Economics and Investing:

Interest Rates and the Debt Saturated Global Economy – A.L.

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Hewlett-Packard to Cut Up to 30,000 More Jobs in Restructuring – GJM

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

This Is Why Americans Will Pay More For Gasoline If U.S Export Ban Is Lifted – Interesting article

Price Tag of Bernie Sanders’ Proposals: $18 Trillion – For some comic relief… Suppose if he wasn’t serious

Why the Fed Is Likely to Stand Pat This Week – It boggles my mind how these folks don’t know (or pretend to not) that the entirety of the global “recovery” is built on ZIRP (zero percent interest rate policy) and expansion of debt and to take that away is to take the “recovery” away…

Trichet to Fed: Ignore the IMF, World Bank – Again no one is surprised, the Fed has bantered about raising rates for over a year… The issue isn’t surprise, it’s that the entire recovery is built on ZIRP and increased debt.. Take away the punch bowl and raise the cost to service the ginormous amount of debt and the party is over… This isn’t rocket science…