Book Review: Ankara Fever: Journeys

Ankara Fever: Journeys (Volume 1) ©2013 Brian S. Vinson available on Amazon Kindle or print ISBN: 978-1494377496
I recently read this novel and it made me think it might be a great book for those in our community who are trying to ‘wake up’ friends and family who are simply unwilling to wake up without a swift kick to the pants.
First off, Ankara Fever: Journeys is a book based on what would happen if a major pandemic broke out.  It follows two couples on their separate journeys to the same place.  One couple is Roger and Jennifer.  He is a disaster planning expert and professor.  They are caught in an airport with only what they’ll let you take on a plane – not much.  The airport gets locked down by the National Guard (not giving away too much here), and they have to plan an escape.  Roger and Jennifer work together to try to make it to Texas, where Roger can get his son and make it to their bug out location.
The other couple is Corey and Ashley.  Corey is Roger’s son and Ashley is a former star student of Roger’s.  They start off in the same town and she takes on the chore of getting Corey (who never listened to his dad) ready to bug out while avoiding – or dealing with – those who are lesser prepared and roaming the streets looking for an easy score.
There are a lot of survival tips within the story, from building fires to disaster planning for those of us who are ‘awake’.  For those who are not, it is an engaging story that draws them in and may make them think about things in a new way.  Though there are a few typos here and there, it is a well-written story with believable characters and a storyline that really could happen today.  From trying to outrun the deadly virus, to keeping one step ahead of the overly zealous militia, it is a fast paced, intense story.  I think if is great for the prepper and the non-prepper alike. – Linda H.

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