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“Democrats have become the party of socialism, open borders, sanctuary cities, the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), underfunding the military, abortion on demand, infanticide, environmental extremism, gun confiscation, higher taxes, radical identity politics, suppression of free speech and religious expression, and among some Democratic members of Congress, undisguised anti-Semitism. They’re also the party of intolerance, smears, lies, character assassination, besmirchment, and fake Russian dossiers.” – Sean Hannity


  1. Hannity left out a few other things, many Democrats including the politicians advocate:

    Defunding the police. Stop enforcing many laws (especially drug laws). Stop fully penalizing crime (releasing criminals from prisons early).
    … Democrat controlled cities are dangerous crime areas.

    Most Democrats also want to throttle USA production of domestic oil.
    …….. As President Trump has pointed out, Americans have lost their lives and spent >Trillions of dollars in the useless and endless wars. Often fought to ‘protect inexpensive’ foreign oil. [Foreign oil is expensive to Americans]
    ……… From the Internet September 2020. AAA source: The average price of gasoline in California. = Regular $3.24 a gallon. [The Democrats control California]

    Hannity did mention Democrats favor Socialism. = This means more ‘free stuff’ for people that don’t want to work.
    …….. Many young people have been convinced there’s a future, in spending all day simply sleeping, playing video games, smoking marijuana and collecting all the needed ‘free stuff’ from the government.
    Socialism for many is seen as a Garden of Eden, and NOT a large death camp.

    Democrats do NOT support the traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. +Democrats have expressed support for governments and people, that want to kill all the Jews in Israel.
    ……… In Democrat areas, the Churches have been closed because of the China-Flu concerns. Yet in the same places, peaceful protesters can ~congregate and toss gasoline bombs at the cops and privately owned buildings.

    1. This is a reply to my own comment, GGHD:
      The price of regular gasoline in California was mentioned, because it’s a political scandal:

      1. California is the 7th largest producer of petroleum of the USA State. (Texas is obviously first) [energyindependenceca] … …. GGHD = The Cal~State politicians intentionally ~throttle oil production in California.
      2. “California ranks third in the nation in oil refining capacity. The state’s 17 refineries – located in the Central Valley, Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area – have a combined capacity of nearly two million barrels per calendar day.” [wspa]
      3. “Another Andeavor refinery putting Alaska crude oil to work is the Los Angeles Refinery, near Port of Long Beach. It’s designed to process heavy crude from California’s San Joaquin Valley and Los Angeles Basin, as well as crudes from the North Slope and international sources.” [akbizmag]
      (California refines oil from places outside of California.)
      What’s the point of this reply? The crooked California politicians economically harm everyone else in America. … It’s just not throttling oil production. … The forests are mismanaged in California too; resulting in deaths, carcinogenic smoke across America, increases in the price of wood to all Americans, and ultimately an unneeded drain on the Treasury of the Federal Government.
      [California Multi-Millionaires finance kookburger environmental policies that hurt all Americans.]

      Maybe, Trump should build the Wall between California and the USA; a Wall not just along the border between the USA and Mexico. (+One third of the Welfare Recipients live in California)
      If a wall occurs, I might have to bugout along the RR track route to get over the mountains. … The Train Tracks near cities are dangerous places with homeless encampments. But, over the mountains, RR tracks provide an easier climbing route, because of the grade of the tracks.

      [The grade needed for Trains is on the Internet. Plus, there is also information about hiking, explaining how it’s easier to walk more distance to avoid steep grades.]
      Mentioned here because people might need to hike out of their area someday. A RR Track system might provide an easier hiking route. Homeless encampments near cities could be a death trap if encountered.

  2. GGHD,

    “…….. Many young people have been convinced there’s a future, in spending all day simply sleeping, playing video games, smoking marijuana and collecting all the needed ‘free stuff’ from the government.”

    I have had students tell me to my face that this was exactly their plan, because they didn’t need to work while other people’s tax dollars would support them.
    I told them that if and when that didn’t work out for them they needn’t bother coming to me for a job reference.

    1. True story. I taught school in a small town in SE Oklahoma in the mid-80s. I had a very troubled young man that was beyond controlling. On one visit to the principal’s office, he looked at both of us with a straight face and said, “I don’t care about school, I’m want to go to prison where I get free cable, three meals a day, and a place to sleep. I don’t even have to work if I don’t want to.” I saw it coming back then.

  3. Did y’all see the Satanist, anarchist, running (without campaigning or accepting donations, no less) with a slogan of “F### the police,” who won the Republican primary nomination for Sheriff in a NH county? Aria DiMezzo then posted a scathing condemnation of voters who do not bother to educate themselves: “That’s a level of recklessness of which any decent human being should be ashamed.” No disagreements from me!

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