Economics and Investing:

Social Security Administration Beneficiaries Top 60,000,000 – B.B.

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Subprime Auto Delinquencies Soar Past Crisis Levels, Now Highest In 20 Years – G.G.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

We Need the Pain that Comes with More Saving (Mises)

Jacques: When Will the Sky Fall for Detroit Public Schools? (Detroit News) Excerpt: “The district’s latest emergency manager, former bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes, is trying to strike fear into lawmakers this week about the impending cash flow woes, in the hopes that the April 8 deadline will force the Legislature to pass bills to send an infusion of cash to DPS.”

Here’s Where the $110 Billion in Wall Street Fines Went (Fortune)

Banks Got Bailed Out, Homeowners Got Sold Out – and the Feds Made a Killing (The Fiscal Times) Excerpt: “But a news investigation into the aftermath of the crisis shows that the U.S. government did turn a profit on after-the-fact enforcement of these interlocking frauds, without distributing those profits to the homeowner victims.”

Peabody Energy Warns It May File for Bankruptcy Protection (AP The Big Story) Excerpt: “A slowing global economy and toughening environmental standards have slammed the coal industry, which is already beset by bankruptcies, shuttered mines and layoffs.”

International News

Norway Cuts Interest Rates and Warns They Could Go Negative (The Telegraph) Excerpt: “Norway’s counterparts in Sweden and Denmark have already plunged their interest rates below zero in a bid to prevent the appreciation of their currencies and stoke inflation.”

IMF Backs Unconventional Monetary Policies Despite Warnings from Emerging Economies (Reuters)

Personal Economics and Household Finance

50 Ways to Save $500 this Month (Huffington Post)

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