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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today’s focus is on antique hand saws. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)

Precious Metals:

Steve Saville: The Japanese Government Is Still Pegging The Gold Price

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Inflation Will Not Be a Major Issue In 2019; But Gold Can Still Shine – Analysts



The IRS Wants To Use Social Media To Catch Tax Cheats

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The Federal government’s expected total revenue is estimated to be $3.422 trillion USD for Fiscal Year 2019. The article mentions: “The government’s annual income only pays for 88 percent of spending. It creates a $985 billion budget deficit.”  Those congresscritters probably won’t learn to keep a balanced budget until after they bankrupt the nation and crash the entire monetary system!



Technology Stock Losses Mount as US Indexes Fall Further

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Asian shares mixed amid silence on China-US trade talks

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From India: Buy or Sell: Stock ideas by experts for Jan 08, 2019


Forex & Cryptos:

What is Expected in the Forex Market in 2019?

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Top 20 Forex Trading Tips You Should Know

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Breakout Ahead? Bitcoin Closes on Key Price Hurdle


Tangibles Investing (Antique Hand Saws):

The price of good quality antique hand saws–both carpentry and timber–have recently begun outpacing the rate of general currency inflation. If buying for investment (rather than for just practical home use), it is essential to look for saws that are in close to perfect condition, with clearly-visible etched markings, minty handles, and no rust or pitting. Just one small patch of pitting or a chipped handle can mean a huge drop in potential market price!  With saws, condition is more important than the maker’s name.

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I saw this and said: Holy Cow! Palmetto State Armory–one of our affiliate advertisers–is running a short term special on 5.56 Nitride MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Groups (stock number 516446953) for just $49.99 each! These are great nitride-coated bolt carrier groups for your AR builds. Two years ago, these sold for around $120 each. The AR parts glut created by the Trump Slump does have some advantages. Note that this sale ends at noon, Eastern Time, on January 9th.  I just ordered five for myself. Don’t miss out on this special price.



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News Tips:

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  1. The high quality thick US steel in the less than ‘minty’ saws has a value of it’s own as it can be fashioned into a variety of edged configurations including weapon blades and other tools. Depending on price you really can’t go wrong when finding good steel even apart from antique and vintage finds.

  2. Fred, I agree. The old thick American steel used in old saws also works really well to cut lumber or logs.
    I am a barbarian.
    I probably use and enjoy tools that my children will get a few fewer dollars for when I meet my maker. Old saws top this list.
    I do the same with my firearms.
    I am a happy barbarian though.

  3. And on a somewhat related subject don’t forget the usefulness of a crosscut saw after things go south. You will only have gasoline available for so long to run your chainsaw.

  4. I follow Palmetto State Armory daily and receive Daily up dates. The sale on the 5.56 Nitride BCG’S actually goes until noon tomorrow Jan 10. Go get ’em!
    *****Buy Low Sell High*****

  5. And hand saws are much quieter than gas saws when opsec matters.

    Surplus and good American steel saws are available at yard/estate sales, swap meets, fleabay, craigslist, etc. can be had relatively cheap. The old crosscut saws with the large teeth are hard steel. You can wear a file out sharpening them. They are an excellent source for home made knife steel.

    Sportsman’s guide (I have no affiliation buy maybe they could advertise on this site) has Italian military surplus saws in new condition for $10 each. Item # WX2-658064.

  6. A few years back I purchased an old 36″ one man cross cut saw used on eBay. I got a hold of a copy of the US Forest service Cross Cut Saw manual and the appropriate tools and sharpened it up. It actually sits next to my desk at home waiting for the day I might need it. I enjoy using it but I do not have the time to cut all my firewood with it.

  7. “The government’s annual income only pays for 88 percent of spending. It creates a $985 billion budget deficit.”

    And this with a booming economy. What happens to the deficit during the next recession? What a waste. Thank you Republican congress.

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