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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we examine the recent run-up in gold, silver, and platinum prices. (See the Precious Metals section.)

Precious Metals:

First up, in U.S. Dollar terms, spot gold and gold futures just hit a 7-year high. And in Indian Rupee terms, gold futures hit at an all-time high. And who knows how gold is priced in some of the rapidly-ly inflating currencies. I don’t believe that we are yet anywhere near the top, in this bull market. And my advice is still to buy silver, rather than gold. Not only is it better for barter, but it is also more likely to double in value, than gold.

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Here Cometh the Fed – David Brady (July 24, 2020)

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A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just Delivered On The COMEX: Here’s Why

Economy & Finance:

David Stockman: Jobless Thursday – How the Donald Is Making America Poor Again. JWR’s Comment: The included charts paint a grim picture.

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Coronavirus aid package coming, $1,200 checks in August

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At Wolf Street: Brick & Mortar Retailers, Malls, Mall-REITs, and their Debts: The Whole Schmear is Coming Apart


H.L. sent us this: Gasoline demand drops.

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OilPrice News reports: U.S. Looks For Ways To Boost Rare Earths Mining

Home-Based Businesses:

Next, over at The Libertarian Institute: A Lost Year – Where Do You Go From Here?

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Op-Ed: Analysis of 8 billion page views shows where the next hot start-up can thrive

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7 Service-Based Business Ideas That Will Be in High Demand


You may have noticed that echoing gold and silver’s meteoric rise last week, the cryptos took a nice bounce. When I last checked (Sunday afternoon), one Bitcoin (BTC) would cost you $9,903 in USD. Meanwhile, Ethereum surged 20%. On Sunday, that marked the high point for 2020.

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Bitcoin Is a Form of Money in DC, Federal Court Rules

Tangibles Investing:

Given the record-breaking sales at gun shops, it is not surprising to see gun and ammunition prices escalating at both the wholesale and retail levels. If you stocked up on common-caliber ammunition before all this market chaos, then you are sitting pretty. Assuming you might have some “extra” ammunition, don’t sell it at a break-even price, unless it is to help out a relative or a close friend. Presently, it is 9mm Parabellum, 12 gauge buckshot, and 5.56mm NATO that are very hard to come by. I’ve heard that they sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. But .308, .30-06, 7.62×39 and .45 ACP will also soon be in very short supply.  And by the time of the November election, I expect nearly all types of ammunition to be chronically sold out — even .22 rimfire and the oddball and obsolete calibers. So my advice is: Stack it deep, while you still can.  Important Note:  Also buy plenty of extra magazines. I’ve been advising this since 2007, and by the way, my outlook hasn’t changed–except for the advent of some new varieties of magazines, such as MagPul P-MAGs. In some ways, 11+ round magazines are a higher priority, especially if the Democrats simultaneously take control of the House, Senate, and White House. In the context of the early 21st Century, that is the quintessence of a “worst-case scenario.” If the Democrats take control, then they will push for a magazine ban, almost immediately.


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News Tips:

Please send your economics and investing news tips to JWR. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant because they come from folks who closely watch specific markets. If you spot any news that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers, then please send it in. News items from local news outlets that are missed by the news wire services are especially appreciated. And it need not be only about commodities and precious metals. Thanks!


  1. The Lost Year article by Quinones was excellent. This line from the end in particular was very striking:

    “That there are still people out there who have experienced the last four months and are relying on the government for necessities, security and safety is a testament to how well the State has convinced us that they are mommy and daddy.”

    Yep. And while not provided (directly) by the State (yet), I’m also thinking of all of the entertainment companies who added enhanced services and/or free offerings “during these challenging times.” MORE streaming movies, MORE on-demand shows… No need to learn new skills, or enhance your children’s education, or reach out to serve your neighbors. No need to break free of the screen and live your own real life yourself, ESPECIALLY now, just keep watching an artificial version of others’. (I think of that scene in Fahrenheit 451 where Montag asks his wife to turn off the three walls of TV for a bit, and she responds “That’s my family.”) Just sit down, shut up, take your bread and watch your circuses, that Tiger Thing or whatever the heck it is this month. Maybe Netflix is the new opiate of the masses?

    1. “No need to break free of the screen and live your own real life yourself, ESPECIALLY now, just keep watching an artificial version of others’.”

      Hey Bear, excellent comment. I wish I knew how to convince friends and family members to do that, especially now that the whole enchilada is starting to fall apart. Whenever I tell people about some of my adventures, hitchhiking around the world, skydiving, white-water rafting, hopping freight trains, etc. they inevitably say, “Wow, I wish I could do those kinds of things!” And I always think to myself, “You could if you’d learn to turn off the TV and start living life.” TV is the greatest brain-washing and brain-deadening tool ever invented. I’m glad I’ve never owned one and chose to live life instead. It’s been a heck of a ride! And TEOTWAWKI is going to be a huge adventure as well. 🙂

      1. St. Funogas, I would love to read your autobiography. Heck I’d stand in line for an autographed copy, and I bet I’m not the only one! 🙂

        “TV is the greatest brain-washing and brain-deadening tool ever invented.”

        Absolutely agree! I will never forget years ago I was babysitting, and the girl was aghast to arrive at my apartment for the first time and……”You don’t HAVE a TV??? What do you DO all day???” Well then! It was my turn to be aghast…. Oh no little one, you are only six! There is a world out there! (Her father was a highly intelligent man who knew better, but he was also a struggling single Dad, so she got more screen time at home than wise) We had ADVENTURES. I took her to parks and the library and kids’ choir and we cooked dinners and did puzzles and decorated cookies and drew pictures and went out on a friend’s boat once in the river. Even the gate in the wall between my apartment complex and the shopping center became a magic secret door… Thanks for reminding me of those memories today 🙂

        1. Awesome attitude.
          Yes, the Psycotronic electronic ouji board, they call a hel…. I mean television.
          Oh yeah, they didn’t subsidize the digital transfer for TV’s cause they care about us.
          Probably a lot to do with how they this 3 months

  2. Be careful where you buy silver. Premiums are as high as $10 per ounce via larger reputable online dealers. Either they are gouging a bit, or they are concerned about future supply and pricing accordingly. Cloud Hard Assets seems to be much more reasonable. Folks, if you are short on extra cash this is a really good time to sell off any unused household and workshop items and use the funds to buy silver on any pullbacks in price.

    Ammo shelves are also empty here. We buy it when we see it. I agree with comments on hunting calibers being the next to go – we’re already seeing it happen here. Hunters are being wise and buying earlier than usual to ensure their supply. The virus and social unrest combined with rapid price inflation and an election year make ammo a good investment. Same goes for magazines and parts kits. Compact pistols are gone as well.

    One other item in constant short supply is canning components. We’re seeing regional shortages and if you do any canning at all (or plan to in the future) it’s a good idea to stock up. You can profit by buying cases of jars and lids and reselling, especially pint jars. We are moving over to Tattler lids and seals because we feel that one time use lids are a waste, especially with the new thinner gum seals on ball lids. We have not had any problems with these new lids but the margin of error has been reduced and we are very careful to seat lids properly before going into the canner. If I were to guess Ball is making the gum rings narrower to save a penny or two and prevent lids repeated use. I suspect this shortage will be temporary as most of these products are made in the USA.

    With all the discussion on hard assets, don’t forget to put away some cash and keep stocking up on food. The cash will be needed for emergencies and the food… well, have you been watching prices lately? As the dollar devalues (and it IS devaluing) food prices will rise. These increases lag a few months behind the dollar curve so try to get ahead of it.

    1. We’re also seeing the shortage of canning supplies also in our area, and expect this to continue for some time. We hope this is a sign that the people who are buying these are using them to safely stock good quality food supplies… We have also wondered about the Ball product rubber rings! Although we haven’t yet moved to the Tattler lids and rings, we’re headed in that direction now.

  3. In my area of the country, we are back to post Sandy Hook ammunition levels. The local gun store (inside the local hardware store) is only selling a box of ammo to those that purchase guns from them. 9mm, 380, 40s&w, 5.56/223, 308, 30-06 are scarcer then hens teeth. Reloading components are in the same boat. We normally order 5000 primers a month from our local guy as well, we have had the last three orders setting all on backorder.
    With the Covid hysteria, we haven’t had a gun show all year in our state, so no chance of finding components or ammunition there either. Sure glad we have our ammo cans stacked deep, as it is unsettling to think of the number of first time gun owners out there who have a new pistol and less than 50 rounds in their possession.

  4. One thing to look out for would be dies for swaging bullets from pennies. A copper penny is about 50 grains, so it would be a light bullet for a .223/5.56, or a jacket for a 7.62 or larger. The alloy in the old penny is perfect for jacket material.

    Just another good reason to keep saving the old pennies.

  5. @ gold and silver, at first I only bought silver eagle coins to give for birthday and Christmas presents, but this last yr I’ve been buying more than normal ( I don’t have that many grandkids ) and now I’m starting to looking at gold coins, but with the price going up, I’m a bit on the hesitant order. I’m reminded of something a local banker told me some yrs ago, when he was going to business school, he worked part time in a grocery store and one day his boss came to him and gave him some advice, ” when everyone is selling, then you buy. When everyone is buying, then you sell”. when I asked him how the advice worked for him, he just smiled and said I’ve done okay. Wish I had been told this advice years ago, instead of recently. Am I going to get rid of what silver I have, no I don’t think so, I’ll hang on to it, just for sh\*ts and giggles. You never know anymore.

    1. alfie, About 19 years ago, a retired friend who’s been a long-term retirement investor, told me the same principle when it comes to investing for the long term. & that’s what Warren Buffett used to become wealthy. When everybody else is buying, & the market is heading skyward, is the time to sell. & when everybody is selling, it’s the time to buy, b/c the market has fallen & is near a lowpoint. The same principle applies to buying/selling physical silver & gold. When almost everyone is selling silver/gold, it’s time to buy. When almost everyone is buying, it’s time to sell. To actually use this principle, one has to have the courage of one’s conviction & be willing to do the opposite of what the crowd is doing. However, we preppers are much more likely to keep our supply of silver/gold in this current period, b/c of course, we want to be prepared for hard times w/ our silver/gold.

      1. You can watch the drift direction of the market, but timing of the highs and lows are what will get you. Obviously if the market starts to drift upward it’s not going to be a case of “OK, now sell”! But to let it drift upward to maximize your profit without being overly greedy before pulling the plug.
        That’s the tough call and it’s called “prognostication”.

    2. We are only at the START of the gold and silver bull market. I will be buying silver as long as it is under $50 per ounce, and when it hits $50, I will probably CONTINUE to buy. In my opinion, it it STILL cheap, even at $24 like it is today.

      1. Nathan,

        That’s what I am thinking too. Even though I got a significant amount of Silver at around $12 an ounce, I still think it’s a bargain at today’s price and will also continue to add to my stock.

        Have a Rockin great day!

    3. Awesome attitude.
      Yes, the Psycotronic electronic ouji board, they call a hel…. I mean television.
      Oh yeah, they didn’t subsidize the digital transfer for TV’s cause the govt cares about us.
      Probably a lot to do with how they caused his 3 months

  6. Soooo here’s an update from Birmingham AL…Three times a year the Alabama Gun Collectors Association has about an 800 table gun show. Regionally this is the best shows around. The vendors come from far and wide and products change from show to show due to the variety of vendors. In other words it’s not the same people selling beef jerky and beanie babies. I have attended this show religiously for the past 25 years. Sometimes just as a buyer sometimes as a seller.

    I recently witnessed something that is exciting and also frightening. On dealer setup day, when the public is not invited, I noticed that the dealers were selling far fewer guns and the ammo dealers were nonexistent. The few dealers that were selling ammo were asking current market prices (.90 for 5.56 and most pistol calibers were about the same). They all started the conversation with an “I’m sorry to tell you but I’m asking current market prices”. No one was buying ammo on Friday and on Saturday. I noticed some people buying but most were not. My suspicion was most “people of the gun” had the ammo they needed and were not going to pay the price being asked…we can all wait this out if need be.

    The exciting part about watching the people enter the hall was clearly about 20% had never been to a gun show before. I’ve watched people at these shows for over 30 years and you can tell who is who. We all know there are certain “rules”, not written or given out but rules you learn by watching other people and then applying these courteous and common sense rules. The newbies were not following the rules and they noticeably stood out! I overheard many conversations being had about payment (check, cash, credit card), when do they get the gun, paperwork to fill out, difference between dealers and private sales, etc… That was the part that was exciting, new people becoming first time buyers and exercising their 2A right!

    Now for the part that is frightening….In all the shows that I have been to I have never seen the criminal element of our society show up. I’m not sure how to explain this beyond this…pants down below their waist, new white shoes, sideways hats, gold teeth, walking like EVERYONE is in their way, wearing sunglasses indoors and constantly talking on their phone. Skin color does not matter here, pick your color cause ice creme comes in all flavors. Out of the few thousand that came to the show Saturday and Sunday I would estimate that 20% were of this type. I was displaying my collection of WWII 45 pistols and selling a few rifles and odds and ends. These people had zero interest in what I had and were headed straight for the tables that had AR’s and black “gats”. I have never seen this element of society at a gun show and the fact is they are actively arming up. There is trouble brewing and trouble is out trying to buy their first AR!

    1. Anon, you are right… The presence of any criminal element in any environment, most especially a gun show, is a cause for great concern.

      Remember all… Practice your TRIGGER CONTROL. Maintain a defensive posture. They want all out conflict, and are the beneficiaries of it.

      We have a four letter word for their behaviors: BAIT.

    2. Some interesting stuff there, Anon…thanks for the info and the observations 🙂

      Although, as you’d said, some of that is definitely concerning (criminal element attending gun shows, etc), overall this will make my wife very happy.

      She has quite the (silver) eagle-eye in spotting good investment opportunities in precious metals. And so about 4 months ago we invested in a large (for us) amount of Silver Eagles. They have now exactly doubled in value. Which she is quite understandably proud of 🙂

      However, this past fall I noticed that Federal was having a rebate on 5.56 ammunition. And though we were already adequately stocked, maxing out the limits of their rebate (with the purchase of 10K rds) would put us right where we wanted to be in terms of the rifles we had stocked up (enough to furnish many families in our community, if need be), and the amount of ammunition we arbitrarily decided we would like to have for each rifle.

      Thankfully, my lovely wife also has an affinity for other ‘precious metals’, which can be used to defend our home, and so we bit the bullet (sorry) and maxed out that rebate. Which worked out to $500 back on 10K rds of M855 (our designated SHTF ammo), in 90 rd packs on stripper clips yet (manufactured in the Lake City plant, to govt specs).

      With shipping, we paid $.24 / rd, back in October.

      Not having paid attention to ammunition prices since, your figure of $.90 / rd puts us right at a 375% gain.

      And even though we dont plan to divest ourselves of any firearms, ammo, or precious metals (b/c, as another commenter stated, we are keeping these things for potentially very bad times), my wife is going to be ONE happy camper re: our timing 😉

  7. Got rice?

    Buy rice now while it is cheap and available if you are going to want some.

    I recently watched a video by David Dubyne Adapt 2030 showing China’s food crops being decimated by floods. He predicts China will being buying food from all over the world next year due to these crop losses, thus raising the price of food all over the planet.

    Largest Floods in Chinese History Wiped Out the Country’s Food & Grain Supply (1016) – YouTube

    We have a great and mighty God.
    May you go in strength as you seek Him.
    He is for you.


      1. P.S.- Krissy- Just to show how RIGHT you are, the Chinese leaders hate our guts- especially President Trump- and they don’t want to trade with us right now, but they just made the largest purchase of corn they have ever made from us- 1.8 million tons ! Plus they are buying soybeans and other grains because they have no choice. I believe that God is blessing us and may be punishing the Chinese leaders. Don’t forget to pray for the beleaguered Christians in China.

        1. Nathan Hail (not to be confused with generic Nathan)… You share with us an important reminder…

          “Don’t forget to pray for the beleaguered Christians in China.”

          Persecuted Christians are greatly in need of our prayers. Their courage and conviction should as well inspire our own.

        2. Nathan Hail (not to be confused with generic Nathan),

          Thank you for providing pertinent information. Gahhh! We’re going to need that food for our own country. Not sure why we are selling food to our undeclared enemy. I’m just remembering that college student of ours they tortured and turned into a vegetable, and claimed he was alive. Yep, he was a live vegetable and died when removed from machine.
          I don’t want to start thinking of all the atrocities… Help your children, Lord.

          Thank you for the encouragement to pray for our brothers and sisters in China. Surely, their sufferings make them intimate with Christ.

          I read once, that in India, poverty had women and children eating dirt, just to put something in their stomach to stop the pain. I’ve never forgotten reading that.

          With that said, when I pray for Christians around the world, I humbly remind the Lord that it is not right that His children should eat dirt. (imo) I humbly ask the Lord to give His children: nutritious food, clean water, medicine, spiritual encouragement, healing and especially escape from captivity.

          I can’t wait to be in heaven with all of us rejoicing together. Krissy

    1. And don’t forget to support our US rice growers!! In both Florida and Louisiana, sugarcane fields are flooded to allow them to go fallow, during which time farmers grow rice. The straw left behind from the rice contributes to healthier soil for the next sugarcane harvest. Look for large bags of beautiful, long grain, Louisiana-grown rice at your local Costco.

      Due to the environmental contaminates and poor quality control in food stuffs from China, I am doing my level best to only buy American, even if it’s a tad more expensive.

      1. GritsInMontana, Good encouragement. I will definitely look for Louisiana-grown rice at Costco. In my ignorance, I was not aware we grew rice in the USA. I love buying USA! Krissy

  8. Employment (or rather unemployment) numbers are grim, and conditions will remain difficult until we are on the other side of the pandemic. I find it disappointing that Stockman’s headline inaccurately lays these findings (and other economic woes) at the feet of President Trump, and that this is also argued in the content of the article. My disappointment rests in the fact that this is simply not true. The economic challenges we face are great and very real. The causes of these are many and myriad, and have accumulated over a relatively long period of time. Within that list of causes is not DJT, and I do not say this because I supported him in 2016’s general election and will do so again in 2020. I say this because it’s true. What we have before us is a President who, for the first time since Ronald Reagan, is working nearly around the clock and in great earnest to salvage what remains of our economic infrastructure, to repair and restore our economic foundation, and to grow our economy once again in healthy ways. There are many problems — that’s fair and true. The solutions are imperfect — also fair and true. There is no easy way out of the situation we’re in — absolutely agreed. All that having been said, President Trump remains our best hope for the restoration of our country, and recovery of our economy. There is no guarantee that we’ll make it to the other side of all of this under the leadership of DJT, but life offers few guarantees (and as people within the preparedness community, we understand this at deeper levels than most). But… There is no path to recovery if Joe Biden (a Trojan horse for the Communist Hard Left) becomes the president. For those who long for the ultimate collapse, be very careful what you wish for — the blood on your hands will be that of your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and your communities at large.

    1. You seriously think that Trump is going to save anything except billionaires? He has recklessly supported the federal reserve takeover of the world. The Fed is now in control and whoever becomes president is simply a puppet for the federal reserve.

      1. I believe that President Trump is doing all he can to restore freedom and liberty and opportunity to the marketplace, and that he is also trying to restore the economic engine of manufacturing to the foundation of our economy. He cannot do it alone, and he is struggling against every force imaginable, but this man is working harder on behalf of all of us than any U.S. President I can remember in my lifetime. He is not a perfect man, and he does not have perfect answers, but DJT is doing all he can to help all of us get to a much better place in every regard. He has my full support, and I will say this… My support for the Donald did not come easily. He was not my first choice in the primary of 2016, and I voted for another candidate. Having said that, I could not be more thankful for his victory. In addition to his work to restore our economy, his efforts have also revealed to the American public the evil that has taken hold of the Radical Left.

  9. Some thoughts on canning jars and lids. Chris in Arkansas makes a great comment about stocking up whenever possible, for bartering if nothing else.

    I’ve mentioned a few things before but it’s worth repeating again since we are now seeing so many unexpected shortages in the canning department.

    First, don’t believe a THING on the internet about canning if it is something you can easily test for yourself. I don’t believe for a nanosecond the pressure-canner times on the USDA website, but since I have no way to test it myself, I have to go with it or risk botulism. But most other things you can test for yourself so do it!

    Second, there’s no such thing as one-use canning lids. They tell you that only so they can sell you new ones each time. In many canning projects, lids are your biggest expense. I have some I have reused 8 times in canning, and for yogurt, I’ve had them seal 100+ times but the temp only got up to 120°. Since 65 lids will fit in a 15-ounce can from vegetables or tomatoes, it’s crazy IMO not to save the old ones since they take up so little space.

    Third, they tell you all over the internet not to reuse jars that commercial products come in such as spaghetti sauce, pickles, salsa, etc. They tell you the glass is too thin and will surely break in your canner. Well shucks, they didn’t break when the factory was putting the salsa in them, why would they break when I’m putting three-bean salad in them?? Again. the jar companies don’t want you to reuse them instead of buying their jars. I’ve lost count of how many time my bread and butter pickle jars have sealed. I reuse the ones from Heinz that I stored up for five years before I started canning my own again. Same with salsa jars, they’ve sealed time and time again. There are lots of jars like this so if they have a sealable lid, save them. Sort them by kind and save them in boxes for “someday” if you don’t want to use them now. One of these days I’ll get my article posted on easy-to-make wooden mason jar crates which make an excellent way to store them. I even save odd little jars like the tall skinny ones that capers and molasses come in. You just never know what you will be canning if the SHTF. I also bought about a pallet’s worth of canning jars at an auction a few years back for $10. Even though I only wanted half of them, it was still a great buy. You can also find them at thrift stores in the off season because many people don’t want “used” jars that may not look brand new. One of my daughters was getting them for 10¢ each last fall and winter.

    Like Chris in Arkansas said, stock up all you can when jars and lids are readily available again. My local grocery store had people trying to return toilet paper they had stocked up on once it was readily available again. How short sighted can people be! Normalcy bias is a killer. When jars are available again, stock up all you can. Chris mentioned they can be used for barter if nothing else and I totally agree. I was stocking up on Anchor Hocking jars when Walmart had them a few weeks ago, at $7.95 (both P’s & Q’s) you can get 12 cases for $100. I have lots to sell honey in but the jar goes away when I do that so even though I have a ton of jars from past hoarding years, I will take Chris’s advice and stock up all I can for possible future bartering if nothing else.

    Apologies for the long post but too many of us are trusting in the internet instead of testing canning things that we can easily test for ourselves. People who can think out of the box will have the best odds of surviving when the SHTF.

    1. From your post: “Normalcy bias is a killer.”

      Truer words…

      In fact, it’s a good idea for each of us to challenge the ways in which we might fall prey to normalcy bias. It’s easy to see it in others, and not quite as easy to see it in ourselves. Self study is important!

    2. St Funogas,

      I completely agree with you. I am not an expert (so please no one take me for my word on this) but I remember when I was a child, my great aunt DID NOT can anything with a pressure canner. She used water bath canning. It took took all day but it worked. I’m talking green beans, new potatoes, etc. She was scared to death of the pressure canners. I/we ate those items for years and I’m still alive! I think common sense is the “key ingredient”.

      I still go with the “new canning rules” but I am a nervous Nelly when it comes to pressure canners, therefore my canning is very limited. I actually tried it one time to can some green beans. I lost half of the batch later on. 🙁 (like 3 weeks later, and yes they were “properly sealed”)

      I am now using tattler lids and seals with no issues.

      I’m really hoping that the next installment of SB 2020 archive includes some “old” canning recipes.

      Also, my grandmother used old mayonnaise jars to can all types of pickles. Never an issue!

      1. Hi, Lisa in TX,

        Today I ordered my first All American canner. I think I will be nervous at first too, but as it is back-ordered until November, I have time to keep watching how-to videos. My cc doesn’t get charged until it ships, so that is a blessing too.

        I will gladly share any faux pas stories I accumulate. I am blessed with laughter from so many of you, I would love to return the favor.

        So sorry about your green beans! Bummer. If only times were normal, it would be fun to fly you up and have a canning party. sigh…

        Okay, back to reality. Take care and please keep posting, Krissy

        1. Hey Krissy, congrats on the pressure canner! What most of us do the first time we ever used one is to hide around a corner with a mirror and watch it from there, wondering how much it will cost to replace all the windows in the house if the canner blows. Have fun! 🙂

          1. Oh, my gosh, Saint. You are so funny.
            I did take a couple chemistry classes this past year, so I may just put on my safety goggles after your comment!

            Production has been backlogged for many months, so mine is scheduled for November shipping. Sounds like canned turkey and turkey soup will be first up.

            Hope you make it a great day tomorrow, Krissy

          2. With most anything that uses steam pressure, you can put your mind at ease with your canner. Make sure you clean it after every use, and absolutely follow the instructions about cleaning the safety valves/gauges/steam ports for the weight. Scale (minerals left behind when water evaporates) can and will build up and clog these orifices, be it in the 15 lb max pressure canner or the 180 lb boiler on the steam locomotive I operate.

  10. Not just ammo is disappearing in the common calibers (and many not so common!) but the reloading components as well.
    55gr FMJ in .223 is gone. 147-150gr FMJ .30 is mostly gone (and might be totally gone by the time you read this). Brass is also drying up, and prices are rising.
    Large Pistol primers are hardly available at all. I looked through at least the top 25 largest online reloading stores to finally buy match grade ones at increased cost. They were the only ones available.
    In regards to gold, silver, and ammunition and components: like a good retailer, you don’t price based on what you paid. You price based on what it costs to replenish that stock, plus overhead and margin.
    What price or something that’s simply not available?

  11. Hi

    My ammo supply is fine and have firearms to sell. May sell some ammo and guns to buy silver. AGQ is an ETF symbol for a silver ETF. It is up 100 percent since April and so buy stock then sell and buy physical metal. I can sell ammo and turn lead into gold or silver. We each have our own strategy. If you need more caned goods then shop at many stores in your surrounding area.

    1. Hey Kelley, SLV is another silver ETF that is up over 100% since March lows. I have made money off it in the past. For those with money stick in an IRA/401K they are good short-term options but for non-IRA money, physical is the safest route for long term. Gold miners are another option for those who insist on buying stocks with their IRA’s. I sold KGC back in March when they had some coronavirus break out at one of their main mines, so expecting the stock to drop due to low production, I sold at $3.61 (with a $101 profit) and put my money elsewhere. It’s now at $8.65. Arrgghhhh!

      Also, people who refuse to pay the penalty to take out money early from their IRA’s are not looking at the whole picture and thinking out of the box. Had many done that when silver was lower this year, even with the taxes and penalties, they’d be way ahead right now and have physical PM’s in their hand instead of a lot of paper which will be worthless some day. And IRA’s/401k’s in stocks right now are going to tank big time before the year is out and lose a lot of their value making those people even more sorry they didn’t take the penalties and buy physical PM’s. Silver still has to double before reaching its all-time highs so it’s still a good bet for those looking for profits instead of SHTF.

      I cashed out a large chunk of my 401k to buy land and build my homestead with no regrets whatsoever. More people should do the same while there is still time. Just my 2¢.

  12. A heads up ,,,,,,,,a large major retail food store chain I’m involved with is considering closing a large number of stores ,, as a measure to keep fully stocked the remaining open stores ,you have no idea how bad it is in the supply chain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nouthing to see here ,move along,,,
    Been involved with company 40+years on up to a board member,never seen any thing like this before,can’t say much more don’t want to end up like Martha Stewart,

    Why do people quit like in Atlas shrugged

    Tea and chocolate

      1. Rcb5472tn ,,,,,,,18 brand names ,coast to coast , 40% of US people have been to our stores ,, I see comments of folks on the blogs shopping at “my” stores ,,,what I’m seeing happening is so hard to understand ,,where has common decency gone ,,

        Am truly seeing Atlas shrugged unfolding

    1. Thank you, Oldhomesteader… This is a source of concern. We have seen some reports of shortage in materials for commercially canned goods. The materials for the cans themselves may be in shortage status. Reports about this concern have been raised by a number of sources, Ice Age Farmer among those. By the time most people realize there is a problem, the situation is likely to be very serious indeed.

  13. GOLD $1,954.00 up $9.00, My guess, a steady $2,000.00 plus within 2 weeks.

    SILVER $24.92 up $0.39, My guess, a steady $27.00 plus within 2 weeks.

    PLATINUM $962.20 up $13.60, My guess, a steady $1,000.00 plus withing 2 weeks.

    PALLADIUM $2,367.00 up $87.90 My guess, a steady $2,500.00 plus within 2 weeks.

    Let’s see how good my guesses are. I think they will prove to be conservative.

    This is as of 6:05 PM Eastern time.

  14. Our concern is the impending hyper inflation that comes with the devaluation of the dollar.
    No matter how well prepared we think we are it is likely that one day we will need to buy or
    barter for something.
    This is why our go to PM is the pre-64 U.S. silver coins. The one ounce rounds are good to
    have but how do you make change when you need a loaf of bread.
    Last Friday the cost for a $100.00 face value bag was $1889.00 today it is over $2000.00.
    Trust may be in short supply in the future. Most folks have never seen a one ounce round
    of silver or gold,but everyone recognizes a dime,quarter,or a half dollar.
    Just a thought!

  15. There are multiple factors that could be driving down the death rate. In MD something like 1/2 of new cases are individuals between 20-40, to many of whom are going to parties, not wearing masks, etc. On percentages they should have milder cases. As the months pass doctors continue to find better treatment methods and protocols for treating patients of all ages which would reduce the death rates. There is a steroid that’s been effective in reducing cytokine storms. And an antivirus drugs is helping too. Even if death rates are going down we won’t know the long term damage, some permanent. I’m staying in and wearing my mask when I have to go out.

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