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Over at the deservedly-popular Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report blog, the Editor “Ol’ Remus” comments wittily: “He who panics first, panics best” –  This of course is regarding the urgency of escaping the death traps of the big cities in the midst of crises.

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I recently purchased a state-of-the-art FLIR countermeasure field camouflage shelter, produced by SnakebiteTactical.com.I was quite impressed with the quality of construction. These shelters—about the same size and slightly heavier than a poncho liner–are handmade in Montana. They render the user nearly invisible to even the most sensitive FLIRs and cameras with similar technology. Thanks to the generosity of Snakebite Tactical, one of these shelters will soon be added as a prize in he upcoming rounds of our bi-monthly Nonfiction Writing Contest. As time permits, I plan to publish a review of these shelters including some field tests, using my own FLIR weapons sight, in a variety of weather conditions. Be sure to visit SnakebiteTactical.com’s web site to check out their counter-FLIR ThermTac Ghost Suit ghillies and their shelters! – JWR

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The folks from Makezine and Maker Faire have a lot of new project plans available–and some of those projects have prepping applicability.

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Reader D.S.V. was the first of several to send us this news link: Pope Says Not Right to Identify Islam with ViolenceJWR’s Comment: What will be his next pronouncement?  Perhaps that it is not right to identify sunlight with warmth.

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