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Video: China’s Unbelievable Ghost City on the Coast. (JWR’s Comment: This is the sort of malinvestment that a “command driven” economy creates. It is one of more than a dozen ghost cities in China that combined have an estimated 60 million empty apartments. Note that the only flourishing market in the city is the free street market, operated by independent merchants who cannot afford to rent any of the millions of square feet of vacant retail space.)

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I just noticed that spot silver dipped below $19 per troy ounce in NY after-hours trading. I consider that a screaming buy! – JWR

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The $1 Trillion Auto Loan Problem

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From Chocolate to Beer, Shrinkflation Hits the Supermarket . – G.G.

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Not Just Argentina: Other Nations in Debt Doldrums

I Blame The Central Banks – Chris Martenson– Fantastic article put in plain English that is easier for some folks to understand. My personal opinion is that this was not “defective logic” but rather intentional destruction, however, the results are the same.

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