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Too **** broke to afford a house: Americans are largely missing out on home equity gains and there is little they can do about it. “The bailouts have helped boost the bottom line of those that setup the crisis in the first place. And here we go again: they would rather Americans be in debt with auto, student, and credit card debt instead of building up some equity in housing. This is the direct result of the Fed’s low rate policy. Who are they looking out for?”

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Confused about how the Brexit vote stacks up? The Absurdly Confusing Lands Of The British Crown, Explained In 1 Chart

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Video: What Pisses Me Off About Brexit | UK’s EU Referendum – While focused on the upcoming Brexit vote, this Brit has some markedly profound words that are applicable to any Western civilization. This video is 30 minutes long and well worth the time you spend listening to it.

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15 Facts About The Imploding U.S. Economy That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See

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