A Note of Caution from JWR

A SurvivalBlog reader has notified us that there is a person using Craigslist to scam money while pretending to be James Wesley Rawles. While this particular scammer is posting an ad for a 2-bedroom apartment in Chicago Illinois, please bear in mind that the real James Wesley Rawles will never use an email account from gmail, hotmail, outlook, or any other generic email account. All email correspondence from JWR will come from email accounts where JWR owns the domain (and most are presented in the pages of SurvivalBlog). JWR will also never ask you to use Western Union or questionable payment processors. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is, and there is a high likelihood that a Nigerian scammer or other such questionable personality is behind it. If in doubt, simply contact us here at SurvivalBlog, through the normal means.

There are also fake autographed copies of JWR’s books floating around at various gunshows. If you see an autograph that doesn’t look a lot like the one at his Wikipedia biography page, then it is almost certainly fake.