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Dutch king declares the end of the welfare state – P.S.

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Firm OPEC And U.S Production Keep Hopes For Higher Oil Prices Down

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The economy chugs along with consumers going into deep credit card debt: Credit card debt surges in top 25 US metro areas according to Equifax data.

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The Insanity that is San Francisco Real Estate: Median home price is 34% higher than previous peak bubble price and stands at $1,360,000. It is ironic that a place that was made unique by lower income artists and free spirits in the 1960s and 1970s is now pushing these people away in place of high income yuppies or suitcase wielding foreign buyers. The tech bubble is alive and well again and overflowing into real estate.

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Connecticut On Its Latest Cash Grab: It’s Not Greed When We Do It – D.S.

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