Economics and Investing:

25 Myths Broke People Believe. – T.A.

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The Petrostate Hex – how fluctuating oil prices affect currency valuations – T.A.

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Going Back To What Works: Gold Is Money Again – Was aware of what Utah did in 2011 but didn’t know this. Interesting..

Traders Now See Fed First Hiking Rates in 2016 – How many times can these lemmings be fooled? The Fed is not hiking rates unless it did so in a minor way and for a short period of time. It is too dangerous to their credibility to raise rates to have to cut them again. It’s easier to pretend that they will and always come up with an excuse.

Could Negative Rates be Next on the Fed’s Policy Menu?– Of course it is. This is why they have already been declaring a war on cash worldwide. It is a good article explaining some of what the plan will be.

Bullard Slams “Unsavory” Jim Cramer’s “Permanent Cheerleading,” Admits “Fed Can’t Support Stocks Forever”