or
    “bear protection hunting rifle” or
    “Home defense rifles” or
    “Spirit of ’76 rifle” or
    “Family defense gun” or
    “Home invasion defense rifle” etc. Stop calling them Assault rifles. Now the MSM and the far left will argue and point out that you changed the name BUT whenever they do that it is an opportunity to make the case that it is NOT automatic, it is NOT an assault rifle, it is just your standard semi-auto rifle that can be used for self defense and to protect your family.

    The left is in this to win it. And we need to step up to win it.
    We need to put citibank out of business. Don’t just refuse to do business with them make it your business to economically destroy them. Ditto for the Dicks Sporting Goods chain stores. Don’t buy anything from Dicks. If you have the guts get a sign and picket them. Every state legislator who votes for any kind of anti-gun laws need to be flooded with mail. The left is in this to win and our side hasn’t even suited up yet.

  25. No doubt there are some of you gun owners living in liberal states that are thinking about getting out and moving to a more conservative state that is gun friendly. There is a lot of things to consider such as family, friends, career and simply missing your familiar surroundings. But if you decide to move might I suggest Oklahoma? I’ve lived here all my life. And no I’m not afraid of the government finding out who I am by identifying my home state. They already know the identities of every single person who has ever posted on SurvivalBlog anyway. I guarantee that.
    But back to Oklahoma. We have 77 counties here and when Bush ran for president I’m pretty sure that we were the only state in America that had every single county cast their vote for him. The OK map was totally red that evening of the election. And from my perspective we haven’t leaned left a bit. In fact our state legislatures will occasionally introduce a bill to further enhance our existing gun rights and our governor is faithful to sign them. I constantly see folks (men and women) carrying open and nobody gives them a second look but I could write all night about how many times that I’ve had total strangers and even business owners walk up to me and either thank me for carrying or give me some sort of positive remark about me carrying and then it usually morphs in to some good old redneck gun talk.
    Yesterday my wife and I went to eat at a local country cafe and I openly carried. None of the waitresses gave me a second look and we were seated next to two police officers. The officers seemed to care less. They finished their meals and left and then another police officer (a game warden I think) and his wife set down at the same table. Once again he wasn’t even slightly concerned that an armed man was setting next to him and his wife.
    All this time there were a party of two couples who were setting behind us. As they got up to leave I noticed that all four of them were openly packing. I smiled and told my wife that there were more guns on the hips of citizens than there were on the cops. And if some idiot had tried to rob the place I’m sure that every one of us gun owners would have had those police officer’s backs.
    I can tell so many stories about how gun friendly OK is but space doesn’t permit.
    So to sum it up let me say that if you’re seriously considering getting out of Dodge and being around “your kind” I believe you will feel right at home here.

  26. ALSO ADD:
    If you are not old enough to buy a hand gun, rifle, or shotgun then also add
    no driving or car ownership
    no contracts
    no rental of an apartment
    no marriage
    no sex. Make the legal age of consent 21 years old. Before 21 years old, statutory rape.
    If the children are not mature enough at 18 years old, then let them sit in Mommy’s and Daddy’s basement until they are 21 years old. If they are this incompetent, then enroll them in a mandatory military prep program for three years, until they can get up to speed.

  27. I am so tired of playing defense when it comes to gun control. We are constantly having to take the position of defender, repelling the attacks from the left.

  28. Under king obamas healthcare debacle people are kids till they are 26 living in mommies basement off her health insurance policy. Start an uproar that none of your Rights can apply till you are a full adult, why allow the government and liberal wannabe tyrants to pick and choose your freedoms. It’s like the arbitrary $15 an hour BS movement, why just $15 why not $20 or even $50. They move in baby steps but they keep moving, they never stop, their demands never cease, they want complete people control and guns are in their way along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. With out guns there is nothing left to protect the rest of our rights and freedoms from these statists.

  29. I have concluded that the school shootings just may be the way the liberals have found to pass compete gun control. Lets face it, the democrsts had complete control of the federal government for eight years and did nothing to harden the defenses of the nations schools. They have advertised all during that time that schools were free fire zones with no defense against attacks by cowardly criminals that want to rack up a tally against unarmed defenseless victims. Israel had an attack against a school by islamic terrorist years ago. The Israelis hardened their defenses at the schools by placing metal detectors, armed guards, and armed trained teachers in the classrooms. There have been attempts since then to attack schools. These attacks were unsuccessful due to the precautions taken. Is the USA so backward that they can not learn from success? Or could it be that our politicians don’t want to stop the school shootings until they have achieved complete confiscation of guns belonging to law abiding citizen that will fight to keep their freedoms.

  30. Why is it, people, that when I see or hear folks pushing the 21 years of age argument, I keep flashing back to civics class nearly forty years ago; where we were taught that the actual age of majority is, and always has been, 25? I actually asked a person from my state’s PIO just a week or so ago. I got told that this continues to be the case, has never been officially changed, and that not a single state in the union complies with it.

    25, NOT 21…

    Food for thought, folks. If we’re gonna talk about complying with the actual text on the parchment, so to speak, we should be hammering compliance with ALL of it.

    Semper Fi

  31. Here I an argument we don’t hear from the children who are now instructing us on gun control .

    Last year about 1,700 teen drivers were killed. I can make the case that banning all teens from driving would save four times as many lives then are killed by rifles. The children celebrities would respond that it’s not fair to penalize the many because of the actions of a few.


  32. This kind of thing is why I moved my family from Commifornia to the South. Vote with your feet. Do not support the gun-grabbers with your tax dollars. It was well worth the inconvenience of moving cross country.

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