Letter: A Recommendation for Storing and Using Fels Naptha Laundry Soap Bars

I have a recommendation for the readers of SurvivalBlog: I use Fels Naptha soap bars for everything in the shower: shaving, washing body, shampoo.  With it, you feel clean afterwards, nothing left on your skin; there is no sense of harshness, it just cleans everything well. Body odor is suppressed for days.

Used for shaving, rubbing the bar into the beard frequently, you get a noticeably closer smoother shave than with most anything else you’ve ever used.  And when it used for shampoo it gets your hair truly clean. – M.R.

JWR Replies: Although Fels Naptha is marketed just as a “laundry soap”, I agree that it has a great variety of uses. Here at the Rawles Ranch, we buy it by the case. But most of that gets used in making our own clothes washing detergent. (It is grated and mixed with Borax washing powder along with grated Ivory Soap bars.  This mixture is the the best option for homes where a family member is sensitive to or allergic to commercially-made laundry detergents.)