Economics and Investing:

U.S. Treasury Drops a Bombshell Yesterday: “Quicksilver Markets”. – P.K.

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More QE= More money= More Debt= More Interest/Fee’s= More profit banks= More staff+bonuses= Bigger banks= Bigger fairy tales

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Goldman’s FOMC Post-Mortem – “More Dovish Than Expected” But Hike Coming In September– There is a lot of talk about bad things coming this fall. One thing is for sure, though; if any real rate hike did come in the fall, this economy that is built on cheap money would fall out of bed.

Yellen Admits “Market Valuations Are On The High Side”, Adds “No Comment” On Biotech, Social Media Stocks – While listening to the Yellen press conference, I busted out laughing when I heard this response from Yellen.

What Happened to the Middle-Class American Family?

Fed Won’t Raise Interest Rates This Year: Marc Faber