Economics and Investing:

Over at The Deviant Investor: Silver Prices in Five Years?

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CBC reports: Canada sells off most of its gold reserves. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

Understanding the Federal Reserve’s Shell Game (Mises)How the US Government and the HSBC Teamed Up to Hide the Truth from a Pennsylvania Couple (Liberty Blitzkrieg via Zero Hedge)
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International News

UK Exposed to Steel Deluge as US Clamps Down on Chinese Imports (The Telegraph)

ECB Ready with New Stimulus: Bank of France Chief (Market Watch)

Argentina Tried to Fight the Financial World — and Lost Miserably (The Telegraph)

Venezuela Sees Savior in Gold as Country Fights to Avoid Default (Bloomberg)

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Forget Phishing Scams, Criminals are Now Using Your Every Day Activities to Steal from You (Clark Howard)

Excerpt: “…according to the report done by computer security company Proofpoint, scams coming through email and social media became a bigger threat than malicious software last year.”

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