Economics and Investing:

Avalanche Lily (Mrs. Rawles) recommended a  great piece by economist/commentator Ann Barnhardt:  The Mark of The Beast Explained: MV = PQ, With Totalitarian Control
of V(elocity)

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G.G. flagged this:  Food Stamp Users Near Record High Despite Low Unemployment Rate

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Fresh recession will cause eurozone collapse, warns Swiss bank

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By way of Paul Caron’s TaxProf blog, we read:
The IRS is using a system that was hacked to protect victims of a hack—and it was just hacked

Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

A Conversation with My Neighbor “Sam”(Mises
Bank of America Revs Up Auto Loans Business Despite Warning Signs

Obamacare Enters Final Stages of Collapse (Government Waste Fraud and Abuse) …and an additional article tracking Obamacare concerns as these unfold from Townhall — Catastrophe: Last Remaining Obamacare Exchanges Teetering on Total Collapse

International News

Brazil On Course for Worst Recession in Century (Yahoo News)

Gold No Longer Glitters in Canada’s Official Treasure Chest (Bloomberg)

Fresh Recession Will Cause Eurozone Collapse, Warns Swiss Bank (The Telegraph)

Schaeuble Hints Germany May Be Ready to Give Greece Some Leeway (Greek Crisis) The EU may have finally recognized that Greece is truly on the precipice and the refugee crisis may provide the push. Here’s an additional related report from the Washington Post: The Astonishing New Numbers Behind Europe’s Refugee Crisis 

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Are You Buying Too Much Car for Your Budget? (Clark Howard) Excerpt: “Simply put, people are buying too muccar for their budget. If your payments per month are too high to knock out the loan in 42 months, you’re buying more car than you can afford. Forget about those 60 month and 72 month loans that people love to do.”

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