Guest Article: More About Oral Rehydration Solutions, by ShepherdFarmerGeek

Editor’s Introductory Proviso: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t give medical advice. Mentions of any medicine or medical treatment is for informational purposes only and are in no way endorsed or accredited by, or its principals. is not responsible for the use or misuse of any product … Continue reading

Letter: New Madrid Danger Explained

Dear Editor, I am a Geologist. I wanted to give the short answer as to why the New Madrid Fault complex is dangerous. And this IS the short answer. It is Still Active and always will be. Central-Cratonic faults never completely de-stresses. New Madrid quakes Destroyed the Pre-Colombian Mississippi Mound … Continue reading

Earthquake Preparedness for Preppers, by Janet C.

Prepper fever has gripped the nation!  While I can find no exact numbers on how many of us there are, public awareness is gaining momentum. The National Geographic Channel has a television show on the subject, which showcases some of the most colorful preppers in the United States, and their approach … Continue reading

Letter Re: Disasters and the Dreaded Multigenerational Scenario

Dear Jim, We have already seen how the largely bankrupt USA has dealt with the Hurricane Katrina disaster. New Orleans remains partially empty and its population is much lower. Those who had any money left when the hurricane was announced to hit. If they returned, it was to recover a … Continue reading

Letter Re: Your Earthquake Audit

Mr. Rawles: The recent article about conducting a home earthquake audit reminds me of a preparedness step that I took: A little over a year ago I saw an automatic gas shutoff valve displayed at a professional plumbing store. After looking in the cutaway demonstration  valve , I inquired about … Continue reading

Letter Re: Earthquake Resistant Residential Architecture

Hello James: Attached is an e-mail I sent to my daughter.  Her boyfriend is from Honduras and she dreams of doing missionary work there.  I thought it may be of interest to some of your readership.  I left out a great deal of information on building site selection (her boyfriend … Continue reading

Your Earthquake Audit, by M.B.S.

We are survivalists who live on a hobby farm within The American Redoubt. In the 23 years we have lived in this region I have yet to feel the ground shake beneath my feet. That’s welcome news speaking as a former Californian who has been through two “big ones”. Yet, … Continue reading

Letter Re: Earthquake Retrofit an Old House

Hi Jim, Living in an area that’s earthquake prone and overdue for a large one, I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching ways to limit any damage that we might experience in our home.  In 1994 the Northridge earthquake and the resulting fires were the cause for the creation … Continue reading

Earthquake Retrofit an Old House, by Greg E.

2011 was a year of deadly and devastating tornados, and an earthquake that shook the east coast.  One of the largest tornados hit a suburb in my county in the Birmingham Alabama area. We are also only one state over from the New Madrid earthquake zone that starts in the … Continue reading

Three Related Disasters (Part 3), by Joe Refugee From Tokyo

After the first few days, it was possible to get some idea of what had happened. The initial numbers of fatalities had been fairly low, and it was hard to know how many had survived in the coastal towns. As the phone systems and many roads there were devastated, a … Continue reading