The Beginning of the End, by Todd

An event occurred last week that I want, or more accurately need, to share with others. For me, this feels like a five-alarm warning bell on steroids going off. To my wife and the few friends that I shared this with, it is not a big deal; they just gave me another one of those “Yup, that wouldn’t have happened in the ‘90s” type of reactions. Maybe I’m an alarmist; maybe I’m not. I am just reporting, however, the facts and will let you decide for yourself if there is any revelation in my experience.

About Myself

Before I go into the details, let me briefly tell you about myself so you can understand my context, worldview, and perspective. I am a forty-something Bible-believing Christian, a libertarian conservative, and a prepper. Additionally, I have too many letters after my name to be of much practical help in the event of TEOTWAWKI. While I wish and fantasize about moving back to a small rural community in the heart of the Redoubt, amongst like-minded people, and being able to live self-sufficiently, that is not my calling. Rather I spend approximately 60 percent of the year overseas, am easily found on the Internet and in government and commercial databases, and look, at least on paper, very much like those who would not survive TEOTWAWKI.

Because of work and extensive travel, I have credit cards. The primary card I use was issued by a major U.S.-based bank. I also have this same bank’s credit card issued in Canada and the UK. There is a small checking account attached to the U.S. card where I keep less than $5,000 in case of an emergency while traveling.

Five-Alarm Event

So, here is the event that unfolded and caused such alarm. It gave me the sense that it was a five-alarm warning.

Credit Card Used Believed Fraudulent

Last week, while at home in the U.S., I ordered Chinese takeout for $20 and paid with this card. After I used it, I received the usual text message and was asked “Do you recognize this charge?” I replied “Y,” for yes, and went on with my day. I used my card later that day, and it was declined. I contacted the bank and was told that my card was used fraudulently (for the Chinese food) and they needed to send me a text to verify my identity. They tried to send a message to my mobile phone; the same number that was associated with my account for years, the same number I was calling from, and the same phone number they had texted me on earlier in the day.

Wouldn’t Send Message To My Phone Under Wife’s Name

The native English-speaking representative in the Carolinas who I spoke with explained that the computer wouldn’t send the message because my mobile phone was listed under my wife’s name, who shares the same last name. He said the computer would only accept a number under my name and in a postpaid account (i.e., no prepaid accounts or burner phones). I explained to him it was a family plan, but he apologetically said people in the fraud department, couldn’t, even if they wanted to, override the computer.

Said Would Send Link in Email

He said he’d have to send me a link to upload a copy (front and back) of my government identification, social security card, and utility bill. I asked to close the account instead. He said the computer wouldn’t let him do this while there was a lock on my account. He was trying to be helpful and suggested I comply because after 30 days the computer closes the account automatically and reports it to credit bureaus as fraud. He mentioned, and I believe correctly, that this would cascade and cause problems with my other accounts, including my non-credit card checking/savings accounts. He said he would send me a link in email.

Finally Able to Upload Identity Info But Computer Rejected

I waited several days, but the link didn’t show up. So I called again. This time I reached a fraud expert in the bank’s Guatemalan-based call center. She said the computer wouldn’t send the link to the email address on file because it was a ProtonMail email address; the computer would only send the link to “real” email addresses (e.g., hotmail, gmail, yahoo, iCloud, et cetera). I gave her my old gmail address. She sent the link, and the link arrived. I uploaded my U.S. passport (front and back), social security card (front and back), and electric bill. Then I waited. After four days, I called the bank again. This time, however, I reached a Philippines-based call center. I spent two hours with two different people, only to be told that the computer rejected my identity information. They finally transferred me to a native English-speaking representative in New York.

App Installed Because Computer Prefers Driver’s License

This gentlemen was apologetic too and said the computer was very picky, but he said this was necessary for my protection. He sent me an app to install on my phone. He said the computer doesn’t like passports but prefers driver’s license. The app scanned the front and back of my driver’s license while he was on the phone with me. The computer didn’t like the first four scans. One was too close, one too far away, one was on too light a background, and the other was on too dark a background. Finally, the computer accepted my driver’s license.

Told This Protects the Customer

The representative responded that the computer liked this one, meaning his system was successfully able to scan my identification, perform OCR on it, and compare it to a driver’s license database all in real time. The representative was relieved and happy, explaining that the computer allowed for only five tries, and then locked me out permanently. At that point, he said, the only remedy was getting notarized affidavits and fingerprint scans. I thanked him for his help and asked if many people are upset over this. He replied, “Not a one! People love this. In fact, I spend 95% of my day just verifying new accounts because we have so much new business over this feature. There are a lot of bad guys out there, and this protects the customer in a huge way.”

What If

As I hung up the phone, my mind was a blur with thoughts and frustrations over this ten-day ordeal. What if I needed the money or the credit before the computer could verify that I am who I say I am? What if I hadn’t “passed” the last scan?

I’m fairly relentless and resilient and would have involved my attorney next, but what if this was my grandmother or my autistic nephew? What would they have done?

A Second Round of Thoughts Flooded Mind

Then in another second, another round of thoughts flooded my mind. I thought about Chinese social media scores, artificial intelligence, texting as the primary way to pay bills in Africa, the TSA using facial recognition, the rise of the machines in the Terminator film, the elimination of cash in Sweden, iOS 12 issuing a trust score based on the number of texts and emails you send and receive, et cetera.

An “Ah-Hah” Moment

I then had an “ah-hah” moment, or to be more bold, I think the Holy Spirit spoke to me. This is how they are going to do it. This is the beginning of the end. To me, “they” in this instance refers to the anti-Christ and/or his minions that Revelation 13:16-17 discusses. For those unfamiliar with this idea, the Biblical text reads:

[The mark also] causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. (ESV)

For others, the “they” could be a totalitarian government or the military-industrial complex or UFOs coming to enslave humanity. Regardless, I think it is safe to assume that “they” are a bad actor and that they have bad intentions for humanity.

Technology Exists To Prevent Commerce

I raise many issues in this article that could take us down many rabbit holes. I suggest, however, that the primary takeaway from this article is that the technology currently exists and is in commercial use that could prevent us from being able to buy and sell, engage in commerce, and who knows what else.

I think this former bank is just the forerunner of this trend as the bank also offered to pay for my tax preparation software last year as long as I’d let the preparer share my data with them. But I have noticed that even my local credit union, when they upgraded their computer system last month, now generate security challenge questions based off my credit report, and I have had an account there for years, never applying for a loan or credit card. Clearly they are communicating with one or more credit bureau regarding my checking and savings account.

Customers Clamoring For More of It

It might be different if people are actively resisting this technology, but according to the last person I spoke to at this former bank, they are not. Instead customers are clamoring for more of it. Can you imagine how much more these same customers will want a time-saving and secure chip that resides in a hand or forehead so you never have to worry about carrying cash, identification, a car, or wallet again?

With the craziness and social decline that we’re seeing in society at this moment, I believe strongly that such a system could become the norm quickly, if the political will aligned with the current will of the big banks and Silicon Valley.

Soliciting Thoughts on How We Respond

Therefore, I am soliciting your thoughts on how we respond to this looming threat. Until then, I suggest that we all watch, wait, prepare, and pray.

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  1. Since you answered the query “Y” meaning you recognized the Chinese food charge, why was your card declined later in the day? Did the bank not believe you because the phone was in your wife’s name?

    I would not have a credit card nor a bank account if I could figure out a way to manage it. I guess it’s just too convenient…when it works.

  2. I have similar issues when leaving comments on web sites like this one… If I use a secure browser, like Tor, or I use my normal e-mail address instead of an e-mail address on one of the big data collecting sites… my comments get rejected and never appear on the published page.

    Cash is king… for now. The future is likely to be quite different than we ever imagined.

  3. Interesting article. Not only is this a trend on the horizon, it’s already here. The Brave New World as foreseen by numerous strategic visionaries and predicted in the Bible, is presenting itself as a helpful ally, but it’s really quite frightening. I still remember three years ago looking up something on the internet at work on a DOD encrypted network and then seeing ads for the same item on my home computer later that night. AI and robotics are going to change everything.

    The populace has been systematically dumbed down over the last decades to the point where there are barely any analytical brain cells left on earth. The inexorable nature of “progress”, the sure and certain presence of evil actors in the highest places, and my lifetime of observing human nature, are the basis of why I formulated and executed my plan to relocate to the American redoubt. Watching the successful leftist advances all around the world can make for a depressing frame of mind, but at least here I am living around natural allies in a place that will be impacted on a slower time frame, and hopefully less dramatically. I fought the good fight right in the belly of the beast for decades, but there is a time to fall back and regroup. Hiding in plain sight….

  4. We all need to get out of debt and use cash. The look and shape of cash might change but trading will always remain a means to an end.
    Todd rightly identifies that we need the Word of God.

    Proverbs 27:12 does give me inspiration and direction in how I choose to proceed.

  5. We are almost there. The next step is to make it impossible or unacceptable to use cash. After that a little consolidation and standardization of these “security” systems and “they” will not only be able to freeze you out, but also to eliminate your life’s wealth with a few strokes on a keyboard. Who is “they”? Not the well meaning pimply faced kids in cubicals lacking authority to make reasonable corrections to the computer programed responses, nor the white collar managers that should be able to. “They” are power hungry tyrants (big or small, individuals or organizations) who always seek out and find the systems methods and tools available to exploit and enslave. Once I had high hope for the natural rebelliousness of youth, unfortunately it seems young people are becoming more conformist.

    1. Old John you are so right….. We are soooo close and everyone needs to have themselves financially ready
      Holy Spirit told me this same exact thing about a year ago as well and has confirmed it to me countless times
      Great article

  6. I have been in a similar situation with a credit card. Traveling out of state, I used the credit card I use the most and it was rejected. Since I was traveling and was dependent on that card I was in bit of jam. I carry emergency cash so I was able to continue my travels but could do nothing else. This article scares the heck out of me. I do not trust all my personal information/life being shared so freely over the digital world. I have thought many times how I like devices but they know where I am and what I am doing 24/7.

  7. Although I have and occasionally use a credit card, I prefer cash transactions. I usually give a cash discount for my products so I generally have a bunch of cash on hand. I understand if you traveled all over the world all the time living on a credit card would probably be the way to go. Of course that makes me so uncomfortable I have figured out a way to make a living at home. It’s all about choices, I made mine and chose not to leave myself vulnerable to electronic banking problems. Cash in hand works for me!

  8. I read a book in the 80’s, can’t remember the author, that talked about a barcode stamped in your hand being the mark of the beast. It was a very compelling read and scary when I was still in my late teens. Now the idea has advanced to a computer chip serving the same purpose. I’m certainly not ruling out the idea that governments around the world would embrace this technology as they seek to end cash based transactions, however, I read a very good point a while back concerning this topic. I can’t remember for sure but I may have read it right here. The point was that for it to be the mark of the beast, you would have to know that and willingly accept it to continue making your purchases. It was quite an epiphany for me at the time. It rings quite true to me though, that you will have to consciously make a choice. Having said all that, I urge people to resist this type of technology and I thank you for sharing your story.

    1. I think the swedes are already volunteering to have chips implanted in their hands to pay for stuff and identity, no one is making them, they are lining up…

  9. My card was declined when placing a phone order in another State. I received a fraud alert. They called me but as the phone was listed in my wife’s name they didn’t want to clear the issue with me and wanted to associate my account with an additional number. I apologised for not having the approved number of telephones and they eventually backed off.

    On a separate issue YouTube didn’t like my Protonmail account and suggested a number of Google based email accounts as “real”.

  10. When I first began to read your article, I thought you were going to say in some way somehow the bank call center you contacted (I presumed you called the bank) was compromoised by nefarious actors and had you send them all your personal information, perhaps my paranoia distrust of today’s “borg” systems we are beginning to see everywhere.

    Not sure how anyone can really escape any system to truly remain anonymous. It starts at birth for all of us with a SSN.

    You can’t stop to count how many systems each of us have our personal data trapped. You go to the doctor who takes your blood for a blood test, sends your blood out to get tested and in effect, theoretically the lab has your DNA. You can go on and on…

  11. My only suggestion would be in simplifying one’s life. We did it albeit with major changes in priorities not the least of which was financial. But for us life in the Redoubt was worth it.

    1. Yep, as Roger says…simplify. My basic needs are met by a garden, some barter, and what i have on hand. We are, indeed, greatly vulnerable to forces beyond our control, even beyond our imagining. And, then there are those who demand “safety”.

      Benjamin Franklin said, simply, “Those who choose safety at the expense of liberty will enjoy neither.”

      Carry on.

  12. Wow! That is quite an eye opener. But I would be scared to upload personal information on the internet. Wasn’t there another way to provide proof rather than sending your most personal identity through the internet? “I uploaded my U.S. passport (front and back), social security card (front and back), and electric bill.” I hope you have one of those Identity Theft companies protecting you.

    When I used to travel a lot, I had to notify my banks where I would be and what dates I would be there. That way they would not block the card, but if there were charges from other places they would text me. Also, I have had my credit card number stolen twice but my bank got the perks both times. When I went to Asia and China, I was advised to use travelers checks or cash, not credit cards. Now I ALWAYS pay cash at restaurants and for smaller amounts. I only use the cc for larger amounts like car repairs or appliance purchases.

    While electronic banking makes things seem easier, there are too many computer crashes and ways to be hacked. For example, I made my quarterly trip to the commissary last week; two hours each way! Got there and the computers were down so it was cash only. Most of the people were leaving because they only had plastic money, but I had cash.

    I firmly believe we are in the last days; time seems to be speeding up, and disasters around the world appear to be happening in bigger and more damaging events. Huge storms, tornadoes, fires, droughts, hurricanes, diseases and many crop failures happen simultaneously around the world. The Lord is harvesting the wheat, tares and the chaff and all will be judged accordingly.

  13. Well, this is an interesting article, though I’m not sure I agree with all of it’s conclusions. These type of redundancies exist and are popular because credit card fraud is absolutely huge and out of control. I’ve had a credit card used fraudulently, and while I didn’t have to jump through so many hoops, I was glad someone from the bank called me immediately to verify if the charge was legit. People are clamoring for more of this stuff because identity theft completely sucks. Now, could all of this type of stuff be used maliciously? I suppose. But I tend to think at this point it’s there due to an environment where thousands of people are getting ripped off and as a result, credit companies are paying for it. They are going to protect themselves by making it harder to rip off consumers.

  14. Your reference to “Terminator” is an interesting one. In the first two movies, “Skynet” (the self aware AI computerized defense system) was described as a sort of centralized super-computer, located somewhere. By the 3rd movie, Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines (2003) personal computers had become common place. At the end of the movie, John Connor explains what happened:

    “By the time Skynet became self-aware it had spread into millions of computer servers across the planet. Ordinary computers in office buildings, dorm rooms; everywhere. It was software; in cyberspace. There was no system core; it could not be shutdown.”

    In a way this is analogous to what is happening to us now. Banking systems, credit companies, mortgage companies, employment background checks, online sales, etc. all share information about you. And of course, the FBI, Homeland security, TSA, all the way down to your local Barney Fife can access that info. And don’t forget that your phone calls and computer transactions are being permanently recorded by the NSA. What the US government isn’t legally allowed to collect is simply monitored by the UK and then fed back to our agencies.

    Amazon and Visa know every transaction I’ve ever made. Every gun, every 20 round magazine, every box of brass cartridges, etc. And so does every government agency in the US, and probably a few outside the US. We were once sent a coupon and sample of some new cat food by the local grocery chain. At the time I wondered, “how in heck did they know we own a cat?” Well, stupid, of course they know… they track your purchases. It goes without saying that they also know when I buy ammo, or medical supplies, or camping gear, or anything else deemed “suspicious” like sulfuric acid drain cleaner. If you carry a cell phone, they know exactly where you’ve been at all times and save the info. I worked with a guy once who referred to cell phones as “modern day slave chains.” Its more true everyday.

    The problem is, your information is everywhere in cyberspace and the system can’t be shut down.

    In the movie, “Skynet” was a rogue computer program. In reality it’s a network of elites in finance, law, academia, media and government that generally regard you as “deplorables” living in flyover country. Yet, they still need you to grow their food, and drill for oil, drive their limousines, build their mansions, fix their toilets when they stop working. If you stay in your place, you will be rewarded with smart phones, Netflix, public housing, weed, and welfare checks.

    Step out of line and you will be branded a domestic terrorist by the likes of people such as Janet Napolitano (who was rewarded with the position of President of the University of California system… really neat how that works, huh?) Stepping out of line includes things like insisting that the Constitution be respected, or being a veteran, or not baking a “gay” wedding cake when ordered by some unelected Oberführer.

    If they need to shut you down, they can. They don’t even need to send a SWAT team to your house, as Tucker Carlson is finding out. Soros, Steyer et al. can simply send an Antifa mob to your house, chanting “we know where you sleep.” Otherwise the bank can simply shut down your account. Facebook and Twitter can block you. The phone company can shut off your service… one day your self driving car may be shut down by some un-named agency.

    We willing put the yoke on our own necks. How to take it off is anyone’s guess.

  15. I have one credit card, Four ATM cards (Tried to make sure none of them would be debit cards but only one credit union will do that) and three checking accounts. In the last 50 years I have never written a check to any Restaurant, store or any commercial outlet. I have never used a debit card and only use the ATM cards to get cash and then only from ATM’s at credit unions where there is no charge to get my money. A credit card is necessary to rent a car or make travel reservations, but other than that I only use cash. I have encountered half a dozen or so times in the last 50 years where they would not accept cash. I also do zero on-line banking and do not give my email address or telephone number to anyone. If I were to have credit card problems I would walk into my local branch of the credit union and resolve the problem. I would not do it by phone, email or otherwise. I like the convenience of ATM and credit cards but I don’t intend to be their slave.

      1. ThoDan,
        Hence the gentleman’s use of credit union which is usually a local entity. Do business with a company that is miles away means suffering the consequences. My city of a quarter million has a hometown bank which is where I do banking business. I also have use of credit union if I so wish.

        1. LSM

          How does that work or help when somebody is out of area, County or continent.
          I´d a few years ago the experience that my Card didn´t work on a foreign continent and last year in Britain it needed some effort to cash in my Traveller cheques

          Not only is the amount of cash limited somebody could take on a travel to a foreign County, but it involves it´s own risks

  16. A few years ago I got a fraud alert and had to go into the bank and use their phone to call their fraud department to unfreeze my account. The first challenge question they asked was ” how old would Ashley **** be today?” when I responded that Ashley was a CAT they did not know what to do. finally they moved on to other questions and FINALLY unfroze my account.

  17. When traveling or making purchases thru the internet, I use low balance credit, high interest credit cards in case the card is compromised, I don’t worry about the high interest rate since the balance is paid right away, also use travelers checks and cash. my primary card is reserved for emergencies or larger purchases. This has minimized my risk for fraud.

    1. Get out much? I don’t think there is a major bank in the world that issues travelers checks any more. The new travelers check is the pre-payed debit card. If the powers to be had any say, cash would be eliminated and every transaction would be electronic (monitored).

      1. The powers to be will use Fedcoin to eliminate cash. I am surprised no one on this site has mentioned blockchain as the method the bankers will use to totally eliminate cash and track our every move. Blockchain/Beastcoin is a bankers dream come true and will be used to totally enslave us. Jim Rickards and others are saying blockchain/distributed ledger will be implemented very soon and will eliminate cash.

    2. This conversation was a good reminder for me to call my card company and note that I’ll be travelling in an adjacent state this week. So, don’t freak out when you see a charge from out of town, oh card wizard. We’ll see if my rare foray away from home turns out well.

      Carry on.

  18. This was a very interesting article. With banking becoming more global, it could be possible to target people and make it impossible for folks to buy or sell if they were on the wrong list. Even if there is no Christian rapture event coming soon, I can imagine that with the current social score popularity in China, governments could become totalitarian quickly. It is good to figure out how to be ready and prepare.

  19. Things are changing. I’ve used the same local bank since 1972. They changed names several times and were finally bought by a bank in a large metropolitan area. We were told that we would need new checks with a different routing number. That’s where the trouble started. First time I went to a store that does electronic check processing, I was rejected. Being fed up, I changed to a local credit union. Went back to same store with new checks, rejected again. I was told that I didn’t have the proper info set up with tele-checks, after calling a 1-800 number and entering the check number, routing number, my D/L number, SS number, check number, they finally approved the amount. I called the service number in the Phillipines, spoke to a supervisor, and found out that basically when the accounts were changed, all my credit history was “disconnected” so I basically was a “first time” user. Imagine that?!?! A bank customer with a 46 year history and a credit score above 800. Something ain’t right here.

  20. The “mark of the beast” system mentioned in Revelations is none other than satanic humanism being worked out to its bloody, murderous conclusion. It is not particularly unique and has been forced upon many cultures and peoples through out history in various forms, especially during the rise of Communism during 20th century.

    The answer is not to look to men, but to Him Who wields all power, the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings Who presently rules over Heaven and earth from His throne in Heaven, with ALL power and authority. None of this is happening as though He is powerless to stop Satan and He sits in Heaven wringing His hands while telling us to hang in there until He comes. He has sovereignly brought this upon us because we turned our backs on Him long, long ago, declaring that we have no king but Caesar . . . the state.
    We have brought this upon ourselves because for many generations we have broken covenant with the Lord, whoring after the gods of secularism, and have openly rejected His law as the standard for our culture, especially in government and economics.

    We have unequally yoked ourselves with the pagan culture around us and embraced a lawless economic system, so we could enjoy a debt-based lifestyle of relative peace and comfort. We have rejected what our founders gave us in building local Christian community as the basis for culture and have replaced it with pagan community where everyone is regarded as “equal,” where things sacred and pure have been replaced with PC lawlessness. The Lord expressly commands His people to not seek the peace and prosperity of the wicked (Ezra 9:12)), and we done exactly that and now we are reaping the consequences of tyranny. If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do? Ps. 11:3

    Looking at the testimonies of Scripture and accounts of history we are facing a very grim and painful time where we will be mercifully but utterly broken by the Lord that He would bring us, His people, to repentance and spiritual reformation. Then we by His grace and using His Word for our standard and plum-line can relay the moral foundations required for a godly culture to be built upon. This will likely take several decades wherein we will have to stand our ground and fight for our faith and freedom to worship the Lord, no matter the sorrow or pain. The days of walking the fence where we keep a salvation ticket in one pocket and a wallet full of pagan money in the other are rapidly ending. He is even now torching the broad fences of apostasy and rebellion with fire, as that is the quickest way for us to choose Whom we will serve . . . by jumping to one side or the other. May He be merciful in bringing His people to repentance and obedience.

    We are on the very precipice of massive change in America because we cannot stop unrestrained evil without the Lord being with us, and He has a major controversy with His people which must be first resolved before we can find our way. As John Adams warned us in 1798 about an unrestrained populace that uses unrestrained human depraved passion (Communism in our case) as its means of government.  “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  Our Constitutional form of government is wholly inadequate to peacefully hold back the Communist tide overtaking our country, because the people have long abandoned God’s law as their standard for morality.
    RL Dabney —- Presbyterian pastor & theologian,  Confederate Chaplain & Adjutant General to Gen. Stonewall Jackson —- , so succinctly warned us in the 1890′, “The history of human rights is, that their intelligent assertors usually learn the true grounds of them “in the furnace of affliction;” that the posterity who inherit these rights hold them for awhile, in pride and ignorant prescription ; that after a while, when the true logic of the rights has been forgotten, and when some plausible temptation presses them to do so, the next generation discards the precious rights bodily, and goes back to the practice of the old tyranny…. You may deem it a strange prophesy, but I predict that the time will come in this once free America when the battle for religious liberty will have to be fought over again, and will probably be lost, because the people are already ignorant of its true basis and conditions.”
    We are there!

  21. When I get my paycheck, which is deposited automatically, I go to my bank, and take out most of it in cash. There are a few items which I pay electronically, such as my car insurance, and I leave enough in the account to pay these, and get the rest in cash. I pay my electric bill, my utility bills, my phone bill, and a couple of others in cash. I always get $20 dollar bills. The banks record and track the serial numbers on $50 and $100 dollar bills. Also- many restuarants and gas stations will not accept bills larger than $20. I occasionally get $100 dollar bills to pay my utilities, because the government already knows that I have utility bills, and I am not giving away any secrets there.

  22. If u believe that the USA is moving toward a non-cash system, I recommend that you upgrade your current collection of firearms (paying w/ cash), magazines, & as much ammo as you can afford (paying all w/ cash only), so that when the system changes to all electronic, you’ll be ready & under the electronic radar. Same for any other weapons such as knives, etc. If you use amazon or ebay, you may want to check your order history for items that can identify you as a prepper, & avoid buying those online or with electronic payments in the future.

  23. I enjoyed this blog post. I am an American who went to school in Paris and am now living in the Baltics. I’ve seen this totalitarian approach used in both places. It is just a matter of time until this hits the States too. I think there is going to be a tipping point where it is no longer just an inconvenience and people will have to choose to be part of the globalist agenda or not. If a Democrat is elected President in 2020, I would guess this will usher in a one-world totalitarian government. As the author says “I suggest that we all watch, wait, prepare, and pray.” And stocking up on guns and ammo wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

  24. Todd, I think you just got “phished.” You just sent all your personal identity information to strangers, and you have no idea who they are. I think you are at great risk now to have your accounts emptied, your identity stolen.

    1. That was my thought, too. I would have cancelled the card immediately instead of providing all that personal information. Instead of dealing with someone who *claimed* to be calling from the credit card company, I would have called the customer service number on the card to be sure who I was dealing with. And I would have made that call from the phone number associated with the credit card account.

  25. If you are traveling. Overseas or otherwise. Cash is king.

    If you don’t have the cash to get yourself home while traveling. You are unprepared.

    I love to travel by motorcycle or car about the backroads of the US and carry enough cash to buy in relatively inexpensive beater to get home.

    Even if there is a “no-cash” economy there will be some black market “cash-ish” way to obtain goods. Right now it’s US dollars. Later it might be something else. Gold or maybe silver. I certainly don’t know.

    I have traveled extensively around the US (personally and professionally) and abroad (professionally as a courier) and my experiences have taught me that in the immediate and short term some form of currency, USD or some other appropriate form is an absolute necessity.

    Opinions will vary.

  26. Tell us the name of the card or the bank or you are just part of the problem.

    I finally cancelled the anti-gun, privacy raping CITI card I had when I made a small mistake on their website and they wouldn’t fix it. I was looking or an excuse and they gave me one.

    How many other Survival Blog readers are you going to leave vulnerable because you won’t simply say what kind of Credit Card is being worse than “mark of the beast”. You are now guilty of any evil that befalls them because you are PROTECTING EVIL.

    Or maybe you are lying. I don’t know. Think of Ford v. Kavanaugh.

    And if a woman claims she was raped? But won’t name who raped her?

    If you weren’t willing to name the accused you shouldn’t have written this nor should survival blog have let it be posted.

    The accused has the right to face the accuser. So the accused can’t remain anonymous, and they may have details you haven’t revealed.

  27. I will also condemn you for dealing with the whore of Babylon instead of a local credit union where you could have just gone in and talked to a human being.

    You want to deal with faceless robots? What did you expect. I have an old credit union credit card which I hold in reserve, and would have one from the local branch were everyone knows me and has my account up before I get to the window. I doubt I would have the problems you mention there.

    Buy American, until the Chinese or Mexican stuff is cheaper. Buy Local until the WalMart moves in. Local Mom and Pop know you, but you rather bankrupt them because BigBox multinational is cheaper.

    It is the little foxes that destroy the vineyard. Yet they seem nice and seem beneficial.

    Sometimes you can’t avoid it, but if you shop at SatanCo, have a Satanphone, bank at SatanBank and charge with a SatanCard, watch SatanFlix, post on SatanBook, … etc. what do you expect?

    Andrew Torba is a Christian who believes in free speech so he made Gab. Instead of solidarity, it is “Ewww, there are nasty people he won’t remove – I won’t go there”. Mostly they stay on Facebook or Twitter.

    Freedom means you tolerate things you hate that don’t violate your rights.

    I thought the American Redoubt was about that. Instead it seems they prefer to sell out, preferring those who are their avowed enemies because the few attempted bastions of actual freedom are free, so don’t censor offensive things, don’t deplatform those who say them. Will the IP addresses above still be valid when the ISP shuts Survival Blog down for being un-PC and their DNS service bans them? At least they will not be on a service that allows Nazis even though they will be entirely gone.

  28. Why move forward and try to rescue a card like that? Why would you believe the account representative that your credit would be ruined over that particular situation? Why would you send them all of that information?

    Why not use a prepaid debit card instead? Why not obtain banknotes for the country you are working in? There are accounts where you can hold a countries currency in the US and tie it to a debit card. There are accounts in the US that will allow you to use a debit card overseas.

    You had so many other options and you instantly surrendered to the system to be part of the system. The lesson here is, “I surrendered all to maintain my status with a crooked system instead of looking for other options.”

    When the system comes everyone will love it. Only a remnant will not worship the image of the BEAST and take the mark. Those who do not will die from starvation or from being killed by the BEAST officials tasked to maintain the system.

    There are few options at that point. I would expect a total economic collapse many times worse than any other in history would happen to bring the system into being. Many will fall away. The occult NWO system will be judged and destroyed. No one will escape for we ALL participated.

  29. Looks to me like NJ tax pro above nailed it with this comment.

    “Not sure how anyone can really escape any system to truly remain anonymous. It starts at birth for all of us with a SSN.”

    The SSN# is above most peoples radar. Without an SSN based identification (ie. driver licence, passport, ect.), how can a person navigate through society? I could list off close to two dozen activities that would be legally denied to anyone without that ID. Can’t legally travel (except maybe hitchhike), no bank account, no insurance, no retirement, no inheritance, no medicaid, no social security check, ect……shoot, a person can’t even pawn without an ID. I could go on but just think about it.

    With retirement accounts, savings accounts, and the hope of receiving a social security check on retirement, and more, aren’t we coming close to placing ourselves in the same position as the man in Luke chapter 12?

    16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:
    17 And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?
    18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.
    19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.
    20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
    21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

    Or possibly the man in Matthew 19?

    16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?
    17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.
    18 He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness,
    19 Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    20 The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet?
    21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.
    22 But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

    Jesus warned us that these days would come. During his walk on earth how could anyone conceive that there would someday be a system that could encompass the whole earth? I’ll bet that many were thinking then what could he possibly be referring to?

    Luke 21: 34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
    35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

    How many are aware that in 2016 there was a meeting held in Panama called the World Social Security Forum? The goal is to give everyone on earth a number.

    So what do we do? Are we not between a rock and a hard place? Do we admit that maybe we are Laodicean Christians and repent? And what would real repentence consist of? It should be the cause of some real soul searching for all of us.

    Revelation 3:14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;
    15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
    16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
    17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
    18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.
    19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

  30. Wow. What a mess.
    I’ll try to answer a little of your question; I’m probably about the age of your grandmother and I’m autistic.

    I have only one credit card. It’s useful for buying on Amazon and unexpected sales.

    I don’t own a cell phone and wouldn’t know what to do with an app. App. Whatever.

    In my state we of advanced years don’t have to have a driver’s license picture, and i don’t have one on mine.

    I keep a large supply of cash at home. I don’t trust banks. Mama told me all about what they did during the Depression.

    I’m not a trusting person.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but it doesn’t look good. We all need to be able to survive without our electronics.

  31. Thank you to all who offered suggestions, opinions, and advice on this experience. I appreciate you taking the time to respond! It seems that most of us expressed a tension between not wanting to be part of the system and the necessity of being in the system to some degree. How we each personally balance that tension is the million dollar question.

    Here are a few specific follow-up answers/thoughts: (1) This wasn’t an identity theft situation. This is the bank’s SOP and I initiated contact with them on their published numbers and website; (2) The bank was CapitalOne, but the point I was trying to make is that this isn’t an isolated example of one company, but rather an emerging technological and industry trend; (3) There are advantages and disadvantages to using credit, debit, and cash. If you need to dispute a charge, a credit card offers far greater legal protection than a debit card. And cash isn’t always king anymore. There are far too many examples of civil forfeiture occurring where Federal, State, and Local law enforcement seize someone cash out of “concerns” that it is ill gotten gains. Also if you don’t use credit or debit, you often look odd and show up on someone’s radar because you are an exception; and (4) I’m not concerned with sharing identity info with the powers that be as they already have it. I’m more concerned with keeping my hidden assets, political and religious views, and plans of escape secret. For example, I visited New Zealand for the first time this year. Immigration asked me if I still was in the US military and/or worked for the US government. I never disclosed any previous employment history on the visa application yet they knew all about me.

    Consequently, until I see a clear strategy emerge, I will continue to watch, wait, prepare, and pray.

  32. My Daughter tells me no one in her generation uses cash, they ALL use credit cards. Daughter and Son-In-Law has enough cash rewards built up they never have to pay for a flight or a hotel room. I think that is an excellent idea…until unintentionally (or intentionally) your CC is denied.

    So as an old Geezer I have now switch to my daughter’s method of payment, CC only. With my cash rewards I buy SHTF items. I also have a Plan B and a Plan C if the CC is ever denied.

  33. I mean this respectfully, but some of these comments show how out of touch many of you are with reality today. I don’t think travelers checks even exist anymore, prepaid debit cards aren’t accepted many places, are easily hacked, and involve extra fees. Carrying cash in big cities – and especially abroad – is foolish at best. You can be a “Grizzly Adams” and live off the grid, but why would you want to? Especially if you’re Christian, the goal of prepping is to be able to rebuild society and share the Gospel in word and deed. You can’t do that if you’re hiding in a hole somewhere and not involved in society. To be part of society you need to use credit cards today. The issue Todd raises today is what we do when that is no longer an option. My suggestion involves Christian starting a bank or credit union. As well is starting up bartering networks. Christ is coming soon, but in the meantime we are called to have skin in the game and not cowering by ourself in the basement,

  34. me ? I am just a 59 year dinosaur , not on twitter, FB or linked in or any social spy platform………dropped my CC limit down from 10 big ones, to 2,500, all my CC debt paid back, it was painful, now have about $350.00 to my name, but I have no burden left, the boss and I are looking to pay cash for a small place to make it self sufficent as we can, we only use our own debit card, drive a old diesel and live simply, I do not understand your reasoning for dealing with all the crap you went through, hundreds of millions of so called believers will be sucked into getting that chip or whatever the final form, so many millions who go to trendy prosperity churches or mainstream Churches have no clue about hermanutics or foundational teaching, so since Paul and Jesus teach this, why are we surprised ?, frankly people are loving the new tech !, AI such as Alexa and Siri are self learning, yet, you seem ok with keeping the tech , why ? the groups with Soros et al, just know their new order will be excepted by the 99.9 percent of people, the interesting thing is no one rebels en masse against invasion of personal privacy, no wonder why is there ?

  35. I thought this was a great post. I used to fly United often for work and had a premier flier account. I changed jobs 3 years ago and haven’t flown them since. I just changed jobs yet again and am back to flying United. So when I made my reservation and looked at my profile, they had changed my account name from Ruth J. (Last name) to Ruth Jane (Last name), my address, and updates my my new state’s driver’s license number. Clearly computers are talking to each other! We should all be worried about new technology.

  36. It would be nice to know, but understand about not sharing, who the card provider is so we can avoid them. I am not a fan of credit cards but I use an Amex card for travel and they have been amazing when on the road. I have had them FedEx me a new card overnight when my card was stolen.

    I have learned the hard way to ask the provider ahead of time what the protocol is for handling fraud alerts. Some are very difficult to deal with (as in Todd’s experience) and some are super easy to work with. Local credit unions come to mind on the easier side of the spectrum.


  37. Our UPS center does not accept any cash anymore. I went to mail a package for less than ten dollars, and I couldn’t do it without a credit card. I went to the post office instead.

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