Ten Tips for Going Off-Grid, by A.U.

Off grid living

My husband and I recently bought a piece of property with some family members in the hope of transitioning to off-grid living. For those who might not be familiar with the concept, going off-grid means creating a lifestyle that does not rely on public utilities (water, electricity, et cetera).

There are many different reasons people choose to go off-grid. Some of the most popular reasons are:

  • to decrease environmental impact,
  • to prepare for disaster, or
  • a desire to be independent and self-sustained.

We jumped into our endeavor with almost no knowledge or experience. We have had to learn some things the hard way. While I would not trade the experience for anything, there are some things that I wish we had known from the start. Here is a list of tips I can offer to help make the transition to off-grid living a bit easier.

Preparedness Notes for Friday – May 26, 2017

SurvivalBlog Notes

SurvivalBlog Non-Fiction Writing Contest

We are still looking for articles for the SurvivalBlog Non-Fiction Writing Contest. If you’ve been wanting a shot at the $11,000+ worth of prizes, now is your chance! We will consider just about any article from your experience, but How-To articles get preference in the judging. If you have an idea that your thinking about, write it up and send it in. If you are looking for some possible writing subjects, here are a few to consider:

  • Family Fallout Protection
  • Non-Traditional Gardening Crops and Techniques
  • 2 Meter Radio Basics
  • Understanding VPN and Choosing The Right Service
  • The Best Prepper Fiction in Books and Movies
  • How to Drive a Sand Point Well
  • Assembling Your Gunsmithing Tool Chest
  • The Most Overlooked Preps
  • Stockpiling Barter Items — Your “Thinking Outside the Box “List
  • Being Ready for Home Plumbing Emergencies
  • How to Maximize (and Organize) … Continue reading

Get Home Bag for Teenagers- Part 3, by N.R.

Get Home Bag

We’ve talked about the important of a Get Home Bag for Teenagers in a crisis situation and the basic necessities for this bag in the previous two parts of this article. Now, in this last part of the article, I began to tell you about the secondary elements that could still be critical in some situations. I left off on knives, in particular a larger sheathed knife.

Larger Sheathed Knife (continued)

Now, I want to stress one thing before we go on. Pulling out a weapon, such as a knife, in a fight with another person should be a last resort. If you do this during a disaster situation where law enforcement still exists, you can get in a lot of trouble if you end up seriously injuring your attacker or killing them. If it isn’t apparent you pulled it in self-defense, you could be charged with murder and sent … Continue reading

Get Home Bag for Teenagers- Part 2, by N.R.

Get Home Bag


We looked at one scenario where a Get Home Bag would be critical for teenagers away from home when an emergency occurred. While there are many types of bags that will work, expensive bags are not necessary. We have already looked at the bag itself. So let’s now move on to the other critical elements, the interesting part, which are the things to go inside the bag.


Not MREs or Canned Food

Now, I’m going to say something so we can get this straight from the start. I would not recommend packing MREs Why? They are simply too expensive. They weigh too much and take up a great deal of space. While less expensive, the same goes for canned food. And you simply don’t want a bag that is too heavy to carry long distances or potentially hazardous to your health. I mean, … Continue reading

Get Home Bag for Teenagers- Part 1, by N.R.

Get Home Bag

Imagine you are a teenager out at your friend’s house. Image you are playing video games, the latest Call of Duty game of the franchise. You are having a very good time. It’s a little after six o’clock, but your curfew isn’t for another three hours. Suddenly, without warning, the TV and the PlayStation on which you’re playing cut off. The lights in the room go out as well. The entire house goes dark. You think initially that the circuit breaker may have gone out or that the power in the neighborhood may be out temporarily, again. After all, your friend lives in an old neighborhood. Without any particular reason, you and your friend check your phones and discover they are both dead. Oddly, his battery powered digital alarm is dead as well.

You go out into the living room and discover that all the … Continue reading

Building Or Purchasing Your New Country Property – Part 2, by S.T.


After our move across the country and decision to purchase rather than build our new country property, we had some work ahead of us. Our home was more than 30 years old and needed considerable work. In this section of the article, we continue to review the improvements made and plans for the future.

Year 3 Property Improvements (cont.)

New Flooring and Wall Storage

The floor was updated and unused space appropriated. The original lino floors were replaced with new tile floors. The back wall of the kitchen had not been used. I installed four open shelves with the bottom shelf just above the height of my bulk food storage buckets. These shelves now hold all of the food that had once been stored in the linen closet and a basement storage room.

Remodel Efficiency On A Budget

All of the kitchen remodel was completed in just eight days. (The … Continue reading

Building Or Purchasing Your New Country Property – Part 1, by S.T.


Our Journey

We left the Peoples Republic of Kommiefornia in 2013 for the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with a list of the minimum requirements for our new county property. After making this journey of more than 2,300 miles to start the second half of our lives, we opted to purchase a home rather than build one. Our decision was mainly due to time issues and the discovery of a house within one mile and on the same country road that my aging father and step-mother lived on.

What we left:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 baths
  • 1400 sq. ft.
  • California city lot
  • over $4,000.00 per year in property taxes
  • 3 car garage
  • over $500.00 per year car registration on a 2010 car
  • over $200.00 per year car registration on a 2001 truck
  • no mineral rights
  • Town population of 130,000
  • County population of 360,000

What we wanted:

Why a Handout Gun?, by D.B.

handout gun

A handout gun is an inexpensive carbine and/or pistol given to someone who arrives at your home during societal collapse without one. The required criterion for this tool is that it be simple to operate, reliable, and reasonably priced. If you don’t have them in a rack waiting, then you do not fully comprehend what you must do in order to be prepared for TEOTWAWKI or WROL times.

Who Will Show Up At Your Retreat?

Family and friends will show up at your retreat. That will come unless they fall prey to a wild pack violence event on the way to your retreat. Who else will show up at your retreat? Straight up refugees will seek shelter with you also. Can you definitively predict this? What about your buddy from work? A refugee doctor or dentist? A Soldier that was on his way home for leave? … Continue reading

Journey To Self Prepping, The Long Hard Way, by B.H.

Prepping retreat

Our journey towards prepping began approximately five years ago when my husband handed me a book called Patriots. Needless to say, he had been collecting all kinds of of things prior to my reading the book.

Husband a Firearms Instructor, Competitive Shooter, and Woodworker

My husband participated in many shooting competitions over the years and was a primary firearms instructor while in the military. He developed his skills and won many competitions. Then, he began reloading even to the point of making his own lead bullets from old wheel weights. He also had a full woodworking shop in our basement.

It seems “Enough!”

was the primary income provider and at times was not pleased with some of his purchases, as they seemed excessive. This did cause problems, because I began to complain, saying “Enough!”.

Prepping on a Budget- Part 3, by The Newbie

Prepping on a Budget

This article series is written to help people prep on a budget because an economic collapse is coming. Many people new to prepping struggle with where to begin. This article offer many ideas. We’ve covered a lot already, but there is more in this final part.

Oil and Fats

I haven’t done this yet, but I read you may can shortening. Oil has such a short shelf life before it goes rancid. If things really fall apart and you can’t eat without being totally self sufficient, you will use it all. I might try to use a food saver and canning jars for storing oils. I’d make sure they stay in the dark. Everything I’ve read gives us only a year or two with cooking oils.

Most people don’t know how to render fat. Those people who’ve hunted their whole lives might know, but I’m … Continue reading

Prepping on a Budget- Part 2, by The Newbie

Prepping on a Budget

Costco Membership

Costco’s price for organic flour and bulk quality foods is unbeatable. However, the other things listed below are much less expensive at the regular warehouse. The Business Center carries both the higher gluten organic flour that is better for breads (red wheat) and the lower gluten/protein flour that is better for cakes muffins and pastries (soft winter wheat). I would buy these in addition to storing whole grains. It helps with your overall budget. Depending on how much you spend, it may benefit you to get an Executive Membership. If you have the money, it behooves you to do this regardless. If your rebate doesn’t come to what you invest in it, they will refund the difference. The membership prices are increasing by $20 in June. If you don’t have one now, it would be beneficial to invest in membership this month.

Costco Coupons

Costco runs coupons every … Continue reading

Prepping on a Budget- Part 1, by The Newbie

Prepping on a Budget

It’s good to prep on a budget, as economic collapse is coming. I believe many people are new to emergency preparedness. It is hard enough to come up with the funds to get a good start of just having enough food for your family and yourself. That’s alot without all of the things you need for a bug out bag, cache, and all the tools to be self sufficient. We would need a homestead and a thousand other things, if we were without modern convinces and technology. We take so much for granted, including that we can just run to pick things up at the grocery store. For those of us newer to prepping, preparing is all quite overwhelming.

Certain Economic Collapse

The economic collapse isn’t like a “possible” Y2K thing. It is 100% for sure going to happen. The question is when. It is going to start when our debt clock hits 20 trillion. Forecasters have more firmly established the date as 2021. This means we are running out of time. We don’t have to just worry about the dollar being worthless. We need to realize we could very well face hyper inflation. So being prepared, even if order is kept, is critical… Continue reading

Krav Maga – Militarized MMA, By krav maga practitioner

Krav Maga

Krav Maga  allows fast competency

Let me begin by stating that any martial art training is a good training. However, some martial arts take many years or repeating the same form until the repetition is perfect. And sparring in many (not all) martial arts is frequently with someone of the same size and power level with many rules to keep it a fair fight.


Krav Maga was originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli military.  to quickly train their new military. Imi Lichenfeld initially based the training on his experiences fighting fascist groups prior to WW2. Krav Maga is constantly evolving. It is now based loosely on many martial arts, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Akido, and Ju Jitsu/BJJ. Krav Maga uses the most efficient aspects of other martial arts… Continue reading

Where To Start Prepping, by S.H.

Prepping pantry start

If you are reading this, you are probably like many people trying to get a grasp on “prepping” and a general idea of what you need to do or not do to start prepping. If you’re reading articles in this blog then you are doing one of the first steps in the “prepper” lifestyle. You are educating yourself. Make no mistake, that is one of the most important steps. Now I’m no expert by any means, but I have been down this road. I’m going to give a few tips to at least help get you started in the right direction.


Again, if you are reading this you are well into this step. There is truth in the statement that knowledge is power. There are books, articles, YouTube videos, and blogs on any range of topics that you could remotely be interested in. So, finding information on weapons, medical … Continue reading

Experiencing Anaphylaxis, by Breathing Better Now

Signs of anaphylaxis

This year, I dealt with anaphylaxis and it really clarified some issues with our prepping. Though I have been a prepper most of my life, I didn’t realize that was what I was until eight years ago. Most of the prepping that I did was food storage. I did it for stewardship not prepping for the zombie apocalypse. I would buy supplies in large quantities when they were at “rock bottom”, once-a-year sale prices. Each time an item we used would be on sale, I would buy as many as I could afford and use before the expiration date. My wakeup call was the 2008 presidential election. I still remember sitting in disbelief at the outturn of the vote. Confused, concerned, and motivated, I did not see much hope for the future of my country or my children. After a few weeks of shock, I decided to take action.

A local group

I started researching all things prepping. Continue reading