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Compare the disparate results in these two YouTube videos: Mining The Banks For Silver:  Is It Worth It? and Coin Roll Hunting Walkers, Franklins, & Kennedys. Obviously, you have to find a bank in a small town that has not yet been harvested by Coin Roll Hunters. For someone who is retired or disabled, or for anyone who travels by road regularly, this could be fairly profitable.

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How Not To Manage A Currency

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So much silver! (Coin roll hunting.) And one result that was even better: Are You Kidding Me?  There are still lots of 40% U.S. silver half dollars out there folks, if you you just take the time to ask at banks. – JWR

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Now a bit dated, but this video provides some good advice  to a newbie from Dan Celia: IInvesting with Swiss Francs: Is it time to buy this currency?

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