An Apolitical Discussion of Politics in the U.S. Today, by W.B.

I would like to start out by saying that most of the people who visit sites like SurvivalBlog know deep in their hearts that something bad is happening or is about to happen. What that is no one is quite sure, but there are so many different things in play that we are deeply concerned. Many things we cannot control because of Nature’s Forces or other Nations’ Forces.

The one thing we can control is our Nation’s forces. Can we turn this country around? I don’t know, but I cannot sit around and just get prepared without trying to correct our basic problem. Many people are convinced that our country is going in the wrong direction and they are preparing for some sort of collapse. If we want to save this country then it is up to us to do it. Politicians have the power to make changes, and we the people have the power to make the Politicians make the correct changes. We have the numbers, but not for long. The takers in this country are quickly getting to the point that we the providers will soon be in the minority.

Is it too late? I don’t know, but I cannot give up on this country yet. We have to be prepared to fight for our country,now. We have to use all of the tools at our disposal. The biggest tool we have right now is our Right to Vote. The next nine months my be our last chance to use this power. If we lose this power then we will have to use the tools that we have been accumulating in our prepping. We have to continue our prepping, but we also need to fight to stop the nonsense that is going on in Washington D.C..

People voted for “Hope and Change.” They got the change, and now have lost all hope. I believe that we have just one more chance to get this right.

Our Founding Fathers gave a great deal of thought to the structure they envisioned in a new government. They set up a brilliant system of checks and balances that has worked like nothing else in the world. They saw all of the wrong that had been done in the past and put together a Constitution that would correct these wrongs. And it worked–at least until recently.

What they envisioned was citizen elected officials that would go to Washington and serve one or two terms, then return to their farms and businesses, to let a new crop of Citizen-Elected officials take over. Those elected to Congress were working people of all walks of life that had a desire to see this country remain free and to prosper.

They made mistakes, some of them huge mistakes, but this was a completely new undertaking that had never been done before. The mistakes were eventually corrected and the United States became over time, the world’s leading force for freedom. The United States also became a world economic leader.

So why are we in such bad shape today?

We now have a Government filled with career politicians that are only concerned with getting re-elected so that they can acquire more power and wealth. A telling fact is that most of those elected to Congress are lawyers. We no longer have citizen statesman politicians. The current crop of politicians are self-serving, selfish, and greedy individuals.

Most of those elected to Congress have never had to meet a payroll, set up a budget for their business, or cope with all of the insane regulations that Washington spews out every year. They have no idea how the real world works and functions. They only know that in order to get re-elected they have to give the people something for nothing.

The Democrat Party no longer has the ideals of the past. The Republican Party no longer has the ideals of the past. Many Democrat voters agree that the Democrat Party no longer has the views that are important to the voters. The same applies to the Republican party and it’s voters.

Polls show that the average American Voter is not happy with our government. The current approval rating of Congress is somewhere around 10%, an unbelievable figure. The President’s approval rating is lower than 40%. Most polls show that voters believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Making a Major Course Correction

The big question is how do we (The American Citizens) correct the problems in Washington.

We only have two ways to do this, Peacefully or Violently.

I prefer the peaceful solution. I do not want to see a revolution. I do not want to see rioting in the streets. I do not want to see people die because of the stupidity of Congress. I hope and pray that it does not come to that.

The peaceful solution is thru the ballot box. We could correct most problems in the U.S. today in just six years. In order to do that we have to do two things:

1. Vote out all current office holders of both parties.
This is difficult but doable. The current office holders have lots of power, money and friends, but we the people have the numbers.

2. Vote in citizen office holders that are not career politicians and who come from all walks of life: Doctors, businessmen, accountants, and retired military.

My take on this is simple, if you are a Democrat, then find a Democrat that fits the bill, if you are a Republican, find a Republican that fits the bill. I believe that we need a two party system which can keep both parties honest. The same goes for independents and Libertarians.

Whatever you do, do not elect Lawyers to political office. I know this will make lawyers mad, but they will have to get over it. We need to get back to our roots and that means a wide range of people elected to office.

To do all of this, we need to educate ourselves on who is running for office, select those that we believe can do the job and then support them. Without our support they cannot get elected. We have to support them with Money, Time and Energy to get the message out to the public. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Stop and think about our system and the way it is set up. Senators are elected to six year terms. That means that every two years one third of the Senate could be replaced. The House terms are for two years, so the House could be replaced even more quickly.

If we replaced half of the House in 2016 and one third of the Senate, then that would send a powerful message to those remaining in office–and also to the newly-elected. By the time the second election is completed and another third of the Senate is replaced, Congress would know that the American Voter wanted Congress to work for them and not be a bunch of self-serving greedy politicians.

In six years we could replace all of the House members and half of the Senate. This would send a huge statement to Washington.

Our current Administration has totally ignored the Constitution. They have done everything in their power to circumvent the Constitution. They have been aided by Congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives. They have been aided by Democrats and Republicans alike.

How has Congress done this? By abdicating their powers and giving them over to the President. Because they do not want to make tough decisions, they have given the President much more power than is given under the Constitution. Congress needs to get a backbone and take these powers back to Capitol Hill and to stand up for what is right. They were elected to serve you (the people). They were not sent there to make laws for the people and then to exempt themselves from those same laws. This is totally wrong, immoral, and a snub to the people that have elected them.

It is time that the American Citizen takes a stand and does his job. The only way we are going to get our country back is by doing our job and electing a whole new governing body. It is not only at the Federal Level, it is also needed at the State and Local levels. States are going bankrupt and we are allowing it to happen.

Local Problems

Look at what kind of asinine rules school administrators are coming up with. We need School Boards that have people with common sense that are doing what is right for our children, not following some political agenda. Kids need to run and play ball, but schools are setting rules that running and playing ball is not allowed. Then they want to spend your money to build schools that are monuments to waste and fraud. Our kids do not need schools that are monstrosities that look like the Taj Mahal. They need a functional learning facility, that will give them the room necessary to grow and learn.

Every day there is another article about a school that is teaching the Islamic Religion, and denigrating the Christen Religion. Children are being sent home because they wear a shirt or blouse with the American Flag. It might offend someone if we wear the American Flag. I don’t care if they get offended, the is America and we should be proud of it. This is a local problem, school boards are elected offices, get rid of the bad ones and replace them with True Americans.

There is a war on Christianity. We cannot offend Muslims, but we can stomp on Christians. Why is this allowed to happen? A very large percentage of our population is Christian. Why are we not fighting back? The Gay/Lesbian population has been estimated to be only 1.6% of the population, yet look at all the changes they have forced upon us. If just 5% of the population can bring about such large changes, what could the Christians do if they just spoke out?

Just a few short years ago, there was talk of the Silent Majority. Where did they go? We need the Silent Majority, to start yelling and quit being silent. Flood the current Congress with letters, e-mails and faxes and let them know how upset you are. Vote them ALL out of office in the upcoming elections. Demonstrate in the streets, support the Church’s that speak out. This is a Christian Nation, but not for long if you do not speak out. You have one last chance to use the ballot box.

Local and State governments are spending huge amounts of money on things such as new football stadiums or convention centers that benefit the few at the expense of the many. They pass laws to restrict your freedoms in the name of progress and security. All common sense has been lost in the governing process. Local and State politicians are no different than members of Congress. Waste and fraud is rampant.

As just one example, the state I live in has some of the best state highways in the country. They get paved on a regular basis even if it is not necessary, they build four lane highways in rural areas that have very little traffic to justify such roads. Why? Because in our state the road building and paving companies are huge donors to the Politicians, to keep them in office. At the same time our State Parks are dying for lack of maintenance, because they do not donate to the politicians.

Each state is different, but they are all the same: There is waste and fraud everywhere. There is a total lack of fiscalresponsibility. There is a total lack of understanding about what people really need and desire. The biggest political game around is called Kick the Can. Most politicians are great at kicking the can down the road to get through the next election. Well people, the end of the road has been reached and there is now no place to kick the can. How many cities are facing bankruptcy?  How many states cannot meet their financial responsibilities, just as our Federal Government cannot meet their financial responsibilities?

We the people have allowed this to happen and now the time has come to correct the mistakes of the past, while we still can.

The majority of the people that read this cannot make the move to a bug out location, wherever that may be for them. Because of where they live (large cities) they cannot prepare as well as they would like. They cannot put in a garden, because they live in an apartment. They cannot purchase a bug out vehicle and even if they could, they have nowhere to go. Finances are limited and I understand that. I know that these people do the best they can under the circumstances they live under. Many are working very hard to correct the situation. That’s why they to come to sites like SurvivalBlog, to get ideas on how to help themselves.

The one thing that all people can do not matter what their financial or living situation is to get out and VOTE. We are quickly running out of time. If we don’t do this now we are going to need our beans, bullets and bandages. We will have no choice. I believe that we still have some time to make changes, but very little time. It is up to you.