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The College Bubble 2.0: In just one year, loan debt is up nearly 30% …Half of young graduates are either unemployed or only working part-time… The massive increase in applicants with degrees, the value of college degrees is drastically falling

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The recent dips in the spot silver and gold markets are indicative of both manipulation in the global oil market and panicky investors in Europe shifting into U.S. dollar-denominated investments. (The investing outflows from Europe are pushing the U.S. Dollar up, and precious metals down.) With spot silver at around $14.70 per Troy ounce and gold at around $1,090, they are bargains. So, if you already have your beans and bullets squared away, then I strongly recommend diversifying into some pre-1965 circulated silver coins. This is an ideal time to buy silver. Do it NOW. If you wait until October, then you will probably be too late. – JWR

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Stocks are a ‘disaster waiting to happen’: Stockman – B.B.

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BANKERS THREAT: Global Exchanges Continue To Bleed Silver

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GMO founder Grantham says markets ‘ripe for major decline’ in 2016 – G.G

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