Fire Fight, by J.M.

Fighting Fire

Are you ready for a fire fight? One of the most discussed topics in the “preppersphere” is how to start fires. There are tons of articles, blogs, books, and products geared towards helping you start fires in wilderness or TEOTWAWKI scenarios. However, there’s one aspect of fires that tends to be overlooked—how to put them out when you don’t want them. Every year in the U.S., fires cause thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries, and billions of dollars in damage. And that’s with fully functional fire departments in almost every city, town, and county.

Imagine how much worse the situation will be once fire departments are no longer able to respond and careless angry mobs are running around starting fires to keep warm, cook food, or just enjoy the pretty flames. Most of you reading this are probably at least partially prepared for the … Continue reading

The Mythical Group Retreat: Survival Preparations are Not Like Car Detailing

The mainstream media has recently featured many articles about multi-millionaires buying opulent shelter spaces marketed by companies like The Survival Condo Project and Terra Vivos Reportedly, these swank leased shelter spaces are being gobbled up by the rich and famous. (Important Caveat: Those are just two well-publicized examples among many similar ventures, and I’m not criticizing them, per se. I have serious doubts about the efficacy of all such leased retreat space ventures, if and when things fall apart.)

Survival preparations are not like buying a service, such as car detailing or house painting. You can’t just “have it done” by someone else and expect to actually survive a major disaster to see full restoration of normal day-to-day life. You need to learn these skills for yourself. You need to construct things for yourself, tailor them to your own family’s particular needs, and then maintain them … Continue reading

SurvivalBlog Resources: Retreat Security

Introductory Note: The following is another in a series of articles by JWR that will link to some of the thousands of archived SurvivalBlog articles and letters, grouped topically.

Today, we address the broad issue of retreat security measures.

In my estimation, many preppers have a tendency to over-buy on their gun budget and under-buy on their night vision and intrusion detection budget. I would much rather own just a few guns and have a full complement of other key retreat security gear. After all, humans can’t see well at night with un-aided eyes, and we can’t be vigilant 24 hours a day. Many of the following articles address such gaps in retreat security planning, gear, and training. And some of your most important “gear” might be very low tech or even “no tech”—such as trip flares, bells, and well-trained guard dogs.

Thee following are just a sampling of … Continue reading

Guest Article: A Primer on Tactical Intelligence Collection, by Samuel Culper

Tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires are just three examples of localized and very personal emergency events that we saw last year, and they illustrate the devastation by an event for which there is immediate early warning. We can be alerted to a tornado warning and seek cover. We can vacate our homes in case of flooding or an approaching wildfire. As we deal in the likelihood of SHTF scenarios, the likelihood of natural crisis events is 100%.

However, on a regional or national scale, we’re looking at more unpredictable events for which there is little to no early warning: an electromagnetic pulse, or perhaps a cyber or physical attack on critical infrastructure, or a financial or monetary breakdown that plunges millions into a very real emergency scenario. A cyber attack on the New York Stock Exchange will have no direct effect on your safety, but the second- and third-order effects will … Continue reading

Four Procedures For Survival in Your Camp, by ARD

We recently saw how important it is to uphold 2 Chronicles 7:14. Although we have known that this beloved United States that we call home is not quite so “united”, we have discovered there are more Christians than there are non-Christians. (If God be for us who can be against us!) For some time, the liberals have used the media to be their trumpet or voice, which has made it appear that they are the majority. But I tell you this; I believe that what has occurred recently, with the election of Donald Trump, is that the normal quiet Christian (myself included) has realized that to survive in America we must stand up, voice our Godly opinion, and act and also understand that prayer does change things! Miracles are real, but they do not occur without faith, trust in our Lord, and action or prayer on our part. You can … Continue reading

Letter Re: Harbor Freight Motion Alarm


I have been reading the comments on the Harbor Freight motion alarm in the past few entries. I have had one of these units monitoring my driveway for the last 10 years or so. It works flawlessly. I had an old plug laying around that fit the receiver, so I only use batteries in the monitor. You can see in the attached photos that I spray painted it brown to camouflage the look, although I moved it from a more brown colored tree to a more grey colored one after my neighbor got a dog, which kept setting off the alarm when he was in his front yard. I haven’t gotten around to repainting it, but it is still not that noticeable even with the black zip tie holding it up. When it goes off, my ankle biter dog charges up onto the couch, and her resulting bark tells … Continue reading

Letter Re: Perimeter Security


Regarding the recent articles on perimeter security, I’d like to add my two bits. Get a solar powered motion detector light from Harbor Freight,

Instead of driving the light, have the unit power an HF frequency clock chip like this.

When the security light detects motion, it will power the RF transmitter, sending signals to your HF receiver. All that is needed is the chip, 5.1 volt zener diode with load resistor or 5 v regulator like 7805 or two diodes in series to drop the 6V to 5V just, and an antenna. – MH in Texas

Letter: Inexpensive Perimeter Security for Your House in the Suburbs

Mr. Latimer,

I reside in southern California in a semi-rural area; however, I do live in a housing tract. When SHTF, my concern would be the security surrounding the perimeter of my property. I do live on a corner property, thus, two sides of my property are of concern. I have come up with a plan for security notification when anyone enters my property or even gets close.

I found an inexpensive item at Harbor Freight that will accomplish this notification. The item is an infrared triggered Wireless Security Alert System (Item Number: 93068). The battery operated unit has a range of 400’ from sensor to receiver. The retail price is $13.99; however, there is a savings coupon on Harbor Freight’s site good until 1-2-17 for a unit price of $9.99.

The units are customer rated at 3.8 out of 5.0 with a total of 773 … Continue reading

Letter Re: Air Raid Sirens


I was having dinner with a friend of mine and we were discussing preps and situations with some humor added. I mentioned being “overwhelmed”. He just smirked and said, “I have my air raid siren.” Huh? He smiles and says psy-ops! “If I set off my air raid siren, no matter who you are, you’re going to say, ‘Oh, Schumer, what door did I just open and can I escape it?’. People hear an air raid siren and they immediately think you have an army with a lot of troops coming.” It’s not a bad idea. Here’s what he bought, although you can find smaller versions a lot cheaper. His is sick loud! – DMS

A Life Submerged: The Gray Man Existence, by A. Smith

This article explores concealment and the Gray Man mindset and lifestyle in The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) and survival in contemporary society. The tactics, techniques, and procedures I’ll describe are taken from a military point of view.  It is not intended as an end all. It is merely a perspective on some experiences of deployments in 30 years of service to many backwater countries.  Hopefully my shared experiences will help better understand and prepare you in case something really goes wrong with our economy, natural or man-made disaster, etc. 

Guest Article: Being (Part 4 in Intelligence for Preparedness), by Samuel Culper

This is the fourth and last article in a series about using intelligence for preparedness. I’m starting from square zero in order to introduce a new crop of Americans to the concept of using intelligence, to prove that there’s a need for intelligence, and to get readers quickly up to speed on how to incorporate it into their security planning. For a better foundation, be sure to read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. (And check out the Ultimate ACE Startup Guide, too.)

Brief recap: In the first article, we established that prepared communities need intelligence because they’re going to have blind spots during an emergency or disaster. I recommended writing out a list called Intelligence Requirements. Before we build a house, we need to be organized with the right tools and materials. The … Continue reading

Making Your Home a Castle Hidden in Plain Sight, by B.T.

Many people do not seek professional advice about home security, because there are many do-it-yourself resources available. This, coupled with a handful of common sense, can get you a long way in home fortification. Let’s talk about how to get these upgrades to work together in a synergistic manner that maintains a low profile but increases your security posture.

I have 15 years of military experience, 12 years of law enforcement experience, and four years of experience providing personal security for top U.S. government and foreign officials. I have traveled the world, working with foreign governments, militaries, and police forces. I want to share with you some of things I’ve learned.

The Three Rings

The first time I ever heard about the “three rings” was from the Israelis. The three rings is not a new concept, and you can Google a lot of information about it. In a nutshell, … Continue reading

Letter: Relocation in Advance of SHTF


I always assumed that as long as I was somewhere far far away with a one year supply of food and water, if you just wait it out, then you could have your pick of relocation areas and homes as most of the population would be gone. Am I missing something here? Why go to all the trouble NOW of relocating and setting up the BOL that you might in fact have to abandon, when you can just hunker down with some good paperbacks and videos and wait it out?

HJL’s Comment: The concept of relocating now is designed to improve not just the ability to survive, but your quality of life while surviving. Many of us live in urban/suburban areas because of a job, family, or other reasons. Having a BOL prepped allows you to stay in that location as long as possible (perhaps working a job or … Continue reading

Guest Article: Open Source Intelligence, by Samuel Culper

In light of an election season, economic conditions, and domestic stability particularly vulnerable to disruption, we should examine a distinct possibility. Under Title 10 of the U.S. Constitution (as described in Title 18, USC Section 1385), the President has the authorization to order military forces to support civil authorities and to aid domestic security efforts. These operations are referred to as Military Assistance to Civil Disturbances.

After the Watts Riots of 1965, the U.S. Army drafted a plan for the Defense Department, codenamed Operation Garden Plot. Since then, U.S. Presidents have authorized both regular army and national guard troops to take part in Garden Plot during the 1992 LA Riots, as well as after 9/11. The Garden Plot document notes that:

During domestic civil disturbance operations, federal military forces will confront members of the civil populace participating in group acts of violence antagonistic to authority. These acts can fall anywhere … Continue reading

Five Common Mistakes New Preppers Make and How to Avoid Them- Part 2, by S.M.

Practicing Poor Opsec (continued)

There are a lot of different ways to see if a person is receptive to prepping or whether they are sheep. Help those who ask for your help or are interested in becoming prepared. I actually put together an easy 30 day pantry list and have been asked for a copy by several people shortly after the “winter weather” discussion I mentioned earlier. They can easily grow from there on their own. Some other great topics that you can work around to a preparedness conversation that I like to use are:

  • Civil Unrest. Everyone is discussing and following politics right now, and I frequently hear people who worry about riots, civil unrest, and martial law.
  • The Economy. More people than I would have originally thought are concerned about the markets being artificially propped up or skewed data from the BLM. Many times these conversations … Continue reading