After The SHTF, What Will Be Your Role?, by B.H.

After the SHTF, will you contribute to rebuilding or just surviving? Let’s first assume you and yours have survived and are relatively safe on a homestead with enough water, fuel, food and shelter during the major event. Think Puerto Rico! You’ve gone months, not days and not weeks, without electricity. Also consider you are in a rural location. Government agencies will direct all and any major resources to heavy populated areas once the “event” is over.

I view this time after as the most challenging. Most books on surviving the event suggest being self sufficient and living in a rural area away from the Golden Hordes. We have made that jump from the suburbs and are working on becoming self sufficient in a rural location.

Many times in SurvivalBlog, there are recommendations for Preppers to earn income/barter abilities via skills when the grid goes down and the trucks stop running. … Continue reading

On Corruption, by Sheepdog and Son

This article deals with the different levels of corruption within our society, and I’m dedicating it to US Army Colonel Dave Grossman, author of the book On Killing amongst others. I feel it is important to address these issues, for the sake of survival.

As a preface, I can state that I am a military member who thus far has served with distinction. My immediate family is small, including a young son, who I hold very dear. I am a prepper, a realist, survivalist, and a patriot. I do indeed have my own prepping group as well, which I have started from the bottom up, with people I trust.

Example of Corruption

I will begin with an example of corruption. Then, I’ll break down its many levels.

I recently came across these images a few months ago and was shocked. Designed by sculptor Pericle Fazzini, it … Continue reading

After Action Report On Hurricane Irma, by Florida Dave

hurricane Irma

The Prep Prepping

Our prepping to deal with Hurricane Irma was done in a series of steps based on the probability of a strike affecting my area. I wrote about this in a previous article posted on SuvivalBlog. My preps for a Hurricane started two weeks prior when I notice a storm taking a track towards Cuba and local meteorologists saying, “We need to watch this one.” I had recently completed a quick inventory and tested the generator, lanterns, and camping stove. So my two week prior check was done, or so I thought.

Pre-Labor Day Preliminary Prepping

On the Thursday before the Labor weekend, August 31, Irma was tracking towards Cuba and ten days out. It was then that I did the following:

  • Checked my supplies.
  • Purchased 30 gallons of fuel in 5-gallon cans for use with the generator and cars. (I added 4oz of Continue reading

  • The Legislative Entrepreneur: Investing in Some Key AR Parts

    TacCon 3MR trigger

    Binary Triggers In Your Future?

    The recent terrorist attack in Las Vegas is spurring Federal lawmakers to introduce new legislation. These laws would ban any device or combination of parts that can “accelerate” the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm. This includes bumpfire stocks, Gat Crank triggers, Autoburst trigger, Hellfire and other gadget triggers, binary triggers, light match grade triggers, and 3 mode triggers. Sadly, the U.S. National Rifle Association (NRA) gave up on this issue without a fight less than a week after the tragic massacre.  This means that there is now a strong likelihood that some legislation will be passed within a month. Once passed, I suspect that it will be signed by President Trump and possibly go into effect on or before January 1st, 2018. The clock is ticking, folks!

    In my blog writings, I’ve often mentioned the futility of  so-called “gun control” … Continue reading

    Letter: The Three Greatest Threats To Our Mutual Survival

    I Robot

    To The Readers,

    Artificial intelligence (AI), nuclear war, and economic collapse; represent the greatest threats to our survival as human beings.


    If we continue on our present path, computers will be able to out-think us. Every battle will be lost to an opponent that is smarter than us.

    Nuclear Devastation

    Alternatively, a hot-headed dictator may lose their cool, and may fire his nuclear arsenal upon humanity. This could [trigger a general exchange] leading us all to extinction.

    Economic Collapse

    Even economic collapse would devastating. We would struggle amongst ourselves for basic necessities.

    I have heard several arguments concerning all three of these:

    • Perhaps “artificial intelligence” will be our savior, meaning all of humanity’s woes will be solved. At the expense of our free will, and subservience to the new master, AI. We will have become jellyfish.
    • A limited nuclear war would only create a partial collapse of our … Continue reading

    Guest Article: Considerations for Night Operations- Part 4, by Max Alexander

    Yesterday, I talked about the technology behind night vision and combined thermal/IR devices as well as what should and should not be mounted on your rifle. I also wrote about when to use head mounted night vision. Now, let’s continue a little further with the idea of head mounted night vision and use of night vision in conflicts as we conclude this article series.

    How To Mount Night Vision Monocular To Head

    The question often comes up of how to mount your night vision monocular to your head. The provided “skull crusher” is not popular. The most effective way to mount this device is on a helmet. But no one wants to wear or carry a helmet. There are a couple of options. You can wear a “bump style” ProTech or airsoft knockoff tactical helmet, which will comfortably mount the night vision … Continue reading

    Guest Article: Considerations for Night Operations- Part 3, by Max Alexander

    Yesterday, I shared about the use of illumination flares and what to do when caught in one as well as began discussing the use of night vision in a patrol situation.

    Night Vision Technology

    Now, let’s talk a little bit about the night vision technology. Your standard night vision devices, such as the PVS-14, are image intensifiers. This means that they amplify ambient light to produce the familiar green image. (Now, you can get white image versions.) On a lighter night they work better, on a darker night not so good. This is because they magnify the available light. These are passive devices, in that they do not generate anything that can be picked up by an observer. They are equipped with an IR flashlight, which can be used to covertly illuminate a small area.

    However, use of the IR flashlight device is an active measure … Continue reading

    Triggers, Tipping Points, and Black Swans, by Coast Ranger

    Black Swans

    Letting Others Know The Status Quo Won’t Hold

    The purpose of this contribution is to indicate how one might approach letting others know that the status quo will not hold. It is based upon my own efforts.

    There is a tendency for people to focus upon “big picture” or mass hysteria items, like North Korea and now Nazis, that might impact the future to the exclusion of the many other things that are less transparent or obvious but still extremely important. The following list of triggers, tipping points, and black swans is based upon a handout or a lecture I gave at my local Grange. I am my Grange’s lecturer, which is one of the elected offices.

    With the exception of a few items below, all of the items are concerns raised by other writers and are readily available on the Internet. However, it is important to use the right … Continue reading

    My Recent Experience Bugging Into A Disaster- Part 2, by J.W.


    Travel Prepared- Non-Lethal and Sidearms

    I always travel prepared for whatever may happen. I am older, and while still in good shape, my fight rounds are probably down to less than a minute before I get worn out (comes with age), so I travel prepared to personally defend myself and those with me in any situation. As always, situational awareness is first and foremost. On short trips, I prepare by carrying both non-lethal protection and sidearms. On long trips (my long trips average 2500 miles round trip), I carry additional long guns that are purpose minded and a reasonable amount of ammo.

    I can not stress enough, should the world decide to go south and you find yourself on the interstate a thousand miles from where you would prefer to be, you simply must err on the side of that one in a million chance that you need to be … Continue reading

    My Recent Experience Bugging Into A Disaster- Part 1, by J.W.


    I had a recent experience of traveling into a situation where everyone else was leaving due to Hurricane Irma. I learned some valuable lessons during the process.

    Homes in Both Florida and Midwest

    My home is in Florida, and my bug out location is in the Midwest. I spend most of my time during the summer at the BOL due to the climate, the gardening opportunities, and most of all the simple peace and quiet living. Two weeks ago, Hurricane Irma was seven days out in the Atlantic and on a track that may bring it closer to Florida. When this happens, it’s time to load up needed items and travel home to secure everything and also to be there for the aftermath if there is anything to clean up and repair.

    My Florida home is a log home. It’s well built to withstand the winds of a hurricane, but … Continue reading

    Letter Re: Irma – After Action Report

    Hurricane Harvey


    As Alfred E. Neuman say’s, “What? Me worry?” I live in North Central Florida, so usually by the time a hurricane reaches us, it’s dwindled in strength. Having read Mr. Rawl’s blog for many years, I do prepare. Oddly, this time around, employers let most of the employees leave work Friday, even though the event wasn’t expected until sometime on Saturday. It ended up being later. Guess hurricanes work on their own schedule.

    Friday, I went to Walmart to do some last minute stock ups. Tarps were gone. Water was gone. Camp stoves were gone. Batteries were still in stock, but the bread and milk aisles were gone, and tape (for windows) was mostly gone.

    People were moving north. Gas stations were doing a brisk business. By Saturday there was an element of fear among travelers you could almost taste. Businesses were mostly closed.

    Sunday night/Monday morning Irma rocked … Continue reading

    Letter: Thoughts on Prepping, Harvey & Irma

    Irma Evac


    Thanks in part to my experience learned from living through Hurricane Dolly years ago and also thanks to this Blog my family and I were mainly prepared by the time Harvey hit. ( We live in the Houston Metro Area). We shared our knowledge with neighbors and like everything else, some listened, some asked for help and info and some…well…they already knew everything. We came through everything very well. However a few things stand out:

    Earthquake and Power Out Experience in the Philippines- Part 1, by S.B.

    Philippine Earthquake

    This was my experience with a mild earthquake and a power outage in the Philippines. Amazingly nothing was damaged by the quake. I expected some things to tip over. Latest reports say it was a 6.5 quake. The epicenter was about 15 miles away. It was stronger than other quakes I have experienced here in the past eight years. Also, immediately after the main quake, there was a long slow side to side rocking motion for several seconds. I never felt that before. We also had 10 or more aftershocks. A local man who is about 50 said it was the strongest quake he has ever felt in town.

    Generator and Fuel

    Generator and Fuel Status Upon Event

    At the time, I had two 5-gallon containers of gas and half a tank in my generator. I needed to get one empty 5-gallon can filled, but I … Continue reading

    Survival To Go, Revisited- Part 4, by JMD


    We have revisited my survival supplies carried on the go in travel, by airplane or otherwise. It’s been an extensive list. Now, let’s look at how we might use these in a survival scenario.

    Survival Scenario

    So let’s take a look at how this kit can support you in a potential travel survival scenario. Let’s say you’re traveling on business in New York City when the power goes out. You pull out your radio and start scanning to figure out what’s going on. You hear bits and pieces on various Ham, CB, and radio channels. Suddenly, you realize that a massive coordinated terrorist attack using explosives has apparently occurred. They’ve taken out the power grid for big chunks of the U.S. Experts are saying it’ll be weeks or even months before power can be fully restored.

    You realize that in a day or two people will start panicking, looting, and … Continue reading

    Survival To Go, Revisited- Part 3, by JMD


    Today, we are continuing with the revised list of items to carry for survival when traveling, carrying a pack on a flight or otherwise. We are in the midst of going through the content of the main zippered backpack compartment. We’ve covered solar panels, light shelter, lighting, clothing, water, food/energy, and now we’re moving on down the list.

    Main Zippered Backpack Compartment (continued)

    • “Repair” pouch (because something always breaks when you’re traveling):
      • Assorted sizes of zip ties, including reusable ones, twist-tied together.
      • 8′ of regular paracord
      • 6′ of steel wire
      • 20’ of 400lb Kevlar line
      • 20′ of 1″ Gorilla tape, rolled onto a small dowel (also useful for medical repairs)
      • Gear Aid Tenacious Tapefor Fabric Repair – This stuff is fantastic for making “low visibility” waterproof repairs on almost any kind of fabric.
      • 3′ of rubber … Continue reading