Economics and Investing:

Glenn Reynolds: Cash is the currency of freedom

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J.L recommended this at Zero Hedge: What’s The Real Unemployment Rate In The US?

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

Another Economic Slump, Another Communications Test for Fed

Get Used to an America Where Owning a Home is Not Part of the Dream: You Cannot Afford a Home on that Income!
(My Budget 360)

Did Free Markets Cause Flint, Michigan Water Disaster?

Michigan Senators Reach $220M Proposal Affecting Flint (The Detroit News)

Detroit’s Latest Crisis: Its Dilapidated Schools Have Hit Their Debt Limit and Risk Being Unable to Pay Bills (Financial Post)

International News
Britain’s Factories Engulfed in Global Manufacturing Slump (The Telegraph)

EBA: Bank Crisis? What Bank Crisis? (The Telegraph)

Personal Economics and Household Finance
The 25 Essentials You Need for Scratch Cooking (The Organic Prepper)
Excerpt: “A good pantry should have everything you need to whip together a pie, a loaf of bread, a casserole, or a batch of biscuits with no trip to the store required.” …and a link to The Pantry Primer by Daisy Luther for interested readers!

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