Letter Re: Sources for MRE Rations

Hello Hugh,

I’ve been reading SurvivalBlog for many years and have had a few of my
articles posted in the past. This is the first time I’ve written since you took
over as editor. You’re doing well, Hugh.

I am in the market to buy Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) as a source of Bug Out
Bag (BOB) food storage, along with pre-positioning some at my intended retreat

There are so many options and it is difficult to determine what is best, or
even which are the best value for the money. Amazon is flooded with all manner
of brands and packaging. I am looking for the best choice that is quality and
has the full contingency of “Extras” like heater, spoon, matches, coffee, etc.
The “WarFighter” ones from Sopacko seem to fit the bill nicely.

Could I please ask your help in guiding me on this? Feel free to share this letter on the blog to get input from my fellow readers as well if you like.

Thank you for the work you do. – DS in Arizona

JWR Replies: The shelf life of MREs is excellent, as long you keep their temperature low. (But don’t let them freeze!) Several of our advertisers sell commercial MREs that aside from their outer packaging are virtually identical to the military MREs, including matches and chemical heaters. Sopacko is indeed a good maker. (The MRE makers that are also current or recent military MRE contractors are almost always a safe bet.) Once you’ve identified a good maker, then it is simply a matter of comparing prices–including shipping, which can be considerable.