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Many Middle-Class Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck – RBS

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Why Are Bankrupt Oil Companies Still Pumping?

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A Brief Commentary by Professor Preponomics

Property rights are not only enumerated within and protected by the Constitution, they are essential to economic liberty. I hope you will follow the subject of civil forfeiture with attention and interest, and proactively (and with all due respect and civility) communicate with your county and municipal authorities, state legislatures, and members of Congress. Write editorials and post them to your local papers. Vigorously encourage the protection of property rights. The need to bridge budget shortfalls should be managed with responsible and grounded financial stewardship and never justify the discretionary taking of property based on accusation without benefits and protections of due process.

US News

Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton Connections (McClatchy DC) Excerpt: “…she and her husband have multiple connections with people who have used the besieged law firm Mossack Fonseca to establish offshore entities.”

Obama Just Gave Cops the OK to Simply Take Your Stuff (New York Post) Excerpt: “Attempting to get back their money or property often forces owners into a legal labyrinth designed to favor law enforcement.”

Alaska’s House OKs 12-Word Civil Forfeiture Bill (NewsMiner) Excerpt: “Common law civil in rem forfeiture is prohibited except by court order.”

“Policing for Profit” Reforms Defeated in Tennessee (News Channel 5) Excerpt: “In the end, the law enforcement lobby proved to be too strong, with police dismissing concerns about innocent victims…”

International News

Brazil’s Nightmare: No End in Sight (The Washington Post) Excerpt: “Political turmoil saps confidence, which weakens the economy and deepens political discontent.”

“It’s Pure Chaos Now; There is No Way Back” – Venezuela Morgues are Overflowing (Zero Hedge) Excerpt: “Sadly, while we have been warning for years about Venezuela’s inevitable, economic devastation, we said it was only a matter of time before the chaos spreads to broader society and leads to total collapse.” Warning: Commentary following the article may contain bad language and/or inappropriate avatar images.

Personal Economics and Household Finance

How to Save Money Every Month (Dave Ramsey) Excerpt: “We’ve got three tips to help you save on those household expenses—both the regular and unexpected varieties…”

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