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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies located in the American Redoubt region that are of interest to preppers and survivalists. Today, we focus on a wandering Grizzly. (See the Wyoming section.)


Annual Sheep Crossing: Watch out, it’s a ‘Lambush’.

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Tobacco companies pay Idaho in a multi-million-dollar settlement.


Proposed Easement Would Preserve Hunting Access on 33,000 Acres in Western MontanaJWR’s Comments:  This sets a dangerous precedent.  If other timber companies follow suit — and they likely will — then this land can only be timberland, in perpetuity.  No future owners would ever be able to build a residence, cultivate, or pasture livestock on any such “conservation easement” timberland. The newly-designated land will be just an inch away from being treated just like National Forest land. This, in turn, will make the remaining unrestricted private property land much more expensive to buy. This sounds like the story of Esau and Jacob. They are selling their birthright for a bowl of pottage — a tax break.

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Video: Runaway circus elephant stops traffic in Montana.

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BNSF Railway says it didn’t know about asbestos that’s killed hundreds in Montana town.

Central & Eastern Oregon

Finding Freedom Off Grid.  “Residents of the Juniper Acres off-grid community are more than homesteaders; they’re also electricians, farmers, firefighters and roadworkers”

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Volunteers Participate in China Hat Area Cleanup.  The article fails to mention that nearly all of the tons of litter was created by “long-term camping” drug addicts.

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Matriarchs of Central Oregon: Klondike Kate and Evelyn, the Lady Logger of La Pine.

Central & Eastern Washington

Evidence of a RINO hunt? Washington governor GOP front runner Dave Reichert withdraws from party endorsement process amid chaos at convention.

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Court rules the University of Idaho murders suspect’s defense cannot contact prospective jurors without permission.

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Expert will testify Bryan Kohberger’s cellphone was outside Moscow on night of Idaho murders.


Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Releases Statement Regarding Sublette County Wolf Incident.

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New Report Slams Wyoming’s School Lunches for Not Being Healthy Enough.

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Grizzly bear’s historic venture into area of Wyoming has tragic end, officials say.

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