Economics and Investing:

Here is a fascinating three part podcast that has been put on YouTube: Verge of Collapse: Economy & Privacy: Ann Barnhardt

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Israel’s Natural Gas Deposits Three Times Bigger than Estimated

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

Displaced Worker Dishes Dirt on Disney’s H-1B Layoffs (Washington Examiner)

Watch: Fired Disney Worker Breaks Down Describing Humiliation of Training Foreign Guest Worker Replacement (Conservative Review)

New York Times Hits Donald Trump Over Guest Workers at MAR-A-LAGO (Breitbart)

International News

Global Finance Officials Promise to Shore Up Sagging Growth (AP via Drudge Report

Venezuela’s Oil Market Participants are Considering the Implications of an Unprecedented Event (Business Insider)

China Seeks to Assure G20 Over Its Economy (BBC News)

Personal Economics and Household Finance

100+ Easy Ways to Save Money (Don’t Waste the Crumbs)
Excerpt: “It’s easy to have big, lofty goals. The hard part though, is finding ways to implement change in our daily lives to ACHIEVE the big goal.” This article contains lots of GREAT ideas with additional links to recipes and helpful tutorials!

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