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Worst Case Scenario = 73% Down From Here

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How Mainstream Economic Theories Regularly Miss The Mark

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Available on Amazon: Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy (5th Edition) by Thomas Sowell

US News

$10 Mil to End “Diaper Disparity” After Free Diaper Laws Fail Twice in Congress (Judicial Watch) Excerpt: “To get the ball rolling, the administration announced this month that it plans to spend $10 million to “test effective ways to get diapers to families in need and document the health improvements that result.” Because it’s unlikely that Congress will pass a law to accomplish this, Muñoz admits the administration is getting creative and using every tool it has to help solve this dire problem.”

State Department Hiring Interio Designers, Salaries Up to $141,000 (Washington Examiner) Excerpt: “The Division provides comprehensive interior design services to include programming, space planning, architectural finish specification and furniture for U.S. diplomatic missions worldwide…”

Obama’s Solar Socialism (Government Waste Fraud and Abuse) Excerpt: “Taxpayers have been bilked for billions of dollars for decades so politicians could funnel money into solar firms like Solyndra, which a new investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of Energy (DOE) confirms engaged in a “pattern of false and misleading assertions” to win a loan guarantee from DOE.”

Here’s Who Benefits from Worsening Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis (The Federalist) Excerpt: “All the key players in the Puerto Rico debate are, to a greater or lesser degree, looking out for number one, but a solution that restores economic confidence and the ability of the island to become financially solvent should carry a good deal more weight than either concerns for the balance sheets of mega-consulting firms or the politics of the upcoming elections.”

International News

The Richest and Poorest Countries in the World (Visual Capitalist)

Weak Global Economy is Said to Threaten Government Finances (AP) Excerpted: “When growth is weak, governments collect less revenue and struggle to pay pensioners and meet all their debt payments.” These kinds of numbers mean we are not going to make good on these commitments….”

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