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“If masks work, then used ones are all potentially HAZMAT. Where are the biohazard disposal bags? We’re just tossing virus-contaminated masks and gloves in the trash or on the ground? If they’re not HAZMAT, then you’re admitting they don’t work.

Over 200 BILLION masks are being trashed every month. The ecosystem is being destroyed by garbage that didn’t do anything when in use anyway. This alone is sufficient reason to make wearing masks illegal. Remember when you complained about plastic straws? Apparently, it’s A-OK to contaminate the environment now that you want an item, rather than children wanting an item.” – Michael Z. Williamson


  1. The bio-weapon causing CoViD-19 is airborne from talking and exhaling over distance and remains in confined areas over time. My N100 masks work. Each comes with a disposable bag for responsible ownership and EDC. Governments will not help us.

    1. Get a smoker friend to test your n100 mask. Inhale from the cigarette and don the mask and exhale. Watch the smoke. If any at all comes out then the mask does not work. In order to be effective the mask MUST stop 100% (statistically 99.9999%) of the virus. Your mask doesn’t. You would be better off with a lucky rabbit’s foot.

      1. CoViD-19 is caused by a bio-weapon which can be airborne 20’ for 3 hours from talking and breathing by asymptomatic carriers and on surfaces for weeks. Isolation is required. Vitamins D3 with K2, chelated zinc and buffered C are recommended.
        The N100 mask with valve protects the user, not the public @ NIOSH rated 99.97% Gasket seals my shaven face. Valve prevents asphyxia and then seals to prevent entry.
        Goggles with gasket protect tear ducts from entry.
        High viral load area requires a MaxAir PAPR.
        Stay safe. We are on our own.

  2. If your mask is known to be CV-exposed (i.e., you’ve got CV), it should be disposed as hazardous. The mask lets you keep most of YOUR germs to YOUR self, with even better efficiency if everybody wears one and puts another barrier layer in place, even if only partially effective. A mask is not a fit-tested respirator or SCBA. However, if it’s being disposed as hazardous, why dispose it more carefully than all the stuff that’s touched your face, hands, etc.? If you don’t know if it has been CV-exposed, why treat your mask more carefully than anything else that’s touched your mouth, nose, hands, etc.?

    1. Right there is the dilemma. If the mask works, even by a small amount, then the mask is dangerous. Sadly the real truth is that the mask doesn’t work BUT it can still capture some virus and bacteria that is floating around and be harmful to you. Basically it is the worst of both worlds.

  3. If you’ve been to the stores or the post office or anywhere in public, you have to have seen, first hand, the futility of wearing the mask. Have you noticed how many people can’t seem to be able to keep their hands off their own masks? Have you noticed how many people, especially store clerks and the like, can’t keep their masks covering their noses? I don’t blame them. After awhile you just have to get some fresh air.

    The masks, the intention of the forced wearing of the masks, is about submission, submission to the edicts of the State. Like me, I believe, from what I have seen, that most people are wearing the masks just to keep from being harassed. Even the “mask police” don’t wear them correctly. I wear the mask to maintain my “gray man” status. I know darned well they don’t work. So do the scumbag politicians and bureaucrats. It’s about the power not about our health.

    More support for my point of view.

    Do NOT Conduct a Controlled Study of the Effectiveness of Masks
    So announced Fuhrer Fauci a few days ago.

    George Carlin told us about the Corona panic years ago

    As with all George Carlin routines, very strong language, but well worth the time to listen.

    “Mask Training.” It’s for the Children.
    by Karen De Coster

    Right out of the totalitarian playbook!

    The Tyranny of the Mask!

    This is from Ireland, but it is so appropriate and applicable to us. Watch the video, it’s only 2 minutes.

    Have fun. Have a great day and evening.

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