Ammunition Depot, by Pat Cascio

No matter how expensive of a firearm you might have, it won’t run without ammunition. Today we’re taking a close look at Ammunition Depot and their line-up of available ammo.

A Few Things About Me

Long-time SurvivalBlog readers will know a few things about me. Number one is, I love a bargain, and number two is, I demand quality. Quality never goes out of style, and it beats junk every time.

Free Ammo For Testing Firearms

I receive a lot of ammo for my firearms articles for free, from Black Hills Ammunition and Buffalo Bore Ammunition. Without these kind folks, I wouldn’t be doing as many firearms articles as I do. I once had a very large ammo company tell me that the average gun writer only fires 64 rounds of ammo during their testing, so they didn’t want to continue sending me cases and cases of ammo for my articles. Believe me, I know a lot of other gun writers out there, and that is pure hogwash; they all shoot a lot more than 64 rounds of ammo in their testing.

At Least 500 Rounds Through Guns in Testing

Readers will know that, on average, I try to fire at least 500 rounds of ammo through guns I’m testing. I don’t shoot to see if I can destroy a gun; any gun can be destroyed or be brought to numerous malfunctions. That’s not the intent of my testing. I just like to test as big of a variety of ammo as possible through guns for my articles, so I can get a good idea of what works best. There are times I fire more, and some days I fire less ammo in my testing. It just depends on a few things. Number one is how much ammo in that particular caliber do I have on hand!

I Purchase Ammo and Have Expenses With Testing

Believe it or not, I do purchase a lot of ammo out of my own pocket for testing in my articles as well as for personal use. On average, I lose money on my gun articles. By the time I sit down and request a gun sample, it is delivered to my local gun shop, I drive to town to pick it up, and do the paperwork and background check, the fees are already adding up. Then there’s the time spent taking pictures. Luckily, my oldest daughter helps me out a lot in this respect. Then, there’s actual shooting of the guns for an article and taking notes. More often than not, I don’t do all the shooting I want for an article in one shooting session. So that means several more trips to the range to get it done, and that’s gas!

Looking For Best Deals on Ammo

When I buy ammo with my own funds, I absolutely look for the best deals I can get. My income is pretty much fixed, since I started collecting Social Security. So I’m careful how each penny is spent.

Online Ammo Companies

This pursuit to watch pennies brings us to online ammo. There are quite a few companies out there who offer good deals on bulk ammo, and you really need to buy in bulk if you want to save any money because shipping is a killer. Whether you order 250 rounds of .45 ACP or if you order 1,000 rounds, the shipping fee isn’t that big of a difference, so I order in bulk when I can.

A Customer of Ammunition Depot For Years

I’ve been a customer of Ammunition Depot for a couple of years now, as is my oldest daughter. I thought I’d bring this online company to the attention of our readers, because I know I’m not the only one who has to watch how I spend my money. A little background is in order on Ammunition Depot, and this bit of their history is direct from them.

“Ammunition Depot was founded by freedom-loving Americans who knew two things: it is every American’s Right and responsibility to defend themselves, their family and their country; and without ammunition, none of that is possible.

With seven children between them, the owners of Ammunition Depot fully understand the responsibility of keeping their families safe. They also understand that simply dialing 9-1-1 will not stop an aggressor from doing harm. Our respect and appreciation for law enforcement is absolute, but the fact is, a jacketed lead projectile has a much faster response time than the 10-min national average time to a 9-1-1 call.

Therefore, it is our goal and promise to provide the American public access to high-quality ammunition at the lowest possible price with the best customer service they have ever experienced. Not the best service in the industry, the best period!

As Ammunition Depot has grown over the years, we have been able to create numerous jobs for hard-working Americans in our home state of Florida, as well as help many charities and foundations that support our troops, law enforcement, and the shooting sports. Our plan is to keep growing, keep creating jobs, keep giving and keep Ammunition Depot strong so that we can deliver the same great products and same great service for decades to come.”

Lofty Goal For Customer Service– Everything They Claim It Is

The aforementioned is a lofty goal, for any one or any company, and I have found their customer service to be all they claim it is. While I love a good bargain, if a company has lousy customer service and you have a problem, good luck trying to get it resolved. So, that’s another thing you can add to my list– I value great customer service. Ammunition Depot has an e-mail advertising list, and if you get on it, you will receive deals via your e-mail. Some of the deals are just too hard to believe at times; they are outstanding deals. Plus, Ammunition Depot carries ammo from just about every major and minor ammo company in the U.S., as well as imported ammo, and blasting ammo with steel-cases, for even bigger savings when you go to the range. What’s not to like here?

Testing Ammunition Depot

Ammunition Depot recently contacted me and wanted to send me some ammo for testing and as a test of their customer service. I’m never one to shy away from donated ammo for my gun review articles. In no time at all, the ammo made it to Oregon from Florida and actually arrived a day sooner than it should have. That’s great service! I received some Remington and Federal American Eagle 9mm ammo, and it will be used in some upcoming handgun articles. I didn’t want to just go out and blast the ammo, for the sake of shooting it.

Website and Selection of More Than Just Ammo

I really like the website these folks have. It is very easy to move around in and find just what you’re looking for. And, to be sure, they don’t just carry ammo; they carry a good supply of magazines for the most popular firearms, a nice selection of knives (folding and fixed blade), night vision scopes, range bags, backpacks, hats, t-shirts, and many other products. So, be sure to check out their complete website. So don’t think they just have ammo.

American Owned and Operated

Ammunition Depot is an American-owned and operated company, and they are extremely proud of their customer service. Also, they donate to charities and support our military and law enforcement. So let’s support them and give them our business.


  1. I have bought and checked prices from various sites, and overall I have found SGAmmo to be the cheapest when you figure the price of their ammo plus shipping. And their service has always been fast and correct. On occasion you might find a special from another source that is cheaper, but day in and day out you cannot beat SGAmmo. I know because I have tried. Trekker Out

      1. I have just spot-checked SGAmmo and Ammunition Depot for 45 ACP availability. SGAmmo is just about out of stock of all 45. If you need it, Ammunition Depot has it.

  2. Freedom Munitions also a great place to buy. Headquartered in Idaho and a retail location in Houston. Always good to have options. Thanks for the two new ones from the article and comments.

  3. We have received two orders from Freedom Munitions for remanufactured ammunition, one for .38 sp. and one for .308 rifle. There have been no problems so far with the handgun ammo but we have experienced several rifle rounds that would not fire.
    I would rate them as OK for practice but not OK for self defense requirements.
    Have not tested any of their new manufactured ammo though.

  4. I’ll add my voice with my favorite online ammo store. I’ve been buying from for a couple of years. I always buy 500 or 1,000 round bulk. For me they’re like the Amazon Prime of shipping, always delivered in two days or less. Plus, they offer “over boxing” of ammo for free. At check out you can check box an option where they’ll put the ammo box in a “plain brown wrapper” box so the neighbors (and porch pirates) don’t know what’s sitting on your porch.

    1. Yup, everything you said plus they have a ton of great information on their website including articles, videos and the most in-depth ballistics test results and comparisons I’ve ever seen. A solid outfit.

  5. Just pulled up site to check out and could not look at anything without giving my email address. Personally I want to see what is available before giving out my info.

    1. I’m with you Iraude. When I come across a site that requires my e-mail address or register before they’ll reveal their wares, I go elsewhere. I look at it as a scam to get your info so they can either sell it, or turn it over to some agency.

      1. Iraude & Der Denker:
        I would have to agree with both y’all on that point.
        Just another scam to your info so they try to call, email, spam, and sell you TRASH y’all don’t want or need.
        Midwest Marco:
        I also like Luckygunner for the same reason. I got some serious nosie neighbors including my mom, god bless her, but once a mom always a mom and unfortunately she is a democratic and lives next door. Love ya ma!

  6. I have used for many years for all my bulk ammo purchases and I am very happy with their prices and service. The shipping charges are built in to the pricing so it is easy to know the total cost.

  7. I’m kind of picky about what I shoot, and Federal and American Eagle are not my first choices but that’s what Ammunition Depot has to offer in 5.56. 9MM has a few more options. .22LR has less choices. I’ve looked at SGAmmo, but Lucky Gunner almost always has what I want, in stock, and at a fair price. If I buy loaded ammo it’s mainly to maintain my supply of brass. I buy everything in bulk: powder, primers, bullets and even primed brass sometimes. It all comes down to who has the quality products I expect at a price I can afford.

  8. If you want the best prices and customer service go to They beat ammunition depot on price by a large amount on everything I checked. They have a very large selection. Best prices I’ve seen anywhere.

  9. Thanks Pat, your article and the comments it created have brought new sources to light. I never want to get hung up on one source, it’s always good to shop around. I have also found some super bargains on Palmetto Armory from time to time. Trekker Out

  10. Depending on what you are looking for, Sportsman’s Guide has some really good deals. They often run free shipping, and if you join their buyer’s club you get an additional discount. I’ve been shopping there for 19 years and have only had one issue, which was fixed immediately. Great company to buy from for ammo and surplus (but stay away from their Guide Gear branded stuff).

  11. I just placed an order with Ammunition Depot using the link provided. 1000 rounds of American Eagle .40 for the same price as Lucky Gunner, but free shipping on orders over $100.00. American Eagle also has a 25% rebate which sweetens the deal, so I’m happy. Thanks Pat!

  12. has good prices to with free shipping if you buy usually 1000 rounds. I have bought a lot from them and freedom munitions, both can be a little slow in shipping but for the deals its worth it.

  13. If anything, it’s quite obvious there is no shortage of ammo dealers at the present moment. Keep buying, we want them all to stay in business. Might as well help them store some finished product….

  14. Shipping cost is often a deciding factor for me. Cabela’s often has $5. or free shipping that I have exploited. Edward Arms is my go to if I want to buy a present for my son who shoots .50 BMG. If you are hoarding .22 LR there is a guy in TN who has great case prices, even on CCI stingers. is worth checking before you buy in bulk.

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